The Yoga Photographer – Alina Hokanson

Several months ago I was introduced by a friend to yoga photographer Alina Hokanson. She is also a talented and skilled yoga teacher, and I admire what she does in her work and in her life. One thing led to another, and at the drop of a hat, we had decided to collaborate. Our first "yoga shoot" took place in downtown Denver in the area adjacent to the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art. The photos published on this post were taken by Alina and I enjoyed every moment of the process. Because she teaches yoga, she has the knowledge to
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Facing the Wendy Brandes Jewelry Ad Campaign – “Immortal Style”

One of the most exciting and thrilling things I've done as Style Crone is facing the Wendy Brandes Jewelry Ad Campaign.  As a back story, I met Wendy, who had been blogging since 2007, in the blogosphere after I launched my blog Style Crone in 2010.  The Wendy Brandes Jewelry Blog was fascinating and I was hooked on her blog as soon as I found it. Wendy was an exceptional writer and her jewelry was exquisitely unique and filled with meaning. Photo of Wendy Brandes from her website Wendy Brandes Jewelry Blog In the past I've written about Wendy and her
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Hat Attack #73 – Susan Carrolan Millinery

Last week I was in Aspen, Colorado, with Mr J for a short visit and of course I found a milliner, as I usually do, wherever I go!  I found Susan Carrolan Millinery on Instagram, and reached out to her before my visit.  We connected in her studio just outside of Aspen, and had a wonderful time talking about hats, our mutual love of millinery, and how she moved from NYC to a mountain town located in the Colorado Rockies. August's Hat Attack was discovered in Susan's studio, and I was immediately attracted to its unique splendor. This hand dyed Panama
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Florals In Summer

Nothing screams summer like a vintage floral print maxi.  I discovered this beauty at a vintage shop, and accessorized with orange.  I've had this vintage silk floral print pillbox for many years.  Though I've always loved it, it didn't fit perfectly with an ensemble until now. I've had this happen before.  All of the sudden I discover a hat, and then it seems to be my favorite for awhile. I uncover numerous pieces that it works well with. This hat been waiting for the perfect time in my life to explode on the scene. The floral print looks like a
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The CBS 4 Denver Interview

Several months ago I received an email from Rick Salinger, Peabody award winning reporter who specializes in hard news and investigative reporting for CBS4DENVER.. He informed me that he wanted to do a piece for the news about a Denver social media influencer.   I responded immediately to his request for a phone call, and he told me that his wife Isabel follows me on Instagram. He wanted to meet me at my home if I was comfortable with that, and feature Style Crone and my hat room. I had not been filmed in my home before, and I needed
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The Front Garden

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've been focusing on my home for the past year. It's another way to be creatively self expressive. I'm going for beauty in every area of my environment and I feel much pleasure in the process and the outcome. I've been yearning to have the front garden updated for years. With plants that are comfortable with the Colorado climate and soil.  With paths that lead to inspiring surprises.  With a mix of vegetation that blooms from spring to fall, in an unfolding panorama of exquisite beauty. I live in a Foursquare or Denver
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Hat Attack #72 – Vintage Frank Olive Millinery

July's Hat Attack features a vintage straw beauty by the milliner Frank Olive, who is dearly departed.  I found this chapeau at an estate sale years ago.  The natural straw brimmed hat is trimmed with lavender and blue silk flowers. I carried Frank Olive's hats in my hat shop in the 1980's.  Though he lived in New York City, I was thrilled when he visited my shop in Denver. He has always been an important milliner for me, and he was very encouraing and complimentary regarding my business. I miss his contributions to the millinery world and I dedicate this
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The Beauty That Surrounds Me

My home and garden renovations are completed for now.  I had a list of goals to accomplish by last week, as I was interviewed and photographed in my home for a monthly online magazine covering style and beauty here in Denver.  It was helpful to have a date in mind to provide focus and motivation to finalize projects that I have wanted to do for a long time. At the age of 76, it was important to me to surround myself with beauty now. Why put off something that could enhance my life on a daily basis.  What was I
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The Healing Power of Home Renovations

Following Nelson's death in 2011, I renovated the upstairs of my home, which was built in 1907.  I had the hardwood floors redone and the rooms repainted.  As this was happening, my hat room lived in the dining room.  From today's perspective, I'm aware that this was part of my process of grief. I just finished the renovation of the powder room on my first floor and the upstairs bathroom.  I began this project about six months after my mother's death on April 1st of 2018.  During the chaos of this remodel, my hat room remained intact. Everyone grieves differently,
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Hat Attack #71 – Anna Mikhailova Millinery

The Hat Attack for June is a beautiful confection by Milliner Anna Mikhailova  of Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I had the pleasure of meeting Anna over a year ago when she was visiting Denver.  We met for dinner and she generously gifted me with this amazing headpiece. I discovered Anna on Instagram before I met her in person.  One of the major benefits of blogging and having a presence on Instagram is the people that I meet because of similar interests and passions. Today I'm wearing this treasured creation with a thrifted black dress and gifted jewelry. As my friend, the artist and
Read More – Where Ageism Is Never In Style

Do you ever come across a brand that perfectly aligns with and celebrates your values?  Do you ever discover an individual who inspires you to do more in an area that you feel passionate about?  Do you ever find a movement that resonates thoroughly with your beliefs and aesthetics simultaneously? All of this happened recently when I discovered, “Where Ageism is Never in Style.” Welcome to shopping with attitude, the first online boutique that truly celebrates style at every age. Featuring pieces by some of the best contemporary labels today, their eclectic collections reflect founder Jacynth Bassett’s thorough and in-depth
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The Partnership With Andrea Li Jewelry Designs

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting jewelry designer extraordinarie Andrea Li, and my life will never be the same as to how I view personal ornamentation. I was instantly captivated by the quality, beauty, workmanship, and intricate designs of her jewelry. Simultaneously, I felt a connection with Andrea as a person. I was impressed with her talent, kindness, creative energy, work ethic, and accomplishments in all areas of her work. She was in 100% as soon as we decided to collaborate.  This clarity of vision was embraced by her talented team and myself, and the process magically flowed from
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Hat Attack #70 – Jasmin Zorlu Millinery

May's Hat Attack is this amazing black and white headpiece by Jasmin Zorlu,  I have admired Jasmin's sculptural work for years.  Last summer when I traveled to Santa Fe, I contacted Jasmin, as I had learned that she had moved there on Instagram.  Upon meeting her, I discovered that she was as captivating as her work. The Volendam Mask Hat is made with pleated crinoline (horsehair) over lace. Hand draped and hand stitched, it is Inspired by traditional Dutch Volendam headwear worn by women. I am thrilled to show her work, which is complex and intricate.  I am awed by her
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The Anniversary

Sometimes the anniversary of Nelson's death sneaks up on me. It will be eight years on Saturday, April 20th, which is two days from the date of this post.  Without thinking about the anniversary, several weeks ago I made arrangements to spend this coming weekend in Boulder, which is a city less than an hour away from my home in Denver. As I've mentioned before on Style Crone, I'm developing a workshop for widows on "Loss and Reinvention."  I've been unable to focus on moving forward on the workshop, completing only about a quarter of my presentation.  I've been so
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Cherry Creek Lifestyle Magazine

It was thrilling to be featured in the March issue of Cherry Creek Lifestyle Magazine.  And it was very exciting for me to find Style Crone on the cover, as represented in the photo above.  To add to my surprise, the article was composed of a six page spread.  The following images were published in the magazine and were taken by Danielle Webster, also known as Electric Lady Shoots.  Electric is the accurate adjective to describe Danielle! The photos were shot in The Source Hotel, and the two above images were taken in the pristine floral and gift shop Beet and
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Hat Attack #69 – Heather Stoten Millinery

April's Hat Attack features the silk turban by Heather Stoten Millinery.  I met Heather during the time that she lived in Boulder, Colorado, which is a short drive from Denver. She made the turban specifically to pair with this vintage red silk chiffon gown embellished with patterned sequins. Heather is very talented and skilled, but unfortunately for me, she moved back to London several years ago.  I still miss her, as Daniel and I would travel to her studio for an afternoon and play with her millinery couture. I've blogged about Heather in the past, and follow her on Instagram.
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The Giveaway: With Balefire Goods and Acanthus Jewelry

I have never hosted a giveaway in my blogging and instagramming  career, which began in July of 2010.  However, I was recently presented with the opportunity to partner with Balefire Goods, an artisan jewelry gallery that brings together some of the best in contemporary, handmade jewelry from artists, metalsmiths, and jewelers from around the globe in addition to creating custom work in-house and showcasing local art. The second participating partner, Acanthus Jewelry, is carried at Balefire Goods,.  Acanthus  jewelry  is  handmade  with  materials  such  as  sterling  silver, high karat  gold,  diamonds  and  semi-precious  gemstones.  A  self-taught  metalsmith,  the artist Nichole  uses  traditional
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ALEMBIKA – The Beautiful Brand Distributed by Roni Rabl

The hive look: tunic, pants and cardigan - here Last September during New York Fashion Week I met Yael Edelist  and Alin Wagner-Lahmy of Roni Rabl.  I visited their trade show, Studio Atelier NYC, which is a gathering of over 50 well-established brands from the fashion retail world. I discovered a community of designers and buyers who work together in an intimate space filled with an abundance of artful, unique clothing and accessories. During my most recent trip to NYC I reconnected before my travels, and visited them in their studio.  I was welcomed with open arms by Yael and Alin, and I participated
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The Dior Exhibit – From Paris to the World

I recently attended the Dior Exhibition which has been showing at the Denver Art Museum since November, 2018.  In typical Style Crone mode, I waited until the last minute to attend the exhibit.  It is now coming to an end, and I took advantage of its splendor twice in one week.  I'm wearing my gifted vintage Dior hat for the occasion! I can't put into words how breathtaking the exhibit was.  I could have stayed for hours, but since that wasn't possible, photos will have to suffice.   I would have a description for every photo if I were a
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Hat Attack #68 – Artist Mieko Mintz

Today's March Hat Attack is a black wool fabric hat with architectural features that I purchased at Mieko Mintz in NYC years ago, during the time that Mieko had a storefront in SoHo.  It is the piece of headwear that I appreciate during the coldest days of winter in Denver. This past February has been bitter cold, and my Mieko Mintz headwear has kept me warm.  Along with my first puffer jacket, that I discovered recently in NYC when strolling through the garment district.  It was deeply discounted and it has become my latest love, keeping me warm and toasty during
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