November’s Hat Attack is a vintage Dior turban which has recently joined my accidental Dior hat collection. Over the years I have been gifted several additions to this growing group of residents in the hat room, and I’ve found some myself at estate sales and vintage shops. This multi-colored beauty is perfect for fall, and happened to pair perfectly with these statement earrings that have been waiting for an outing and this embroidered scarf which I discovered at a flea market.

It’s time to bring out the gloves from my vintage collection, and all the chosen accessories for this post reflect the colors of the autumn leaves on radiant display throughout the city. This is my favorite time of the year, as we transition into winter and the season of layers and my treasured winter coats and felt hats.

Photos by Nicole Marcelli

The link-up that has always accompanied the Hat Attack series has presented technological problems. Hopefully I will master the realties of its new rendition. Any thoughts on whether or not I should continue with the link-up? I haven’t put adequate energy into growing this component of Style Crone. I’m putting it in the category of “time will tell.









  1. Wonderful Fall ensemble! And you’re gorgeous as always! Autumn is such a treat… Nature puts on some of her most colorful garments and the cool breezes make them dance and swirl!!! My favorite time of year.
    I do hope you’ll be able to continue the Link up section of Hat Attack. I haven’t posted in quite a while because of techno-issues, but its always so much fun to check out what the other ladies are up to! I’ll even have to find a way to show off some of my Fall favorites if you decide to keep it going! Hahaha. Stay warm!!!!

  2. Not sure what is meant by the link that is usually with the posts, but however you can bring us closer to the experience is great with me! I love your posts. I’m 67 and last year, began a teaching career in sewing and find great comfort and inspiration that another ‘senior’ is doing their ‘thing’ as well. I love the hats and the clothes you show each time you post. The jacket this time is WONDERFUL. I really like the hat, but that ‘look’ doesn’t like me! It looks BEAUTIFUL on you!! As usual, I can’t wait for the next post!!

  3. I can’t believe how long you’ve been doing “Hat Attack”! If you are inspired to do it, then by all means, keep it up, but if you feel it’s time to move on to something else, I’m sure your followers would be excited to see what else you come up with.

    This turban has ALL the autumn colours. Are those feathers that are woven in amongst the fabric bits? The most amazing pieces of head wear always manage to find their way to you (they obviously know where they will be most appreciated).

  4. What a beautiful outfit – I can see how carefully you’ve curated each item. The turban is amazing, as is that lovely scarf. Judith, you always look incredible.

    I have mostly given up on link-ups, and don’t do IG. You do whatever works for you, my dear. I’ll still be here!

  5. Hi Judith! As usual you have a lovely outfit on in this post and the autumnal colours are beautiful.. As you know you are my role model and a constant inspiration. Oh yes do please continue the Hat Attack linkup, as I love thinking ‘now what hat should I wear for Judith’! I have 28 hats, btw, but I don’t wear the big brimmed hats nearly enough as I should. do. But I love winter for hat wearing. So yes do continue and good luck with the IT!

    And many thanks for all your blog posts – I love reading them.

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