The December Hat Attack is a vintage Jack McConnell feather confection which I recently discovered at a vintage shop. The intricate feather and rhinestone designs on the surface of the green fur felt background of the chapeau are exquisite. Jack McConnell hats are highly collectible and I was thrilled to find this beauty in excellent condition. I plan to wear it for the holidays and beyond.

I happened to have the perfect vintage mustard colored gloves, which played nicely with the mustard colored feathers on the hat. My vintage glove collection serves me well! There are advantages to having been enamored by estate sales since the 1970s.

I have decided to continue with Hat Attack as a monthly feature, but without the link-up party. I haven’t been giving the link-up the attention it deserves. I may reinstate it in the future, but for now I’m letting it go. I have been blogging for almost a decade, and priorities ebb and flow. My passion for headwear remains intact, and I will continue to wear my collection with abandon.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in Hat Attack over the past 77 months. I appreciate your enthusiasm for my favorite accessory, and I hope that you will continue to follow along with the monthly series that will fondly focus on headwear. Have a wonderful winter holiday season, and if you wear hats, now is the time to express yourself fully and without reservation! Nothing could be more festive!

Photos by Daniel


  1. I think your hat is beautiful! So are all of the photos. Your outfit is perfect too! I love hats, but only have a few. I live vicariously through you in that department! Thank you for showing us the beauty of hats for all occasions and passions!

  2. Always look forward to getting your blog and seeing what wonderful hat and ensemble you are wearing. I too love my hats but forget to take photos….I need to work on that in the new year. Thank you for all your inspiration, we love you. Yours, Sheryl

  3. I think that letting go of the link-up is just fine – I know it costs money! All those Hat Attacks! Wow, that’s a very impressive record, Judith, and I thank you for hosting them, although my participation waned in the last couple of years. I am proud that I was there early!

    I adore this amazing hat – it was cool to read about Jack McConnell (does your hat have the red feather?). Your gloves are divine!

    Sending you good vibes and peace for the festive season!

  4. This hat is spectacular! What luck to find it.

    Your outfits always inspire me.

    I think you are right to focus your energies where they best serve you.

    I love seeing you wearing your hats on your blog and I’m glad you’ll be continuing that.

    I’m not a big fan of Instagram so I’m happy to still be able to connect with you here.


  5. You’ve done an admirable job with Hat Attack, and when there is only so much time and energy to go around, it’s important to decide where you want that energy and time to go. I have a Jack McConnell hat too, which I did wear in New York once, but it’s “too much” to wear here. I do treasure it though. XO

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