Several weeks ago I blogged about my front garden, and talked about how I planned to feature all the areas of my home on Style Crone. Today is the second episode in this series. The front porch has been recently redesigned, with the help of my friend, the talented artist Sarah Ashford. At this point in my life, I seldom do anything new to my home without her input. We have been friends for many years, and I trust her taste and opinion.

Orange is one of my favorite colors, as indicated by my ensemble, and the gifted tapestry which covers the pillows of the loveseat in the background. The orange pillow with tassels on the loveseat adds another accent of my current orange obsession. The hanging plant chimes in from above. The black screen behind the loveseat had been living on the veranda off my upstairs bedroom. It seemed to fit better on the front porch!

I discovered this distressed mirror at an estate sale, and it immediately found it’s place on the porch. It’s been hanging in this spot for years, and I’m sure that it will continue to offer a quick hat check as I leave the house for years to come. I have designated the porch as just another room in the house, especially during the summer.

I began collecting chandeliers over the past year, and I am always on the lookout for them at antique markets and estate sales.  This iron beauty hangs above the glass covered table between the loveseat and the brown wicker chairs, which creates a conversation area that has been frequented by whoever has stopped by to visit this summer.

Photos by Nicole Marcelli

The above photo displays the opposite end of the porch from the conversation area. The console table and black and white patterned outdoor rug greet all who enter my home. I have embellished the area with plants and have the ability to change whatever I display on the table according to season and desire.

Today I’m wearing a vintage orange silk flower headpiece, vintage long silk slip, vintage patent leather belt, and multicolored earrings – estate sales, orange hooded jacket – consignment shop, and my favorite orange open-toe pumps – retail sale years ago.

My “new” porch has changed my life this summer. I love sitting outside in the evening, people watching and enjoying the Colorado evenings, which are alway more cool than the hot summer days. The changes that I’ve made have not only offered me visual pleasure; they have altered how I spend my time when I’m at home.


  1. It is adorable. So warm and friendly. Indeed another room to your house. You in orange.. beautiful as well.

  2. My favorite color too! YOU – and your porch – look MARVELOUS!! Ahhhh I want to come over and drink a cup of tea or sip a glass of wine with you in that beautiful location!! XOXO and thanks for creating more beauty to add to this world…

  3. Radiant! Both you and your surroundings. Orange befits you and the touches around the porch are a little bit Mid-Eastern feeling, which I also love. And your beautiful smile looks so happy and relaxed. Well done!

  4. Love it love it love it. Orange is my sister’s favorite color as well so I need to show her this for inspiration.Thank you as always.

  5. I so like your colours and the vibrant lipstick is just the right touch – to heck with the “natural” look.

    I think a porch such as yours is so conducive to good health – most of us spend far too much indoors and not enough time in the fresh air – good physically and mentally.


  6. Oh, you have inspired me, Judith! Our glassed-in outside deck has never been decorated – we’ve been meaning to for decades (seriously, that is ridiculous) to update it and make two cosy reading/art areas out there. I need to make it as inviting and nestlike as you’ve made your porch.

    Now, that outfit is totally smashing – that orange is so luscious! I love the long shirtdress belted over the longer slip – it’s really a lovely silhouette. Hope you have a wonderful week and rest of your summer enjoying that diving porch.

  7. PS I am BLOWN OVER by the beautiful story on you in Cherry Creek Fashion, including the lovely video. I recall reading = and enjoying – your blog so much in those early days while Nelson was still with you, Your blog was so meaningful to me, having lost several friends to cancer over the years, to read your gracious and tenderhearted posts on that difficult journey, and your coping with those challenges via dressing beautifully and creatively. I am so happy now to see you modeling and curating your personal fashion to set off all this gorgeous jewelry and wearable art – you have such a gift! BRAVA, Judith, and thank you for your inspiring life!

  8. Your porch pictures made me cry, Judith! We owned a Denver square for over 20 years. Raised our two daughters there, totally renovated it inside and out. I miss that house more than I can say. Based on your pictures, we were probably pretty close to being neighbors in Denver. We were at 16 Pennsylvania. Thanks for a taste of home….. I can almost feel the cool of a Denver evening

  9. Those first two photos should be in Vogue – I love the outfit, and how it coordinates so beautifully with your re-designed porch. What a gorgeous space in which to spend a sunny afternoon or a warm summer evening. You and Sarah did a wonderful job!

  10. You and Sarah have created a front porch as warm and inviting as your personality. The orange suits this photo well. I can imagine sitting out there, watching the gathering dusk and talking about life and time, maybe with a cookie and a drink. Thanks for sharing your home.

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