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After traveling for weeks, I’m ready to be home.  I find myself behind in every area. I’m in the midst of unpacking and my sanctuary is disorganized and cluttered.  It will take time to process my adventures and learn from them as I move forward.

As I resume my yoga schedule, everything will become more clear.  My path will open before me.  I need rest and quiet. And contemplation. I feel that I have taken on too much, and my spirit is tired and overwhelmed.  Every bone and muscle in my body yearns for rest and renewal.  As I mindfully put the pieces of my living space back together, perhaps the puzzle in my brain will fall into place as well.

Do I need to change course?  Am I at a fork in the road?  What does it mean to be 73? Do I want to become more involved in activism and aging?  Or do I just need to change out my hat room from summer to fall?

The origin of the composition of my ensemble will remain a mystery today.

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  1. You sound tired Judith. Your yoga and a few nights’ good rest will sort you out. You’re an inspiration and because of you I’m trying to pluck up the courage to wear a hat just for the hell of it; have already smartened up my wardrobe, so many thanks.

  2. Despite feeling drained by all your recent activity, you look elegant and pulled together, Judith. So for a while it will be back to basics– I always find that giving myself permission to withdraw and regroup is as restoring as actually doing that.

    Recovery is on the horizon for you!

  3. Hello from Toronto Canada! I particularly would choose ‘rest and quiet’…from all of my 64 yrs experience, that’s when I can easily see before me ‘What’s next?’
    A change of hat helps too!

  4. You need to be idle and silent for a while to regenerate! Plenty of hot baths, lotions and potions, music, art, books, meditation, yoga, sleep. Convalescence is a lost art. We all need it from time to time.

  5. I, too, feel this way after a trip lately. Although we sleep, it doesn’t feel deep enough. We are experienced and know we need to process our experiences for maximum benefit.
    Rest deeply and revival will feel good.

  6. TAKE A BREAK………clean out THE HAT ROOM But don’t TOSS ANYTHING!
    Speaking of which I bought a black velvet hat SATURDAY without trying it ON!I cannot get my head in it……….do you have a small head?I will send to you if you are in NEED!!!!!!!!!
    Will I find your email up TOP?If not send to me at
    AND I can send a photo or THREE!
    Then you can decide.
    DID you ENJOY MY BUDDY SANDRA?SHE found me and my BLOG and I just ADORE HER!I sent her to the book signing as I knew I couldn’t GO and that she would have a BALL………..I THINK SHE DID FROM OUR CONVERSATION!!

  7. Home is the best place to regroup and get your bearings again. As wonderful as it is to travel, home is the one place that allows our soul to rest.


  8. Being among throngs of people, even adoring ones, while exhilarating, would I suspect be energy-draining. This may be a perfect time for tea and nibblies and quiet for a while, going through hats, wandering, reading if you enjoy that.

    I guess you’ll find your perfect restorative – I am just projecting some of my own. Heh. Except I don’t have lots of hats. I love your bold graphic photos but somehow I am picturing you now in flowing silky robes.

  9. Dear Judith,

    I have just begun and 3 month journey in South Asia and want to tell you how much I value your posts and sincerity and honesty.

    You speak from the heart of your life and it is refreshing.

    be well and thanks for mentioning the importance of quiet which is so hard to come by in western culture and not at all supported by the society.



  10. Travelling is a joy but sometimes we need to bunker down and surround ourselves with the familiar. I am sure you will after some rest make decisions that feel right for you. Enjoy sorting your hat room and rediscovering some of your Winter favourites. Be kind to yourself.

  11. Travelling and visiting friends is wonderful but also tiring – we’ve just come back from France after a week of staying with friends, and, yes, being away can be a blessing as it can give you a chance to see things differently from afar. I’ve come back determined to be more assertive and to say no to our too many obligations. But travelling is also very tiring and the flights and trains can be so delayed that they add hours of stress to the homecoming. I completely understand your need to recuperate – I’m doing endless washing at the moment and feel very disorganised!!!

    I think go back to the yoga and sort your hat room. I’m starting a yoga class next week and I bought two hats whilst on holiday which I’ll show you soon! Be well and take care x

  12. I am in the same boat. Tired, and no knowing which road to take. My mind still wants to do 20,000 things in one day, but the body is saying NO….REST.
    I am going to listen to my body, and say no when appropriate to save my energy. (course I am not known for this, so am still learning too). And I will switch my hats…it is such a joy to rediscover after a summer what lovely ones you have, and to prepare for the Winter. It’s a pain to do, but in the end so satisfying to me. I know then the seasons are changing, and I with it.
    Listen to the inner you.
    Hugs to you….

  13. I know I am always energized by being in a new place, meeting new people, etc. but it can be so exhausting as well, and at a certain point I know I need to go home and re-charge, which sounds like how you are feeling right now. It’s good to check in with yourself and see how you’re feeling, whether the things you are giving your time and energy to are the right things for you. I’m sure after getting things organized at home and feeling rested, the path will become clear. Your beautiful hat room sounds like a lovely place to start.

  14. I feel you!!!! I’m yearning for that kind of time too, but unfortunately it’s not really in the cards for awhile! Somehow I know the answers to your questions will reveal themselves at the perfect time. Perhaps rearranging the hat room is the perfect place to start. Seems like a soothing bi-annual ritual.

    Of course a hot bath, a glass of wine, and a little estate sale hopping works wonders too. Wish I could join you. xoxoxo

  15. Dearest Judith, I understand this feeling of being overwhelmed as I’m currently in the same place. After spending a week on a yoga retreat I know how useful the time spent is and now I have to make space for the regular practice along with all of my other commitments.
    Good luck with your decisions and practical chores over the next few weeks. I’m sure things will unfold over time.
    Anna x

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