Wearing Summer Whites

August 22nd, 2016


Incorporating summer whites into my compositions has been new for me.  Along with other bloggers, I have been influenced and inspired by Sylvia of 40+Style HERE.  Her blog post, “How to Wear White” HERE, gave me insight into its appeal.  Soon I found myself attracted to white pieces at the estate sales, vintage shops, thrift shops and consignment stores.  When she visited Denver around this time last year, I wore a white shirt in her honor.


I think that I’ve had a resistance to white because I wore white uniforms, hose and shoes (plus nursing cap) in the 60’s, when I was in nursing school.  It wasn’t that this uniform was negative for me, because it was an important era in my life.  However, it did represent the concept of working in a medical setting, and it has been a process to get past that mind set.


This summer I have noticed that I have submerged myself in white.  I’ve been drawn to black-and-white combinations, but in this post I’m wearing a vintage white hand-painted dress with multi-colored polka dots arranged in patterns, which was discovered at Meek Vintage HERE.  I accessorized with three hats and three pairs of shoes, reflecting colors from the dress.


With colorful street art found in the River North area of Denver HERE, I had great fun with color as background and as accessories.


As I age, my style journey changes along with my experiences and the bloggers, milliners and hat makers who influence me.  Growing my hair out to white also encourages me to change in other areas and explore new color combinations.


Life is a mystery filled with change at every corner.  As with yoga, turning myself upside down on purpose is an analogy for consciously transforming what I wear.  So much is beyond my control, but my choice of the colors I wear is up to me.


Photos By Daniel

Vintage white dress with multicolored polka dots and belt – Meek Vintage Denver; vintage hats – Buffalo Exchange and vintage shops; shoes – consignment shops; white cropped pants – retail sale years ago; multicolored umbrella – estate sale; jewelry – estate sales and gifted.

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Judith And The Ruminators

August 15th, 2016


Growing up I was terrified of public speaking.  I remember fainting in front of a group in elementary school during a presentation.  Even today I can see the people towering above me, wide-eyed with concern, as I awakened from my unconscious state on the floor.  It’s an unwelcome and haunting memory!


Over the years, my anxiety decreased as I learned to manage my feelings when speaking in groups.  I found that if I felt passionate about the content, I could overcome my overwhelmingly negative psychological response.  My desire to talk about my subject matter somehow became more prominent than my fear.


Fast forward to my presentation in New Orleans!  I had little time to prepare, but I did have a short outline of what I wanted to talk about.  Focusing on my black-and-white ensemble instead of ruminating about what I was going to say was a meditative intervention.  Surprisingly, I found it to be exhilarating and fun.


So what does this mean?  Over the months, I plan to put together a presentation around the subject matter of “Aging With Passion.”  I have no idea where I go from here, but there is power in “beginning.”  With the right hat and the intention of overcoming fear, anything is possible.


Photos By Daniel at Alamo Placita Park

Vintage black straw hat adorned with white ribbon and black feather – Buffalo Exchange, black and white wrap dress – Santa Fe consignment shop, white patent leather pumps with black and gold trim and jewelry – estate sales.

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Last week I traveled to New Orleans with Mr. J to attend a four-day conference, Revolutionizing The Culture of Aging, which was presented by The Pioneer Network HERE.  Originally developed around the vision of creating a culture of aging that is life-affirming, satisfying, humane and meaningful in the long-term care setting, its overall aim is nothing less than transforming the culture of aging in America.


Mr J has been involved with the Pioneer Network for many years, and he generously invited me to present at one of the workshops that he led.  Sage Conversations: Reflections On Aging From An Elder Sage offered a venue for me to talk about the evolution of my blog, the revolutionary Advanced Style Movement created by Ari Seth Cohen HERE, and my views on agism.

I was impressed with the other presenters who shared their wisdom and perspectives. It was a privilege to be included in this dynamic group of leaders who have devoted their lives to culture change in long-term care communities.


One of the highlights of the conference was Mr J’s book signing.  The recently published Oh Mercy! The Coming Of Age Of A Nursing Home Pioneer HERE, is a memoir about his 32 years of experience with his management company Pinon Management and his personal growth during that time.  Mr J was one of the original voices to champion the psycho-social model in long-term care, with a career dedicated to leading care communities through transformation to person-centered care.  His entrepreneurial endeavors are felt across the nation today, as evidenced by the many examples of innovation and culture change that were presented at the conference.


The workshops were compelling, so there was little time to wander.  I did manage to carve out some time to walk the neighborhoods with Erin, my friend who had lived in New Orleans for four years.  She took the above photo on our way to a flea market a short distance from our hotel.


I was happy to be back in magical New Orleans, with its intricate ornamental iron, beautiful architecture, music, culture, history, art, food and diversity. This photo was taken on our way to Magazine Street HERE on the day that we left the city. I was attracted to the ironwork on the balcony of this building and would love to do the tour of the French Quarter Ironwork Trail.  That remains for another visit!


No visit to New Orleans is complete without visiting the French Quarter in the evening, accessorized by touches of sparkle and bling.  Our taxi cab and Lyft drivers, life long residents of the city, honored us with stories of survival during the tragedy of Katrina, the devastating hurricane of 2005.  The energy of suffering and resilience hung heavy in the hot and humid air.


The morning of our departure, we had brunch at Brennan’s HERE, a 70-year-old iconic restaurant that stuns with its opulence and charm.  The famous “banana foster” goes up in flames at many a table.


I left for a moment to climb the stairs to the restaurant’s second level to admire the dining areas, which were accessorized with chandeliers.  This is just one of the rooms that captured my attention.


Mr J and myself were honored to be in the company of conference presenters (from left) Sarah, Jude, Sandy and Nancy.  These are just a few of the many inspiring and dedicated people who I met during the conference.  My one regret is that I wasn’t able to post photos of everyone who touched my life during the time spent in New Orleans.


After brunch and before leaving for Denver, and accompanied by friends Janice and Erin, we hit Lili Vintage HERE on Magazine Street.  Its beautifully curated collection kept us captivated until we had to dash to the airport.


Vintage shop photos by Janice

Trying on a 1920’s turban was the grand finale of my New Orleans adventure.  I’m looking forward to our next visit to the city of never-ending mystery and historic neighborhoods.

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Hat Attack #37

July 31st, 2016


August’s Hat Attack was discovered at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival at the beginning of July.  The milliner Diane Harty HERE from Frisco, Colorado is usually present as a vendor with her beautiful headwear made from fine sewn straw braid.  I attend the festival just to see her new creations.


This year I was captivated with a black headpiece adorned with fuchsia feathers.  It reflects the color of the roses in my back garden!


I love movement in my accessories!  Spontaneously throwing about a black silk scarf seemed like the only thing to do to accentuate the feathers.  This chapeau makes me feel like dancing, which is a sure sign that it was meant to join my collection.


Photos By Daniel

Now it’s your turn to throw a little headwear my way. Give The SC an AUGUST HAT ATTACK and kindly link to Style Crone somewhere in your post. The link-up will be open through August 31st.

Anyone can participate!  All you need is a URL, which can be acquired from Instagram, Facebook or your website.  If you have difficulty with adding your photo to the link-up, send me an email at judith@stylecrone.com and I will help you problem solve.  All forms of headwear are appreciated:  hat, headwrap, headscarf, headpiece, fascinator, hair flower, headband or other adornment for your head that you enjoy.  Multiple photos are encouraged!

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Scintillating Santa Fe

July 26th, 2016


It’s been over a month since Mr. J and I traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico for a brief hiatus from our usual routine.  It’s one of my favorite destinations, with its slower pace, gorgeous views, high concentration of artists and eclectic restaurants.  And fabulous array of vintage, thrift and consignment shops!


One of the first adventures on our agenda was a visit to Museum Hill and the International Museum of Folk Art HERE.  The Apache Warrior sculpture outside the museum created a majestic presence as it emerged on the skyline.


The Flamenco Exhibit traced the history of dance from Spain to Santa Fe through costumes and interactive displays.


No adventure is complete without an exploration of headwear.  Montecristi Custom Hat Works HERE create their hats on site and we were thrilled to observe hat making in process.


It was an exciting surprise to run into Orren, who was featured in Ari Seth Cohen’s book Advanced Style Older And Wiser HERE.  He is a Santa Fe resident and we first met at Ari’s book signing in NYC in April of this year.  He is wonderful!  So much fun and very stylish!  Interestingly enough, we met again two days later. It was before noon, and he was wearing black sequin pants and I was decked in rhinestones.  It’s a small “Advanced Style” world!


We spent an afternoon inhaling art along Canyon Road HERE, where over a hundred galleries, boutiques and restaurants populate the area of one-half mile.  I chose to wear a vintage skirt that I’ve had in my collections for years, vintage leopard print cowboy boots, a linen shirt and the Minetta Designs hat HERE  that I discovered in Santa Fe the day before.


A visit to the Blue Rain Gallery HERE adjacent to downtown Santa Fe, introduced us to the talented artist Erin Currier HERE and her Series The Orchard Keepers.


A visit to the famous Japanese inspired spa Ten Thousand Waves HERE for dinner at its restaurant izanami was the perfect way to end a magical few days in picturesque Santa Fe.  I’m all for making this trip a yearly ritual.


Photos By Mr. J

After all, the Sake is delicious!

Silk turban by Heather Stoten of The Hat Workshop HERE

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