The Funeral

February 8th, 2016


Before leaving for Sedona, I received a message from a friend and former co-worker about the death of the wife of a mutual colleague from the past.  I put off the decision regarding my attendance at the memorial service until I returned from our trip.


When I woke up on the morning of the funeral, I knew that I wanted to attend.  And I’m glad that I did.  I remembered clearly how important and comforting it was for me during my winter of grief, to have people show up from different eras of my life at a time of overwhelming loss.


I reconnected with several co-workers from the past, as we expressed support and respect to the bereaved family.


Memorial services are more frequent in my life these days. It’s the reality of growing older and it doesn’t feel morbid or disturbing to me to think about it as people leave, and to write about it today.  It feels real.  To be closer to death intensifies life.


I usually wear black to a memorial service.  Self expression is important to me, no matter the event or situation.  My favorite vintage jacket has been worn during happy times and sad.  It has depth and can hold any feeling that I have, at any time.  The hat that I chose was my armor at my father’s funeral 20 years ago.

Perhaps I humanize my outfits.  They do feel like friends that accompany me wherever I go.  They provide good company and they make me feel incredibly and passionately alive.  For that I am grateful.


Photos By Daniel

Vintage Kokin hat – hat shop in the 80’s; vintage black jacket, vintage long white gloves with bows, vintage black pencil skirt, vintage jewelry and vintage clutch – estate sales, Fluevog boots – retail sale.

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Hat Attack #31

February 1st, 2016


February’s Hat Attack features a vintage Norma Kamali baby leopard print toque with matching gauntlets.  These pieces were “seized” from my hat shop in the 1980’s and they traveled with me on my recent trip to Sedona.


I decided that they needed to be focused upon more fully after I fell in love with them once again.  They hadn’t been on an outing for years and are now having a revival!


I love hats that are “shape changers” and can present as different personalities on a whim.  This Norma Kamali beauty transforms from toque to beret at the drop of a chapeau!


Photos By Daniel

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Mystical Sedona

January 25th, 2016


For years I’ve heard stories about the beauty and the vortex energy centers of Sedona, Arizona HERE. Believing that there’s never a better time than now, Mr J and I left for a short stay in one of the most stunning places in the country.


To celebrate my first visit to this location with breathtaking views, I chose to wear animal print, which always has a way of enhancing any experience.


Daniel suggested that we check out the landscape at sunset from the site of the Sedona Airport.  I had no idea that my tiger print coat would reflect the colors of the mountains in the distance as the sun slowly disappeared from sight.


The next day I adorned myself in a vintage Norma Kamali baby leopard print turban with matching gauntlets, as we drove through the Coconino National Forest.  The expansive terrain unfolded endlessly at every turn.


On our last day in Sedona, we drove to the historic ghost town of Jerome HERE, which was a copper mining camp founded in 1876.  Today it’s an artist community, with shops, restaurants and galleries.  Much to my surprise and delight, I happened upon not one, but two vintage shops.  At Papillion Vintage I was greeted by racks of amazing hats, and my animal print chapeau was quickly replaced by several unique works of art.  Headwear appears in the most unlikely places, and they magically materialize no matter where I travel.

Photos By Mr. J


I will never forget the winter adventure in Sedona and the surrounding areas. From its red rocks and mesas to its vintage hats and delicious food and sights.


Mr J and I had a wonderful time inhaling its sunset mountain views and enjoying the mystical mecca HERE that has developed around the historically powerful energy of the area. I have never found the middle of January to be more fascinating, charming and intensely beautiful!

Short sleeved plaid jacket with leopard belt, tiger print coat and black patent leather belt – consignment store sales, leopard print hat – Erin Saboe,  black knit newsboy cap – Hortensia HERE, vintage Norma Kamali turban and gauntlets – hat shop in the 80’s, vintage black jumpsuit – estate sale, black background – yard sales, boots – retail sales.

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The Cycle Of Life

January 18th, 2016


Daniel’s back!  And off to City Park we went, in our usual festive mood when we’re engaged with photography, laughing and amusing ourselves with inside jokes.  It may be January, with its cold and snowy background, but I feel exhilarated and energized by the chill in the air and the stark beauty of winter.


The news of my daughter Camille’s pregnancy has been coloring my days since she announced this news months ago.  Married in May and pregnant in June!  We’ve been happily preparing ever since! The very end of February is the date of the arrival of new life.


A baby boy with the middle name of Nelson!  It will be five years in April since he passed from our world.  Now new life comes forth to represent the future with hope and continuity, and a part of him will once again walk the physical plane of earth.


My only sadness lies in the reality that Nelson won’t be here to share in the wonder of birth. However, there is the truth that he remains integral within us always and that this child will know him and be influenced by him through us, with what his regal spirit taught with love and devotion.  I’m witnessing the cycle of life.


Now we have the opportunity to pass it on.  To nurture and love.  To teach.  To soothe. To set boundaries.  To inspire. To make mistakes and grow.  To be who we are and allow this child to evolve into his own. The mysteries and magic of life and death fill the electric air that I breath.


As we were leaving the park that was Camille’s childhood playground, this beautiful dog passed by, and his owner was kind and generous enough to allow spontaneity and document a moment in time.  Who wouldn’t be captivated by this creature that reflects the white of the snow and all that is to come.

Blue jacket, leopard print booties, vintage hat  – consignment shops; vintage yellow patent leather bag with leopard trim, vintage green gloves and vintage earrings – estate sales, black jeans – Paris boutique.

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Daniel’s 103 year old mother died on New Year’s Eve Day.  In honor of her indomitable spirit, I threw on my New Year’s Eve outfit and Mr. J and I traveled to the “Empathy” mural not far from my home.

I’ve blogged about empathy before.  About its power to enhance relationships and provide the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.  About its capacity to facilitate healing during times of grief and loss.  I dedicate this post to my friend and photographer Daniel and to his mother Dora, who has over the years impressed me with her life’s story.


In the spirit of expressing myself through style, I’m shining the light on empathy with sequins and rhinestones. The estate sale grey knit sweater with large sequin adorned sleeves had been waiting for an illuminating occasion. The sweater has always made me smile, with its huge “glitter” factor, and has me wondering about who created this bold and cheeky piece.


Of course I found this sequin beret in my collection, which made me feel pleasantly like a disco ball when I entered the space of every one of the three parties that Mr J and I attended on New Year’s Eve.


I just happened to find another beret that was more sedate with its brilliance, which “reflected” the grey hue of the sweater as opposed to the shine of the sleeves.  Why not wear it today as another alternative to the mix!


Photos By Mr J

Every piece in this ensemble is either from an estate sale or consignment shop.  Every piece in this ensemble is an expression of this point in time, as I look forward to Dan’s return to his role as photographer for Style Crone and friend extraordinaire.


Street art created by Tristan Minton of Royal Stain HERE.


Captivating Crone Series

Today I’m featuring Dan’s mother Dora in my “Captivating Crone Series.”  Though I didn’t meet her in person, I felt as though I knew her through the stories of her legendary perseverance and resilience.  Her wit and her intelligence.  Her love for her family and her community.  She exemplifies values that are dear to me, and she will be greatly missed by those who knew and admired her.

 “Dora was an artist who enjoyed painting, needlework and other crafts. She was always dressed fashionably and took great pride in her appearance and wardrobe. An avid golfer, Dora played until she was 89-years-old and was a member of the Wisconsin River Country Club Women’s League. She was also a passionate bridge player and her name was often mentioned in the newspaper for her bridge playing skills. She was a member of the Stevens Point Duplicate Bridge and Towne Bridge Clubs until the age of 99.” ~From Dora’s obituary

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