Daniel and The SC spent an afternoon at Taxi HERE, a mixed-use development in the River North area of Denver which is now a community that fosters the use of creative spaces for living, working and playing.

As you can see in the signage above, there is much to do at Taxi, including dining at the Fuel Cafe HERE, and then strolling through the community garden followed by an espresso at Black Black Coffee HERE.  We wandered through an office building, taking photos with colorful walls and interesting spaces as background.


Coming up on the fourth anniversary of Nelson’s death, memories surface to remind me of the significance of the month of April.  Loss is forever, but so is the love that was expressed and received, and remains with me today.  The intensity of the feelings of sadness have evolved over the years, but they tend to emerge like a thunderbolt, so as not to be missed.  To be treasured and to be accepted.

I’ve learned to be still and curious, and to observe and write about my feelings as they pass through each and every cell, visiting as a reminder of the importance of the past. When I take time to experience the visitation of grief as I approach this pivotal date, to sit with it and let tears fall with it, I give it the respect that it deserves.  I honor it. I flow with it. I let myself be touched with it. That place in my heart that holds the tenderness of it.


It doesn’t interfere with my life or my relationships.  It is from this love that I am able to engage with the people in my life that I adore.  It is from this love that my new life evolves in form.  It is from this love that I throw myself into the planning of my daughter Camille’s wedding, soon to take place in May.  For out of grief comes her passion and creativity, more seasoned and deep than before.  I feel that too.  We have been anointed with the knowledge that we have survived and now thrive without the physical presence of someone who we thought we could not live without.


Photos By Daniel

I join Camille and her fiancé in a celebration of new beginnings which have grown from the depths of sorrow and loss.  We are better than before because love never leaves when someone dear transitions to infinity.  It grows.

Vintage white leather jacket, vintage earrings and vintage black with white trim leather gloves – estate sales, vintage white leather cap – vintage shop, black suede booties and black turtleneck – consignment shops, black ruched jeans – hand made years ago by friend.

Thank you to Who What Wear HERE for the inclusion in “Style Wise: The 7 Best Blogs By Older Women.”  I am honored to be in the company of the inspiring bloggers who were featured!

Thank you to Sylvia of 40+Style HERE for the inclusion in her post “Inspiration: black and white,” taken from her Instagram hashtag #40PlusStyle.

Old Is The New Black

April 6th, 2015


I recently received my “Old Is The New Black” t-shirt, a creative collaboration between blogger, film maker and author Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style HERE and designer and creator of The Old Ladies Rebellion, Fanny Karst HERE.  I’m finding that this glorious garment is very versatile and can be worn in many settings.

“Old Is The New Black” is playful enough to wear out to dinner with friends with: coral estate sale vintage jacket, consignment shop black platform heels and coral chapeau with black trim from a Paris hat shop.


“Old Is The New Black” is chic enough to wear to the theatre with: estates sale black velvet maxi skirt, vintage black velvet beret, vintage silk ruffle scarf and vintage earrings and hat pin, along with long black velvet gloves adorned with rhinestones from my hat shop in the 80’s and red lipstick.


Photos By Daniel

“Old Is The New Black” provides a message strong and powerful enough to enhance warrior two pose with: white estate sale ballet flats and two headwraps from my scarf collection.

“Old Is The New Black” or its cousin “Old Is The New Gold” T-shirts can be ordered HERE!  They make a great statement for any occasion!

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Captivating Crone Series

Florence is my dear friend Sally’s 95-year-old mother.  “She is a Denver native who was married for 60 years, raised 3 children and taught English as a second language at Denver University.  She still travels to Mexico and Central America,  delighting foreigners and Americans alike with her vibrant, generous and upbeat manner.  Her colorful clothes reflect her radiant and warm personality. Few new acquaintances believe her when she tells them  her age!”…Sally

Hat Attack #21

March 31st, 2015


The April Hat Attack features a spring/summer hat made from a straw crown and white organdy hand pleated brim by Heather Stoten Millinery HERE.  Her studio, The Hat Workshop, is located in Boulder, Colorado, not far from home.  I am ecstatic at having found her!


Heather is originally from London, England and her background HERE is impressive. She has sold her hats at Harrods Department Store and has worked with Philip Treacy HERE, one of my favorite hat designers.  To have her a short drive away is worth more to me than a Cartier “Tutti Frutti” necklace!


As I mentioned in a previous Hat Attack post HERE, I don’t have to own every hat that I love.  Wearing this hat from Heather’s studio and enjoying its beauty from every perspective is enough. Sharing it on Hat Attack is frosting on the delicious cake of life.


Photos By Daniel

I hope to post more about my adventures in the Heather Stoten Studio, filled with hat blocks from England, racks of glorious headwear and most of all, “hat chat.”

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Now it’s your turn to throw a little headwear love my way!

Please display your hat, headwrap, headpiece, fascinator, hair flower, headband or other adornment for your head that you adore, give The SC a APRIL HAT ATTACK  and kindly link to Style Crone somewhere in your post. Can’t wait to see the beautiful contributions that you share throughout the next week. Participation will be open through Tuesday, April 7th.

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The Cartier Exhibit

March 30th, 2015


Several weeks ago a dear friend whisked me away to the Cartier Exhibit at the Denver Art Museum in celebration of my birthday.  I appreciate the gift of time with loved ones, which is priceless and treasured more than precious stones. The chill of the day called for layers, but the experience was warm and compelling.

I threw on my gifted blue Fluevog booties, Paris skinny jeans, street market scarf, retail sale blue sweater tunic, and royal blue fabric cloche trimmed with marabou feathers from a hat shop in Nice, and off to the museum we went.


Above Photos By Daniel

“The Denver Art Museum was the sole venue worldwide for Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century, on view November 16, 2014–March 15, 2015. Organized by the Denver Art Museum and curated by Margaret Young-Sánchez, Frederick and Jan Mayer Curator at the museum, the exhibition featured an assortment of jewelry, timepieces and precious objects produced between 1900 and 1975. The exhibition highlights Cartier’s rise to preeminence in the midst of historical events as it transformed itself into one of the world’s most prestigious names in jewelry, timepieces and objects.”… The Denver Art Museum Website HERE.

The exhibit was awe-inspiring for someone who knows little about gems and rare metals.  I was intrigued by the historical nature of the show and how Cartier responded to the political and economic circumstances of the times. The review by Denver’s Westword HERE goes into detail about the eye-popping nature of Brilliant.  I will share a few of my favorites in the photos below.


One of the highlights of the show was the necklace of platinum, diamonds and emerald worn by the Countess of Granard, Cartier London, special order, 1932.


The Maharaja, Bhupinder Singh, of Patiala in the Punjab region of India, commissioned Cartier to create the Patiala Necklace, which was completed in 1928 HERE.  It is one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry ever made.


One of the “Tutti Frutti” necklaces inspired by Cartier’s voyages to India.


A lone jewel!


The original Cartier tank HERE created in 1917.


The world time clock HERE which was gifted to Franklin Delano Roosevelt by Pierre Cartier in 1943.


A photo of a video on a wall within the exhibit, which featured women from the 20’s wearing Cartier.


The last room of the exhibit featured large images of icons who wore Cartier. Maria Félix HERE, the most famous star of the golden age of Mexican cinema commissioned two of the most famous Cartier jewelry pieces and is known for her daring and exotic collection.


Whatever its shape, the Cartier tank watch has graced the wrists of some of the world’s greatest celebrities – from Ingrid Bergman to Yves Montand and from Truman Capote to Muhammad Ali.


As I was about to walk out of the exhibit I came upon this beautiful woman looking fabulous from her metallic shoes to her lovely white hair.  I believe I’ve just started a “Captivating Crone Series.”  As you probably know by now, to me the term crone is beloved and valued, just as older women were in several cultures of the past.  I will be on the lookout for fascinating crones in my travels, and will share photos on posts in the future when so moved.

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I seldom read fashion books, but when I learned that Alyson Walsh had written Style Forever HERE, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.  After all, I have been following her inspirational and highly entertaining blog That’s Not My Age HERE for years.  I had the pleasure of meeting Alyson in NYC over a year ago, and found her to be kind, witty and even more beautiful in person.  I wanted to know what she had to say!


When I met Alyson, she was wearing the vintage faux fur leopard coat that she refers to in her book as “The Beast.”  As a lover of vintage AND leopard print, I knew immediately that she was a woman of style, creativity and substance, and indeed I found this to be true.

Style Forever is a book focused on the Fab generation for those of us over 50, although it could be enjoyed by anyone of any age.  A writer for The Guardian and The Financial Times and with a history of working for glossy magazines, Alyson comes with a wealth of knowledge and the wisdom of personal experience.  The beautiful illustrations throughout the book are by Leo Greenfield HERE, who is known for his documentation of street style and culture.

The book spoke to me from the beginning with “The Elements Of Style,”  which included the concepts of wearing vintage no matter one’s age and the fine art of adorning with scarves.  I concur with the view that dressing with flair and individual self-expression is not limited by age or any other factor that presents itself in life.

I was fascinated with Alyson’s “Style Tribe” descriptions, from the casual glamourpuss to the ageless rocker.  The inclusion of each category’s style heroines and its essentials were skillfully researched and gloriously represented through illustrations.

I loved the quotes peppered throughout the book which me laugh and reflect, and the interviews of fabulous women over 50 were absolute page turners.  Though all were inspiring, my favorite was milliner, DJ and fashion muse Thelma Speirs. On being a milliner, she states that, “Hats are pretty joyful – they’re not much to do with anything but having fun and expressing yourself.”   That quote alone was reason for an instant Hat Attack!

There’s a part of me that has always wanted to be a DJ, and because of Alyson’s interview I am aware of someone in my age category who has made this a reality for herself.  Just as there’s a hat for every occasion, the same could be said of a playlist. The challenge of playing music that makes it impossible for anyone to do anything but express one’s self through dance is a true calling!

I was delighted to find an entire chapter dedicated to lifestyle, body and mind. Without health, life becomes more difficult, including developing one’s personal style.  I welcomed Harriet Griffey’s “Six Top Tips For Living A Mindful Life” and the focus on exercise and self-care.

These are a few of the many highlights for me in Style Forever, but I don’t want to give all its secrets away!  To enjoy this book as much as I did, it can be purchased in the UK now and will be available soon in the US:

Style Forever by Alyson Walsh ( Hardie Grant, £12.99) was published in the UK on 12 March: Illustrations: Leo Greenfield

Style Forever  by Alyson Walsh (Hardie Grant, $19.95) will be published in the US on 1 September 2015: Illustrations: Leo Greenfield.  Pre-order HERE.


Alyson, your book is fabulous!  I hope to meet you again someday, with book in hand, requesting an autograph for my copy of Style Forever.  

I’m taking Style Forever and its message of remaining visible across the age continuum over to Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style!


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