The Land Of Enchantment

April 14th, 2014


The SC and Mr. J drove to New Mexico from Denver for a short getaway.  Often referred to as the land of enchantment, our stay in Santa Fe lived up to its reputation. Spring was well on its way, evidenced by flowering fruit trees along our path.


Sculptures and a vast variety of art greeted us from all directions.  The food was influenced by many cultures and the people friendly and interesting.  It was well worth the six hour drive to reach this nurturing destination.

Hat by Erin Saboe of Denver and orange jacket discovered at a Santa Fe boutique, on black background.


A day trip to Taos HERE, home to numerous art galleries and historic sites, was about an hour from Santa Fe in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The Taos Plaza in the center of town provided a place to relax and watch the world go by at a slower pace than usual.


The mural facing the Plaza was too large to capture in full, but magnificent to behold.

Orange and fuchsia/red floral scarf purchased at a Denver boutique and estate sale red beret with jeans and Fluevog booties.


We spent a day exploring Canyon Road HERE, a world-renowned art district of over a hundred galleries, boutiques and restaurants located in a one half mile area within Santa Fe.


The magical wind sculptures were a garden of movement, color and creative design at Mark White Fine Art HERE.

Patterned fabric hat purchased at a Santa Fe boutique, green sweater found retail years ago, and Mieko Mintz reversible floral scarf all on black background.


Our final evening in Santa Fe took us back to Canyon Road for dinner.  The SC chose to wear “Denise,” a hat created by milliner and artist Carol Markel of Femme et Fleur HERE.  The pink jacket with subtle gold pattern was found at Ooh La La HERE, a consignment store in Santa Fe.  Orange estate sale gloves and earrings are accompanied by the familiar black background.


Photos by Mr. J

We had a fabulous time soaking in the gifts that New Mexico has to offer to seekers from around the world!  The SC wore, once again, the multicolored bracelet purchased at D Forsythe Jewelry HERE in Coronado Island and a gifted gold bracelet adorned with rhinestones.  Mr. J is wearing a sterling silver bracelet purchased in Santa Fe several years ago.

Thank you for your kind, touching and supportive comments on last week’s post, for which I am very grateful.


Who knew?  At the end of October 2013 I met a man who over time captured my heart.  After six and one half years of cancer caregiving and two and one half years of grieving, I thought that the romantic part of my life was a thing of the past. I found that it was only sleeping and that there are no age limitations on the opening of one’s heart.

Nelson would wholeheartedly approve.  After all, it was his unconditional love for me that resides in my every cell, and that will never leave me, that was available to be expressed outwardly.   That was present to be felt again inwardly.  It is a gift and to live my life fully honors his memory.


Mr. J, who is the new gentleman in my life, is romantic, empathetic and kind, extremely funny, handsome, adventuresome, accomplished and creative.  We laugh frequently and have outrageous fun, are spontaneous or planned, and have adopted transparency as our motto.  At this age, to be ourselves is primary.  Otherwise, why bother!  Why waste an outfit on someone who doesn’t enjoy or adore it!


Who knew?  Mr. J was diagnosed with cancer at the end of February.  A lightning bolt from the universe, triggering memories and trauma.  Disbelief reigned initially as life turned on that dime once again, but then it can go either way.  It can move instantly to what is perceived as positive and enthralling or unpredictably in the opposite direction. Unwanted and ironic though it may be.  Once again I find that there is much about life that is not within our control.


Style Crone has always been about outfits, but more importantly it has been about aging, transition, transformation and the mysterious unfolding of life.  As we move forward, I am defining healthy boundaries so that I maintain my center as much as possible.  To be traumatized is not helpful for anyone.  I am not the caregiver or the director of care.  He has two devoted and impressive sons who fulfill that role to perfection.  Fortunately, we both have abundant support systems, developed over many years.

I am the one who provides distraction from the vortex.  I understand the vortex, but cannot be one with it. My role is to be who I am, to express myself and interact with transparency and empathy, to take care of myself with awareness and to continue to wear my hats and compose outfits while feeling the pleasure and healing that this self-expression always brings to my life.


I have my feelings of sadness and fear; I am not delusional, grandiose or naive.  I strive to live in the moment, but I am human, with my faults and limitations. However, I have my self-care strategies, the sanctuary that is my home and mindfulness rituals that have been practiced for years.  And I have hope.

I am aiming for the concept that my yoga teacher so beautifully described last week.  ”You are the sky.  Everything else is the weather.”  It’s a little cloudy today, but we have a trip planned to travel to Paris as soon as this storm passes.  We have a lot of living to do!


Photos by Daniel N at his home, accessorized by his amazing painting by David Foley.

I will continue to post and remain a part of this brilliant blogging community. Commenting has become sporadic as I navigate my journey and respond to the ebb and flow of life.  Though my energy may be focused elsewhere, I remain under the influence of the powerful and inspiring bloggers that I follow and love. Thank you to all who read and comment on Style Crone, one of the lifelines of my life.

All pieces worn for this post are estate sale discoveries, except the retail navy leggings and the gifted crystal pendant and Fluevog booties.

I’m stepping over to Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style and linking up to Bella’s Shoe Shine HERE (live on Tuesday, April 8th) at The Citizen Rosebud in my Fluevog booties.  There’s nothing like a blogger party to keep life in perspective!



Hat Attack #9

April 1st, 2014


Cocktail hat.  Headpiece.  Fascinator.  Terms dear to my heart!  Today my vintage headpiece is composed of feathers and silk veiling.  Years ago it was discovered in a vintage shop in Cambridge, which is sadly no longer open.  I entered the store with a friend, and there it was perched on the wall, calling to me.  I found it irresistible.


It’s been with me ever since.  The pink and chartreuse color combination greets me daily from the hat room.


The top of the headpiece reveals the artistry of the milliner.


Sometimes I wear the feathers, which resemble a blooming flower, on the side of my head and often, as in this photo, I wear the feathers “straight on.”


In fact, this hat could be worn in as many ways as one’s creativity desires.


Photos by Daniel N

My photographer is hysterically funny.  I love a hat that stays on my head when I’m overtaken by laughter.

Linking with Bella’s Secondhand First HERE at The Citizen Rosebud.

Now it’s your turn!

Please display your hat, headwrap, headpiece, fascinator, hair flower, headband or other adornment for your head that you adore, give The SC an APRIL HAT ATTACK and kindly link to Style Crone somewhere in your post.  Can’t wait to see the beautiful creations that you share throughout the next week. Participation will be open through April 7th.

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Fringe Frenzy

March 24th, 2014


Going out to dinner is like going to the theatre.  It’s about the food and its presentation, but so much more. The other patrons.  The servers and staff.  The space that contains the restaurant.  The decor that is the set.  The conversations.  It stimulates the senses!


I love to build an outfit to participate in this intimate community experience.  It allows me to wear whatever catches my eye and gives life to my creativity.


My rule of thumb has been that if a piece can be worn once in 20 years, it’s a keeper. I’d better get busy, because in 20 years, if longevity is my destiny, I will be 91.  This is not the time to hold back!  My collections are calling me.

Why wait to wear this estate sale Victorian cape which moves into sleeves and is adorned with silk fringe and embroidery.  I adore the movement the fringe creates when I walk and when the wind picks up it’s delicate ornamental border of silk threads.


I chose to wear this headpiece trimmed with flower and feather by Angie Sandifer of Angie’s Hats HERE, which I purchased during a trip to Minnesota several years ago. The red gloves are an estate sale find.


The late afternoon sun provides a brightened view of the cape’s beauty.  This piece of history was calling for an outing, and I wanted to give it a new life.  It matters little to me that Denver trends toward the casual.  My heart beats to a different drum.


Photos by Camille

My friend who is a costume designer was of the opinion that the dip up in the center back of the cape suggests the bustle period.  However, I lack a bustle, and therefore chose to wear a consignment store skirt with draped details and heeled platform boots that were purchased retail about 15 years ago.   The vintage black jet earrings were another estate sale find and the red/pink silk scarf with subtle pattern was discovered at the Bryant Park Holiday Market in NYC this past December

Voila!  The SC is ready for the theatre!  Or rather, dinner at an elegant downtown restaurant.

This is the week for Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.  I’m taking this Victorian treasure over to the party, which is a fabulous piece of community theatre held every other Monday.  Thank you Patti, for hosting this ongoing event!

HAT ATTACK #will be featured on a week from this coming Tuesday on April 1st.

Whoever wants to can join in!  Just compose a post that includes any hat, headwrap, headpiece, fascinator, hair flower, headband or other adornment for your head that you love on Tuesday, April 1st.  Participation will be open for one week, or until Monday, April 7th.  Follow the directions HERE provided on Style Crone to post your photo and hope to see you there!


March 17th, 2014


The SC transitioned to 71 over this past weekend.  Last year I threw a huge party to celebrate the age of 70. This year I hung out on the other end of the continuum, with a quiet embrace of the march of time.  Contemplation has its benefits.


I’ve worn this estate sale vintage cape on special occasions that I remember as though they were yesterday.  I love that it takes up space, and that it demands a basic background of navy booties, leggings, vintage pencil skirt and turtleneck.  Vintage suede gloves reflecting the color of its off-white trim ensure the cape’s place as the focus of this ensemble.  It needs no embellishment other than the vintage gold earrings that mirror its sequins.  The cape stands and speaks for itself.


It’s deco feel, its beads and sequins, and the warmth it provides guarantee that it will have a place in my closet until I wear my last hat.


The collar which adorns the back of the cape is topped off by the navy cloche with bow which was gifted by Camille years ago.


Photos by Kelsey

I feel enveloped in luxury every time I throw this piece of art over my shoulders, and wearing it today was a gift that I gave to myself.  It’s one of the small pleasures in life that keeps me in the moment, moving forward and grateful for another year before me.

Thank you to the beautiful Wendy Brandes of Wendy Brandes Fine Jewelry Blog for including The SC in her post on puffer jackets HERE.

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