Hat Attack #50

September 1st, 2017

September’s Hat Attack is a natural straw wide brim with black straw trim by Marzi HERE., which I discovered at an estate sale about a year ago.  Marzi hats are made in Italy, which is perfect for September 1st, as I will be traveling to Venice on this very day.  Who knows what hat adventures lie ahead! As a hat journalist I will share the beauty!

This large brimmed hat allows a very small window into the world, peering forth beneath its protective straw cover. There are times when I like the choice of a limited view.  Just another example of the advantages of wearing  a chapeau.

Photos By Daniel

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Monochromatic In The Park

August 28th, 2017

I’m down to the wire and packing for a trip, and in the process my gaze landed on this cream-colored vintage suit with peplum which I haven’t worn since my daughter Camille’s graduation from college in the spring of 2004. The hat was created for the suit by the talented milliner Jeanne Bjorn HERE.

Jeanne lived in Denver for a period of time, and I took millinery classes from her. I considered becoming a milliner, but decided instead to become a hat journalist, seeker and collector. I don’t have to own every hat that I love.  Photographing headwear and trying it on for a moment has the power to satisfy my passion for its beauty.

I’ve had the cream-colored open toe pumps since the 90’s and the estate sale jewelry has been with me for years.  My sacred collections hold the memories of my life, just as hat boxes contain the objects of my passion.

Photos By Daniel

Sometimes I change hats in midstream, as I did here in the park.  Which is why I carried this vintage hat box with me for today’s adventure. The gold turban is by Heather Stoten HERE, and suits the suit.  Who wants to commit to one hat to accompany an outfit?

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This past week I spent several days with the gorgeous blogger and instagrammer Jean of Dross Into Gold HERE, who was visiting Denver with her husband Joey Sommerville HERE.  Joey, a talented blues/jazz musician who plays the trumpet and keyboards and is an inspiring vocalist, was performing with his band over the weekend at the Genuine Jazz and Wine Festival in Copper Mountain HERE. It was the perfect opportunity to spend time reconnecting with Jean, which over the years has become a summer ritual.

Jean was the first blogger that I met over six years ago, and we have been friends ever since.  She is creative, kind, brilliant, mischievous and talented.  We always have a wonderful time together, which includes cutting a wide swath through estate sales, thrift shops and consignment stores.  We have similar interests and endless energy in pursuit of our art.

Jean’s visit included a photo shoot with Daniel, which allowed for a tornado of laughter and creativity. We traveled to the Taxi Development HERE in the River North neighborhood of Denver, where we took residence in an office building which provided backgrounds with interesting and quirky spaces, art and brilliantly colored walls.

We took full advantage of scenes that inspired us, playfully collaborating, experimenting and creating. I can’t think of a better way to spend time.

Arm wrestling anyone?

Jean is wearing a linen tunic from Ready Trading Taos HERE, a multicolored underskirt of her own design, earrings and necklace by Lynzee Lynx HERE, vintage Kokin HERE hat from the Style Crone hat collection, and her signature silver bangles that “sing” when she walks.

I’m wearing a vintage yellow tunic from Lili Vintage New Orleans HERE, a gifted vintage straw hat with fruit trim, estate sale vintage bracelets and earrings, and retail sale heeled sandals with fruit trim, purchased years ago.  The white background was purchased retail over the years.

Daniel brought out the best of both of us with his humorous comments and his insightful direction.

A candid shot in the hallway as we plot our next move.

Photos By Daniel

In the above photo we’re sitting under a piece by the iconic Denver artist Susan Wick HERE. Though our photo shoot had come to an end, our adventures have not.  There’s always a next time to build on a relationship that evolved from the very best part of blogging, which is meeting people with similar interests, including the exploration of style and its magical power to heal and transform. Which I believe is what the world needs now.

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Give Me A Dance Floor

August 14th, 2017

One of the great joys of life for me is dancing. To feel the music through every cell and express myself with its vibration has for many years been irresistible.  As long as the music moves me and I feel like moving, I’m on the dance floor. I don’t need a partner and I don’t need permission.  It’s a form of freedom and self-love.

There was a dance floor at the Pioneer Conference (see post of last week HERE) and a great band with a singer who sang Amy Winehouse to perfection. That’s all that it took for me to once again enjoy the many health benefits of dance, including the interaction with smiling faces who were collectively engaging in the same spontaneous and aerobic activity.

My ensemble of the evening included the black background that I have embraced for the summer of 2017.  The background pieces vary over the years, but the concept is similar.  Choose a silhouette that pleases me, and embellish to my heart’s desire.

The green tunic with tassel trimmed self-belt was a recent consignment store discovery and the black fabric headpiece was purchased at a Minneapolis boutique about 20 years ago.  It’s perfect for travel, as I can toss it in my bag and it bounces back as though it had been carried in its own private hat box.  The rhinestone jewelry is representative of my treasured estate sale costume jewelry collection which grows every year.  The heeled sandals were found at a consignment shop several years ago, and are as comfortable as flats for dancing.

Photos By Daniel

Who knows when the dance floor will present itself again.  It doesn’t happen nearly as often as in years past.  But there are always events several times a year that provide opportunities to participate in one of the most exhilarating activities known to humankind.  But then that’s just one Crone’s opinion.

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Two weeks ago I traveled with Mr. J to the Pioneer Network HERE Conference which was held in Chicago, Illinois. The Pioneer Network is an organization which is devoted to creating a culture of Aging that’s life-affirming, satisfying, humane and meaningful. Mr. J presented at the conference and I went along to enjoy the events and the city of Chicago.

Mr. J’s new book collaboration was recently released  and a book signing event in honor of this accomplishment was a highlight of the conference.  Musings + Art was written by Mr. J and Illustrated by the talented artist Sandy Ransom HERE.  I was honored to be a part of the book cover illustration created by Sandy.

As always, a new adventure always provides the opportunity for my role as “hat journalist.”  Beautiful blogger Jody DeFord of Red’s Shoe Diaries HERE, a regular participant on Hat Attack, connected me to Loreta Corsetti of Loreta Corsetti Millinery HERE.  I walked into a millinery studio that was awe-inspiring and captivating.  I was amazed by her beadwork and her creativity, as shown in the photo above.

I plan on blogging more about Loreta and her work later on Style Crone.  Thank you Jody, for introducing me to this magical artist.

Spending time on Michigan Avenue in Chicago was an experience of art, fashion, restaurants and constant fascination.  The above photo depicts Sandy Ransom in the act of street art photography.

The Gucci window stopped me in my tracks, as I admired the inspiration of color, pattern and texture.

The display windows were populated with head wraps, which gave me a great deal of pleasure.

The juxtaposition of old and new always sparks my interest.

The last day of the conference was another highlight for me.  Ashton Applewhite of the website This Chair Rocks HERE and author of the book A Manifesto Against Agiesm, presented the keynote address.  I had the honor of meeting this brilliant activist and she signed my copy of her book.

I blogged about Ashton and her work two years ago on Style Crone HERE, so meeting her in person was significant and thrilling. Her activism has changed me, and for that I am grateful.

Our Chicago adventure was short but filled with wonderful memories.  Next year’s conference will be in Denver and I can guarantee you that I will be there.

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