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Tantalizing Turbans

November 23rd, 2015


Turbans!  I don’t know when it happened. When I first became enthralled with their tantalizing appeal.  Suddenly I realized that I had been captured by their allure, and that it had been going on for some time.


I tend toward the vertical with my headwear and I love the height and versatility of a turban or headwrap.  Not that I don’t adore brims and a multitude of shapes when I’m scanning for a crone crown.  But at this point in my life, turbans catch my attention in a heartbeat.  But then I’ve had headwear crushes before!


The turban that I wear in these photos had been patiently waiting in the hat room for its debut.  I discovered it over 20 years ago on sale in a vintage shop that closed long ago.  This year it was accidentally placed amidst the red hats, and I fell in love with its pattern adorned with multicolored beads.  Surrounded by its red sisters, which gave prominence to its details, I suddenly realized its potential.


In the process of falling in love, I remembered the green vintage jacket that reflected one of the colors in the turban’s pattern.  And the ensemble developed rapidly from there.


Estate sale shoes and bag with gold trim finished off the outfit in a flurry of inspiration.


As with all beloved ensembles, there are alternative accessory choices within my reach.


Especially when my collections are lying in wait for the a creative swirl of energy that comes with the discovery of a turban that had escaped my eye for years.  I don’t follow the rule of eliminating a piece from my inventory if it hasn’t been worn for a year.  How many outfits would never exist with this limiting practice.


These vintage shoes have been waiting for two years for the perfect combination, and I couldn’t resist adding the green gloves to replace the red.  As long as I have storage space and the love of sartorial adventure, I’m keeping the pieces that I view as beautiful and endearing.  I know that sometime in the future, if I live long enough, they will find a way into my heart.


Photos By Daniel

Vintage turban – vintage shop;  vintage green jacket, both pair of vintage gloves, both pair of vintage shoes and bag – estate sales, black jeans – Paris boutique, gold earrings – consignment shop, bracelets and watch – estate sales and gifted.

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Reflections On Hair and Suffering

November 16th, 2015


Writing this post has been difficult and it’s not what I had planned.  The horrors of violence and suffering in Paris, Beirut and around the world have intermittently immobilized me over the past several days.  How could I possibly write about hair and other topics of relative insignificance?  How could I publish photos of a smiling face, when I have felt a range of emotions that have included sadness and grief, accompanied by confusion and disbelief?  So many people have been victimized, here in the United States and across the planet.  There seems to be no end to the trauma, pain and anguish that unfolds with increasing intensity.

I have no answers.  Only empathy and a desire to create peace and healing within myself and respond to others with kindness and compassion.  Anything that I write feels simplistic and inadequate to address the heartbreaking and unspeakable agony of so many, as I currently exist in relative privilege and safety in contrast to those who are living in overwhelming fear.


The photos that I publish today are out of focus and a bit “fuzzy,” having been taken indoors five days ago with my phone on the fly.  Somehow the imperfections reflect my current status.  I’m fine with it.

I have learned that creativity is healing.  It is a belief that I hold dear.  So I will move forward with my post today, just as I have in the past during times of uncertainty and grief.

My goal of growing out my hair from red to silver has been accomplished.  Thank you Charlie Price HERE, artist extraordinaire, for cutting my hair and launching a new era. Where there is life there is hope.

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The Falling Leaves

November 9th, 2015


The falling leaves in City Park surround me, as autumn in its fullness announces a new era.  The change of seasons always brings with it a release of the old and a step into the unfamiliar. This year I’m letting go of the “red” that has been my hair color of choice for 22 years.


I’ve been surprised by the ease with which this transition has evolved. The weekly transformation has provided self entertainment and the sensation of wonder.  I’ve felt welcoming of the emergence of silver and the honoring of aging that it represents to me.


Sometimes I see a stranger in the mirror, but I greet her with humor, a nod of recognition and the occasional sense of loss which comes with transition.

The silver hair had been lying in wait for the time when I was ready to accept what had been changing for years, but hidden from view.  Perhaps there will be a liberation of more than my hair color in this process.  What more has been hidden and longing for exposure?


There is always a veil of sadness which travels with the change of seasons, the entering of a new life stage, the memories which accompany my walk amidst the falling leaves in the park which has been my haven for 38 years.  I welcome the feelings, whatever they may be, as they move through me in their full expression.


I release the last remnants of red, just as the trees shed the remaining leaves of summer, as I inhale the new life unfolding in shades of red, gold and green.


Photos By Daniel

Vintage black felt hat with floral felt black/green headband, vintage earrings and pendant, vintage green leather gloves – estate sales; black jacket – Aakasha Etsy Shop HERE;  black maxi skirt and patent leather belt – gh2 consignment shop HERE, Minneapolis; black leather Fluevog boots – retail.

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Hat Attack #28

November 1st, 2015


November’s Hat Attack features a vintage floppy brimmed leopard print fur felt hat by Adolpho, which I purchased for next to nothing at the thrift shop Second Debut HERE during my recent visit to Minneapolis. Though I have many animal print hats in residence in the hat room, this beauty is completely different from anything in my current collection.


I love peering from beneath its sweeping brim, blocking or viewing a perspective on a whim.  How could I resist its compelling splendor?


Photos By Daniel

I plan to wear it to lunch with a friend this week so that it can make its Denver debut. Not every hat enjoys an outing so soon after its discovery!

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Syliva Of 40+Style In Denver

October 27th, 2015


The beautiful and vibrant Sylvia of 40+Style HERE visited Denver in August, and I was fortunate to meet this dynamic and influential blogger and spend an entire day with her.  Though our visit took place two months ago, the importance of her presence in my life has not waned.  A highlight of my summer, the time spent with this accomplished woman resonates as I write this post today.  Sylvia blogged about our meetup on 40+Style HERE and in the photo above, she “owns” the scarf installation in my home.


I met Sylvia through blogging shortly after I launched Style Crone, and she has always been extremely supportive and generous over the years.  During the early days of blogging, I remember receiving her email requesting an interview for 40+Style.  It was a time of emotional intensity for me, and it took me forever to complete. Speaking through the lens of grief and unsure of myself and my responses, I wrote and edited until I finally returned my answers to her questions.  Gracious and patient, she offered only encouragement and empathy.

I will never forget this connection so early in my blogging life. To meet Sylvia in person after knowing her “virtually” for years was fun and exhilarating, and I felt instant rapport as soon as we began talking.  Before I knew it she was catching a plane for her adventurous stay in NYC.


Having followed Sylvia’s blog for years, I was aware that she loves to wear white.  In honor of her visit I wore a white linen shirt. Sylvia has inspired me in many ways, and I have experimented with “white” because of her influence.


My own experience and the reports from other bloggers along the path of her visit to the states made it clear that Sylvia was sprinkling magical “blogger dust” wherever she landed.  Sylvia is very knowledgeable about blogging and travel, and I felt like a sponge soaking up every piece of information that she so generously shared.  Slowly, I have been working on the suggestions that she spoke of during our conversations.


We hit an estate sale, laughed in the hat room, posed in front of the scarf installation, shopped and stopped for tea, and had dinner at Nocturne HERE, the new jazz club in Denver.  For our evening of live music, Sylvia wore one of the hats from the hat room. which as you can see, accessorized her already stunning ensemble to perfection.


Having lived in numerous countries during her life, Sylvia offered an international perspective that was very stimulating to me. We didn’t stop talking from the time that she arrived and the moment that she flew off to NYC on an incredible month’s adventure which I intently followed on her blog and on Instagram.


I loved Sylvia’s openness, curiosity and global point of view.  I knew she would be interesting, but meeting Sylvia in person exceeded all expectations.

I have found this to be true of every blogger who I’ve met over the past five and one half years.  Without exception, the people who I have connected with through the wonderful world of blogging have been intelligent, creative, interesting, stylish and accepting.  What an amazing group!


So much happened following Sylvia’s visit.  My trip to Minnesota, Susan Wick’s art opening, Debra Rapport and her partner Stan’s visit, and the preparation for the two events that I hosted with Debra in early October.  I needed focus to write and give Sylvia’s time in Denver the energy and attention that it deserved.  Finally I had the opportunity do just that.  Thank you Sylvia, for traveling through Denver on your journey.  I hope I have the pleasure of meeting you again in the future!


All photos taken by Sylvia or myself with Sylvia’s camera.

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