Back in February, during FW20 fashion week in New York, I had the honor to model for Jockisch & P Partners Represents, a digitally-minded, fashion-savy sales group representing global high-end women’s brands in the US market. Looking back at this space in time, I am reminded of how different life is today. Traveling to NYC has for many years been a favorite past time. At this point in time, travel is out of the question, and I have little sense of how long it will be before I see the glorious landscape of New York again. Blogging about my experiences in this post makes the time spent in February even more delicious.

The photographer for the shoot, Philip Vukelich, was a pleasure to work with. His sense of humor and patient direction created an atmosphere allowing for creativity and focused self expression. I felt comfortable and self confident in his presence. My hair was by risako_hair and my makeup was by miki_ishikura. I was privileged to work with these talented, creative, and skilled artists.

I am wearing Trine Kryger Simonsen FW20, which will be available in selected US boutiques in just a few months. JP Represents is currently introducing this Scandinavian fashion brand TKS to the US market.

Art and attitude melt together to create pieces of simplistic elegance, using exclusive and unique fabrics – expressing a modern, cosmopolitan look with an avant-garde touch. A minimal aesthetic emerges and forms sophisticated garments with a  cool, yet refined attitude for the modern, independent woman. Inspired by the Northern hemisphere and designed in Denmark, Trine Kryger Simonsen stands for long-lasting and sustainable fashion of the highest quality …..Anna Kranzle of JP Represents.

The shoot included eight looks designed by TKS. Anna Kranzle of JP Represents states, “Don’t these photos give the clothes a feeling of armor? A sentiment that just seems all the more familiar currently, in which we all are trying to shield our selves and our loved ones as much as possible.” I couldn’t have expressed the feel of these images more precisely.

Edda Jockisch and Anna Kranzle of JP Represents are also the co-owners of Curate International Collections,a carefully curated fashion trade show, where buyers explore fashion like art in a cohesive and sophisticated atmosphere. I have attended the Curate Show several times over the past few years, and am always impressed by the artists who show their creations and the people who attend. I have made many new friends and have been fascinated by the warm and friendly atmosphere!

As I write this post I am aware that today, July 13th, was the date that I launched Style Crone ten years ago. For a decade I have been blogging about style and  whatever is happening in my life. What began as a way to cope with the deteriorating health of my husband Nelson during the last nine months of his life as he succumbed to a rare cancer diagnosis has brought me experiences that I would never dreamed of at the time that I was grieving his loss. Participating in this extraordinary photo shoot as a 77 year old model would not have happened were it not for magical powers of social media and the connections that were made possible because of Style Crone.

Thank you from the bottom of my Style Crone heart to all who have followed and commented on my blog over the years. I appreciate you and send love to you across the miles wherever you are on the face of the planet. These are unpredictable times, and continuing to blog remains a lifeline, as it did ten years ago as I confronted Nelson’s illness and death. My intention is to continue to express myself through writing and style until I wear my last hat. It is a part of the rhythm of my life.

Photos by Philip Vukelich





  1. Dear Judith,
    As your writing so often touches me, no surprise that this post went straight to my heart. Your 10 year journey is an homage to Nelson and a gift to us, your readers. I take inspiration from your zest for adventure, enjoyment from your colorful, vibrantly creative outfits, and delight in seeing an Instagram or blog post – it is like an old friend popping by for a visit. Should you ever find yourself in need of a hug, I hope you’ll return to this comment and imagine my arms stretching far and wide from NY to Denver!
    Thank you for your sharing.

  2. Thank you for ten years of fashion blogging. I haven’t been with you since the beginning (was virtually introduced to you via our mutual friend Lonnie Hanzon about five years ago) but have enjoyed your creativity and insights all the same. And I think this is the first time I’ve seen you do a shoot without a hat involved! Hats do complete an outfit, IMHO. Kudos, though, to your ongoing expansions into fashion, creatives, and blogging. Cheers!

  3. We love you Judith! You are such an inspiration! And so beautiful inside and out!
    You give us hope and brighten our day with all your hats and your elegant style.
    Thank you!

  4. Thank you Judith for the inspiration you have shared over the last ten years . Your thoughtful posts , wonderful style and always amazing headwear brings so much joy to us all.
    The garments you are so beautifully modelling are just amazing , I would wear each and every one. The simplicity of the shots showcases them to perfection.
    All my best wishes , Jill. xxx

  5. Love your crazy, zanny, creative, elegance. Such style. A great role model to young and older women. Age has nothing to do with beauty.
    All this and such an open well written post.

  6. Sophisticated with edge, these photos are powerful. What a wonderful creative team to capture these looks. You provide the perfect clothing showcase. It has a privilege to follow your blog, Judith, and to get to know you. You have been and continue to be a Voice in this community for so many reasons. Thank you.

  7. These outfits are fantastic and you are the perfect model. Beautiful.
    Especially the first outfit I love. And the last and the second but last.
    I will look up the brand.
    Congratulations with 10 years blogging!
    PS Question… If the photographer was so nice, why doesn’t he let you smile?

  8. First off, I love all of the pieces you are modelling here – I haven’t seen you wear that much black in ages. I agree with Greetje’s comment about you smiling. I think this is the most serious I’ve ever seen you look in a photo shoot. You still look elegant and chic, but I’m used to seeing your warm and wonderful smile.

    Congratulations on your 10 year Blogging Anniversary. What a ride it’s been, and it has opened up paths for many amazing adventures. Nelson would be thrilled to see how it’s turned out for you.

  9. Judith,, you are pure elegance, so really it matters little what clothes you’re wearing.. This is an unusual collection, and it’s you that’s making it brilliant. The simplcity, and geometric designs take on your soft and delicate femanimity. …a perfect combo!!

  10. Clothing as Armour is so amazing, and you are rocking these looks, Judith! I am lusting for those shoes, in particular.

    Congratulations on 10 years of Style Crone! I am honoured to have participated in your Hat Attacks for so many years, and to have “met” you through this wondrous medium of blogs.

  11. I LOVE the ROSE Dress. Elegant, pretty and summery. It is a beautiful item. I am so glad to have discovered your blog! VOGUE, should be calling you! for a photo shoot. They have lost their direction, it seems and now only express the ideas and ideals of its long standing editor. In this time of pandemic, everyone seems to have lost their way. I was once a strong shopper like you. But, also like you I see no reason to shop, fix my hair or anything else. I am caring for a very elderly dog, and he has become my main focus in life. My focus is to keep him healthy and to see him into September. Your blog has cheered me up many times in this time of personal and social struggle. Thank you so very much!

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