I’m having difficulty keeping up my weekly blogging routine during these unpredictable times. I have no intention of “giving up” Style Crone, and I’ve been struggling to determine the issues behind my delinquency. I have several theories, but most of all I don’t know why this has been problematic.

It could be that there is so much to write about, but I’m not able to express myself. Even during the time that Nelson was dying, I found it healing to be consistent with blogging. It could be related to the fact that most of the time I’m taking my own photos with a tripod and a remote. This is time consuming, though I’m enjoying the new learning. There is also the dilemma of choosing photos to publish after my shoots. I’m indecisive and hesitant about what to select from the numerous images in front of my gaze.

It could be the anxiety around the election, the pandemic, and the hope for change. Climate change and racial justice need to be addressed to protect my grandchildren and ensure that future generations have a livable planet.

All that I can hope for is that I will be back to my regular schedule soon. Most importantly, I an extremely grateful for my life, my health, and the beautiful people who I know and love. In the meantime, I hope that you are all safe and well. What difficulties have you encountered during these unprecedented times? Have you discovered silver linings along the way?

Photos by Style Crone, Edits by Daniel


  1. You look beautiful as always. And. I appreciate your quandary about writing topics. I suspect all your readers, certainly me among them, feel the same anxiety and uncertainty. Please know that your sharing of your stylings and thoughts are of interest and of concern to others. Thank you for your generosity and passion.

  2. Hi Judith,
    I have found that, especially with the transition of seasons and the earlier arrival of dark, my energy depletes more rapidly, more so than I recall in prior Falls. My sense is that for the times I am outdoors, the necessity of being vigilant requires extra energy plus that sense of being vigilant doesn’t really dissipate, even when back inside. Hence, it takes more effort to find the energy!
    Ah well, that’s when I head to my yoga mat. 🙂
    Your Instagram posts are much enjoyed and appreciated; thank you for keeping them flowing. Your blogging will flow of its own accord as you are ready.
    Sending positive vibes from NY,

  3. Dear Judith,
    I love your posts, great style, lovely collections. I have been following you for quite some time. I get it about the current malaise. It is hard to put your finger on but I too feel the same. So to counteract that the first thing I say when I open my eyes is: “this is going to be a terrific day full of adventures!” Then like you, I recount all the things I am grateful for. Then I assess my day if one single thing on my to-do list leaves me feeling anxious, I don’t do it. I do whatever makes me feel good and sometimes that could be nothing! Don’t stress about current affairs, all we can do is all we can do. Worrying about it changes nothing. Blessing and forgiving everything changes everything (in your own heart).
    Lots of love,

  4. My husband and I have also experienced that same nagging uncertainty and indecisiveness, and have also had trouble attributing it to any single direct cause. I suspect that, as the pandemic drags on and continues to completely remake our world, our immediate “surge protector” is depleted. See this article, which I found very helpful. https://elemental.medium.com/your-surge-capacity-is-depleted-it-s-why-you-feel-awful-de285d542f4c
    Plus, we’re all creatures of habit. “Habit” is being remade as you write. And creativity, though fun, can be exhausting! Thanks for continuing to do your best, which pleases all of us closet fashionistas. You look terrific.

  5. As I was cleaning out my inbox of my email, I was getting ready to hit the “Delete” button without viewing because of the accumulated emails. Yes, I have difficulty about being persistent with email reading and purging. However, something about the color of your clothing and accessories jumped out at me. In case you haven’t been told, I think “Autumn’ colors are particularly flattering on you. You are an inspiration to me. . . to keep up my fashion enthusiasm even though my outings are pretty much limited to grocery shopping and walks throughout parks and city streets

    As an inspiration for future blogs, I would love to know how you are doing the shooting by yourself. What type of tripod are you using? Camera? Editing software? How do you select you outfits and what is the inspiration behind your setting. Just curious…….

    Sending Hugs,

  6. I and most people I know are just fed up with it all . Another spell of cold weather stretches ahead and the toll of illness and death is mounting again . Can one live forever online ?
    I should have had plenty of time to concentrate on my artwork but it doesn’t seem to work like that !
    You are so right Laurie – and I should do more yoga myself !
    And Judith it gave me such a lift to see the notification of a blogpost from you !

  7. You have identified so many reasons for finding it hard to blog at present, from the logistical to the existential. I understand. But here you are, showing up, and pleasing readers whose habits have also taken a hit. Thanks.

  8. You look gorgeous, as always, and are a real inspiration. Here in Melbourne, Australia we have just come out of 3 months of more or less total lockdown and, with our lovely Spring weather, are all feeling much better. I must admit, though, that I had a week or two of feeling pretty depressed. Part of it was the absolute despair I feel for you in America with your election coming up….words fail me…I guess we just have to HOPE that common sense will prevail.. Onward and upward!!

  9. You’re not alone, Judith, in feeling a lagging energy and optimism these Fall days. I feel it, too, and some of my friends also are dragging their emotions through the days. Whatever slows us down, this, too, shall pass. And we will revive, and you will post beautiful photos of fascinating clothes to make us feel like we can be beautiful, too, with a little audacious imagination and courage.

  10. I’ve found that blogging is a little escape in this uncertain world – getting dressed feels defiant in the face of all that’s going on, and I was hesitant that it would be regarded as frivolous, but my readers have overwhelmed me with their positive response. We need to see colour, beauty and joy – and if that’s found for you in your clothing, then feel free to share it.

    I take my own photos too – I try not to take too many. It makes it easier!

  11. Since I am retired and Covid keeps my options very limited, I feel that my interest in buying clothes is diminishing. Now that is a first!
    I wonder what that will mean for my blog. Do you read my posts by the way? I have never asked you this before haha.
    Going back to the tripod…. oh my. That would be going back in time for me. Luckily my husband takes my photos if no photographer is available.

  12. It is good to see and hear from you again! Yes, uncertainty can sometimes render me to stall in many ways. I appreciate your comment about climate change and racial injustice, such big issues that need our attention NOW. Our son, Jeff, is an environmental chemist, he is discouraged with all that has been happening to turn our efforts backwards!

    We are doing fine here on the farm, planting and eating from our garden, enjoying all the natural beauty around us. We have both read more books than we ever have! I thought I would never enjoy reading without the actual book in my hand, but have learned reading on my iPad or iPhone does have some advantages, such as reading at night without a light on to wake Jerry. we have library apps for both MN and AZ libraries.

    I love seeing pictures of your grandchildren!

    Love, Your old friend Janet

  13. Thank you
    Love seeing how you style an outfit, and a hat, of course!
    I am in Western Australia, we were in lockdown for a period of time, we had closed our borders, even to the other states.
    We have been fortunate, I did not attend my employment for about 12 weeks. Initially I worked in the garden and did a lot of chores around the house that needed doing. My son thought he would bake cakes (that was how he dealt with the situation), I gained weight, then it effected my mental wellbeing. This all in 12 weeks!!
    If I was to do this for 6 months or more I really would have been a mess.
    My heart goes out to the people finding it hard at this time.

  14. Hi Judith,
    My blogging has become sporadic. I have fewer stories to tell and I have not mastered the remote yet! Well, to be honest, I have not tried. On my to-do list! You inspire me. On the other hand, I am doing creative things, like starting a painting. We go through phases and it’s OK.

  15. I love your posts and it is so refreshing to be round someone in my age group who is still young at heart AND style! I love it nd I look forward to your blog each month. Although I agree – I am more directionless in autumn – but that’s also because I compare myself to my husband who is he Energizer bunny. (which makes me feel a little bit guilty) Keep up the good work, you a breath of fresh air!!

  16. After 20 years of visiting family in Denver, circumstances brought me here in March just as Covid started locking down most states. As it is, I’ve had way too much time to ponder the losses, but now as the election nears I’ve taken a stance of faith with the idea that if enough of us believe strongly enough then we may create a synergy as a means to democracy being reinstalled as our way of life once again.

    Aside from that, I remain enchanted with vintage re-fashioning and focus on such things rather than the whirl of chaos that (at this point) will take the direction it’s going to take regardless of my efforts. My list of possibilities looks very different today than it did last year, same time.

    I find I awake up thinking about what I will fix for dinner!Although, I have ZERO APPETITE!
    I have not tuned into any news outlets this week………….trying to stay CALM.
    MY intasgram was HACKED so no more PHOTO SHOOTS…………which was always FUN.
    I am reading A LOT……………cooking and sitting a GREAT DEAL!
    I held off on THE ZOOM STUFF until LAST WEEK………..joined my GARDEN CLUB MEETING.
    I really need to get out into THE GARDEN.
    I understand what you are saying………….sometimes its HARD to get going but once you do people seem to be HAPPY to HEAR from YOU!
    DID you see my RANT a few posts back!!!!!
    THAT was INTERESTING…………………THE COMMENTS ARE FANTASTIC over 230 comments!!!I lost 39 SUBSCRIBERS…………..thought it was a small price to PAY!For the MOST part MY READERS AGREE with ME!
    OR at least the ones that responded!!!!
    BIG HUGS……………my plan is NOT to watch tomorrow I will get a TEXT and THE ITALIAN will fill me in…………I cannot imagine another 4 years like this………..I may have to CRATE UP BANKSY AND MOVE TO SICILY!!!!!

  18. I am a new follower of you, and I think your blog is really interesting. As a writer, author and blogger on health & beauty I think it is great that women at our age are still alive and kicking – and showing that you don´t have to become invisible and slowly wither away. The insecurity of Corona and politics, world wide restrictions that vary from week to week – loss of control – is really a killer for creativity. It is like letting air out of a balloon…. I wish you good luck, and just do it.. I kick myself into getting behind the Mac and just start writing. And very often magic happens… If you like to read some of my posts, go to http://www.evasundene.com. Have a great weekend.

  19. Only just discovered you and pleased I have done so. You are lovely and slim and your clothes sense is so good. I have a lot in common in as much we are the same age and I love fashion. My grandchilldren are mixed race.and I love them dearly. I am english but have visited Denver many times as my ssiter-in-law lives there. I shall look forward to your future blogs

  20. I don’t know how I missed these blog posts! The details on that 1940’s jacket are marvelous. I have the opposite problem – I feel like I have nothing to write about, and have felt that way for a while. When I was out and about, visiting with friends or travelling I felt inspired to share these things with the people that still read my blog, but I haven’t felt that I’ve had anything meaningful to share for many months now. I am glad to see that you are still getting out with Daniel and doing photo shoots. It’s a treat to see more pieces from your wardrobe.

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