This post is a continuation of the tour of my home. As I continue to shelter in place, taking these photos with a tripod and remote was challenging. I wanted to feature the silver leaf walls in my renovated powder room, which were created by my dear friend Sarah Ashford of Sarah Ashford Studio. I love how the walls glow and reflect images depending on the lighting. I love walking into this space, which is generously accessorized with mirrors, and my vintage white gown fits with the motif.

I discovered this vintage silk velvet gown with puffy sleeves, which luxuriously drape from the shoulders to wrists, at an estate sale. This is its first outing, though we didn’t leave the house. Quarantine encourages me to dress up for photos, and continue to be creative. Blogging is a lifeline, and has been since the inception of Style Crone.

I accessorized with delicate vintage white gloves and rhinestone earrings. The neckpiece was found on Instagram and created by an artist that inspires me. The vintage white fabric turban was also discovered at an estate sale. All pieces that comprise this composition are sustainable fashion, and will remain in the midst my collections until I wear my last hat. At which point my collections will offer the best estate sale of the decade!

Photos by Style Crone, Edited by Daniel


  1. Such lovely photos Judith! And beautiful idea to use silver as a background, for it is not always easy to capture white on camera.
    Do you know anything more about the gown? From which period it is, for instance?

  2. Incredible, Judith! You continue to inspire. The gown is amazing, and you have such a great eye for balance in your accessories. I have also found blogging to be a therapy, lifeline and sanity outlet over the past several months.

    Your powder room looks amazing! That is one gorgeous wall.

  3. Stunning! I knew as soon as I read the title that this would be something special, and you really do justice to this entire outfit with your fabulous self!

  4. I appreciate the effort it takes to curate and recombine vintage pieces into a current and highly personal look.

    Any one can put on a brand new outfit and drape themselves with scads of costume jewelry and call themselves a fashion influencer for women of a certain age

  5. Such an inspiration
    Love seeing how you accesorize the outfits you acquire
    The wallpaper is gorgeous

  6. Elegant room, elegant lady, elegant gown. I especially like the photo where your silhouette shows as a shadow on the wall.

  7. Ohhh so good. The dress, the hat, the jewellery and.. your figure. I love everything.
    Like you, I still dress up inspite of Covid. Although we are freeer in our moving about here in the Netherlands than you. But perhaps not for long.

  8. Stunning as always Judith! Timeless elegance from a beautiful soul! I am 67 years old and you are my hero! Thanks for the inspiration and creating a world of beauty for us!

  9. The sleeves on that beautiful dress really are marvelous (I love a dramatic sleeve). The walls in your renovated powder room (which hopefully I’ll get to see in person some time) are a lovely background for these photos. I sincerely hope that “the best estate sale of the decade” doesn’t happen for a long time!

  10. You look so elegant in that soft velvet dress , the sleeves are amazing, and the fabric turban. Your silver powder room provided the perfect backdrop. I am admiring your technical skills with remote and tripod, the shots are lovely.

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