Scarves! Scarves! Scarves! I’ve never been able to resist their allure. They can change a composition in an instant, with a pop of color or an arresting pattern. And may I digress? The word “arresting” has a new meaning for me now. Thank you so much for your supportive and kind comments on my recent “Climate Emergency” post. I will provide updates along the way  as I embrace the role of “Climate Activist.”

In a previous life the scarf room was my daughter Camille’s sun-filled bedroom. Its current incarnation began in earnest before my 70th birthday, at which time the scarf installation was created. All of the mostly vintage scarves stored in numerous locations around the house were consolidated and displayed by color on a structure which I had built specifically for this purpose.

No longer do I feel guilty about the amount of scarves that I have collected, mostly discovered at estate sales. How could I possibly pass up a small piece of beauty or art that represented a moment in time and that was priced at next to nothing? Not me! Now they collectively serve as an art installation in what is now designated the guest room. If I’m looking for a scarf to accessorize an outfit, choices are easy to find because they’re color coordinated.

Oh, and by the way. The fall/winter scarves are stored in the basement. That’s a whole other story.

As I look around the scarf room, I’m struck by the fact that almost everything, including the furniture, is secondhand. This fits with my values and promotes sustainability. When I began collecting in the 1970s, climate change was not an issue. Unfortunately! If it would have been, we would not be in the emergency that we find ourselves in now. As I look back, I was developing a lifestyle and a way of “being” in the world. And I live it to this day.

In the photo below I have draped myself with scarves, as I sit next to a small dresser on the left, which is my solution to organizing my bracelet collection. As a collector, I am always looking for creative answers to accessory storage. Please share your organizing secrets in the comments below!

Photos by Nicole Marcelli


  1. My organising secrets ? Put everything away ! I love the way you manage to display so much without everything being covered with dust – or fading in light ! I have had both problems with silk scarves . Now finally I have a wall of sliding mirrored doors which everything I wear can be stored behind – but I can’t see my favourite pieces !

    Tell me about THE SHOES!PLEASE!
    YOU and Jane Fonda will become FAST FRIENDS Behind those JAIL BARS!!!!!!!!
    THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS!!!!!IF I felt better I would JOIN YOU ALL!!!!!!

  3. I just went back to read the previous post. I didn’t know you had been arrested. I am admiring your ability to really go for it on a subject you believe in so strongly. I also love the scarf room! How lucky are you to have the space for this beautiful array of art! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Love the scarf wall! I think I see a couple of Collins bags, too. I love my two. You are an inspiration. Thank you❤️

  5. OMG! I love your house, I love your clothes and I love your scarves. Your taste is exquisite. Thank you for sharing. You are an inspiration. Keep on doing what you do Judith!

  6. OMG I am in 7th heaven
    When I opened your email, that wall of scarves, absolutely love love love it.
    Made my day, thank you.
    Currently my scarves are in drawers and baskets in an area I can’t access.
    Still have 2 grown men at home, one is redecorating his area etc.
    But definitely a thought when I get my room back

  7. What a great way to display your scarves! You certainly have some beauties, and I love seeing you wearing some of them in these pictures. I love the shot of you bouncing on the bed (oh, I know you did, Judith!). Your pink kimono and velvet slippers are so luxurious-looking.

    I know, I think about all the garbage that we THREW AWAY (as there was no recycling!). So much waste, and now we are paying for it. I fear for the planet, and am grateful for your activism to light the way. Namaste.

  8. Amazing scarf art installation!!!! Loving the turban and robe! Actually, my dad was a chemist for the EPA of Georgia starting in the late 70s— so I’ve been hearing about climate change my entire life. Your house is gorgeous— secondhand shopping is so fun and creates such a rich and interesting style that I always wonder why more people don’t love it. It’s not a concession for me, it’s a preference.

  9. Utterly jealous, although I almost have the same amount. Pre-loved items have so much more character and it’s an awesome lifestyle to embrace. Thank you for sharing this. Xxx

  10. What an amazing room! I love you scarf art…..absolutely stunning just like you. I am a second hand shopper too. My favorite times off of work are usually scouring flea markets and sales. Have been following your inspiring blog since the beginning. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  11. For my jewellery collection I use an armoire which has specific places to put rings, earrings, necklaces etc in. I also have a boot drawer so that I can house my boots both short and long. Storage is a wonderful thing especially if you get it right.

  12. Love the scarf wall!
    Currently all my scarves are shoved pell-mell in a drawer, which is really not ideal, considering I wear something scarfy on my head practically every day. I don’t think I could run to a whole wall, but you are definitely giving me food for thought.
    And well done you for having the courage of your convictions. Let’s hope change comes before you are convicted for your convictions!

  13. Love your scarf wall – and your beautiful house and furniture. All my taste. And… I love colour! Unfortunately a lot of my things went to charity as I have progressively downsized to a small one bed apartment with limited storage. However, it makes one very selective on what to keep and wear to death! I’m lucky to live near some great op shops which is fun. Some great finds but strict rule of “one in, one out”. I like to think my wardrobe is more like a Parisienne who keeps a few good pieces and co-ordinates a lot. Slowly coming to grips with this but still miss having three wardrobes full of some amazing finds. Love your posts Judith. Keep ‘em coming!

  14. The scarf installation is such a smart solution. And it is art, it looks beautiful. The only thing that “worries” me, is the fact that the sunshine is on the scarves. Although it is ever so nice to have sunshine and daylight when you are searching for that one scarf, doesn’t it damage your scarves? I know silk and sunshine are enemies when it comes to longevity.

  15. What a beautiful way of displaying your scarves. And it’s lovely to hear that most of your furniture is secondhand. Brava. (I found this gorgeous blog post on my dear friend Not Dressed as Lamb’s “Best of the Blogosphere” post x

  16. I am dying over this scarf display! I have that many scarves and they are all just shoved in bins and I can never find what I am looking for. I have collected hundreds over the years because like you, I cannot resist the beautiful artwork of a scarf for such a minimal price tag. I have found so many at second hand shops, too.


  17. Oh my, God!! That is an exceptional collection and a lovely exhibition. I like the way how scarves are organized according to the color pattern. For a disorganized person like me, this is an eyeopener. Thanks for the blog, and I mean it. By the way, you could have also displayed the winter collection scarves, or is that saved for your next post. Keep on inspiring, and have a great month ahead.

  18. You know what? I love that pink overcoat more than the scarves. Not to forget those fabulous shoes. Exactly how many scarves do you have? I have only four or five and I rarely use them. My sister-in-law recently gifted me a beautiful scarf from Thailand.

  19. Hello Beautiful Lady, I thought I had a scarf collection I live wearing them on my head and wrapping them around my neck and body! I’m totally amazed and blown away by your collection. When my friends would travel abroad I would always say bring me a scarf! I love how you have displayed yours. Keep on keeping on? God Bless

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