Thank you so much for the many heartwarming, supportive, and kind comments on my most recent blog post. I felt so much love from each and everyone of you. It reinforces my intention to continue blogging and sharing my thoughts and my style. Style Crone has always been a lifeline, and the time of Covid is no exception.

Today I’m sharing a video that I made this past December. I remember clearly that it was on a Friday. Upon awakening, I felt a sense of inner peace and hopefulness that was life affirming and energizing. It continued throughout the day and evening until bedtime. I flowed through the day with self confidence and an elevated mood.

I decided to take advantage of this state of mind, which I perceived as a gift. I composed an ensemble and set up my tripod in the scarf room. My gaze settled on a large black and gold scarf trimmed with red. The holidays were approaching, and though I hadn’t worn it for a very long time I felt drawn to its brilliance. I decided to demonstrate three ways to wear this treasured piece from India that was gifted to me by a dear friend in the 1980s.

The day that I described has not fully returned again, but I’m happy to  have experienced and learned from it. I’m making more videos and increasing my self photography skills in the wake of its significance. I don’t need its elevation to move forward with bold and fearless ventures. I can stretch and grow on any given day, even during a pandemic.


  1. Your scarf collection is the largest I’ve ever seen, and you have them displayed so beautifully on the “Scarf Wall” (which I have had the pleasure of seeing in person). I tend to only wear scarves in the winter for an added layer of warmth, most likely because I don’t know very many ways to wear them in warmer weather aside from tying them around my neck. Thanks for sharing your Scarf Wizardry with us.

  2. I always enjoy your posts. Personally, I have no fashion sense, nor do I have your elegant beauty — but I enjoy sharing your fashion journey along with the charm and personality to you bring to it.

  3. Along with your beauty and elegance, you radiate love and kindness. I love the scarf room, with its order and vibrance of color. You are a true artist.

  4. Your colorful scarf collection is a visual delight. The demonstration scarf is a treasure, and you showed it off to its best advantage. You should wear it more often. You look great together.

  5. Judith, how wonderful to see you in action and to hear your lovely voice! I loved the clacking of your bracelets and seeing your floppy cuffs dance about. I adore your astounding scarf wall – what a great backdrop! That’s a fabulous scarf – I like seeing how you tie it and change it up. Thank you!

    I’m so glad you took that brief time when you were feeling good to do something fun and positive and share it with the world. You’re an incredible woman (love that dress you have on!).

    Good vibes to you, my friend!

  6. That is a beautiful scarf! Thank you for showing the skirt and headwrap ideas. You are such an inspiration. Please continue to make more videos, as your personality POPs right out of the screen.

  7. You are a fine photographer. Because you chose the right model and the right commentator. Do keep the team together!

  8. Judith, your blogs always lift me up!! Your confidence and DARING are so much fun to behold – and I feel that they rub off on me a bit! Your scarf room is to die for (as is your hat room) – your video ‘selfie’ is quite well done – good job! Thanks for sharing yourself with us on a multitude of levels!

    (I’m hoping you remember me? My hub and I sponsored you at the Chicago Humanities Festival a couple of years ago.. when we were all living sans-masks!

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