This will be my final NYC post, featuring visual images of treasured moments. It’s taken me over a month to explore my adventures and savor the memories. The above photo was taken by Mr J on our first day in the city, enjoying an early morning walk in Central Park.


We spent hours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art HERE, at the extraordinary exhibit, China Through The Looking Glass HERE.


I wore a second vintage kimono for the day, along with my vintage blue straw cloth hat.


The luxurious gown by Chinese designer Guo Pei HERE was one of the many examples of haute couture throughout the exhibit. The headwear is by milliner Stephen Jones HERE.


I was thrilled to have tea with the gorgeous, generous and talented blogger Lyn of Accidental Icon HERE.  Since the day she began, I have admired her blog, her style, and her writing   She is even more beautiful and intriguing in person and we were so engrossed in conversation that photos didn’t enter my mind. I’m including an image from her blog, which displays her love for Japanese designers and large vintage earrings.


I took the train with Mr J to visit his warm and welcoming family from the Bronx, where he spent his childhood.  Grand Central Station was our launching point.

Debra Rapoport never fails to amaze, with her creative ensembles, kindness and artistic flair.

Judith copy

I had the pleasure of meeting the talented and accomplished photographer and beautiful person, Eva Weiss HERE, who I was introduced to by my friends Jean and Valerie of the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas HERE.


What are the chances of running into the stunning Patti of Not Dead Yet Style HERE, on her birthday in a consignment store in the East Village?  It was a magical moment that demonstrates the power of connection.


No trip to NYC is complete without a visit to a flea market HERE!


Thank you Mr J, for another grand adventure. I loved the sights and events, but it’s the magnificent people of NYC that always make every visit special. Until the next time!


  1. YOU always LOOK so SMASHING!MISTER J looks pretty SWOON worthy TOO!What fun to meet and run into other BLOGGERS!YOU two are definitely getting around this year!I just got back from OHIO were I met a few Instagrammers………GREAT FUN!This social media has done something for us older peeps……….I feel we are PEN PALING AWAY just with INSTANT satisfaction!

  2. What a wonderful round-up, you look so happy and radiant. That last photo of you and Mr J is gorgeous. xxx

  3. Such beautiful pics and memorable moments. Thanks for mentioning our cosmic meet-up, it’s a moment imprinted on my memory forever. xo

  4. I have enjoyed your series of posts so very much on one of my two favorite cities in the whole world. Judith, you really are a gorgeous accessory to New York chic. You belong here. Any thoughts about relocating??? Would love to meet you for tea at the Plaza or at the St. Regis.

    Oh BTW, my other favorite city is Paris. I always say that Paris has my heart, but New York has my soul. I’m not complete w/out them both.

    Come back soon.

    Cheers, M-T

  5. I have enjoyed your New York posts of the friends you have met and the adventures you have shared. My own memory of a visit to New York many years ago is of the friendliness of the people.
    LOved all your photos in this post but the one of you and Mr J is really beautiful.

  6. Oh this is so nice. You can feel the fun, the friendship and the love oozing through. All your ensembles and hats were marvellous. And indeed what are the chances that Patti and you meet eachother in such a big city. Faith.

  7. I’m almost sorry this will be your last post on this very momentous trip to New York. I have enjoyed reading every single one. Everything from your outfits to the people you met –all so lovely.

  8. I miss NYC and the wonderful people I have met there (Debra included) so I very much enjoyed your posts from your trip. I could live vicariously through you! It’s such a magical place where you never know what adventure (or blogger) is waiting for you around the next corner 😉

  9. You have mighty shine on your own, Judith, but that last photo of you with Mr. J is dynamite. I love all these stylish women, and I’m excited to meet Patti this summer. I like what Shelley said, you never know what’s around the corner. Tokyo was like that.

  10. The shots of New York with your wonderful friends are just stunning and makes me think I must visit that great city again. I stayed with friends in Philly years ago (1999) and went to New York, I think for half a day!! If I remember rightly we went up the Empire State Building travelled on the ferry to Staten Island then walked back all the way to the centre – and what’s more I think I bought a hat!

    I would very much like to visit MOMA so I must go again and of course, I’ll have to buy another hat and visit some of the places and shops you’ve mentioned. Always an inspiration, Judith, you rock!

  11. What a fantastic time you had in NYC, Judith – and you looked stunning throughout all your socialising and adventures!
    Love that final photo of you and Mr J. xxx

  12. A trip punctuated with extraordinary connections! Everything sounds really quite amazing. Meeting family…and friends, strolling the streets of NYC, the exhibits…all so stimulating and uplifting! Thanks for sharing!

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