The vintage “Rose” dress is my favorite dress of the summer. I found it during a FaceTime session with The House of Findings. I discovered this vintage shop during my last trip with Mr. J before the pandemic. It was in January of this year when we traveled to Miami. I went back to this shop twice during our stay in Florida, and found their inventory to be spectacular. I also enjoyed the staff and the interesting location, which was surrounded by restaurants and small intriguing local shops.

I have been purchasing very little during this time of quarantine, and enjoying discovering my closet with a new sense of curiosity. However, I love to support small businesses that sell sustainable fashion, so I do not have a total moratorium on shopping. When I find something as beautiful as the “Rose” dress with its floaty sleeves, which caused a “gasp” when I first laid eyes upon it, I cannot resist!

The other news on the quarantine front is my “corona hair.” I haven’t had my hair cut since before the pandemic began, and I miss my hair stylist, who has become my friend. However, I remain sheltering in place, and have decided to go with the process of letting my hair evolve without intervention.

At every stage of growth I have been trying new products and hair styles. I’ve even been using bobbi pins in unique ways. When wearing hats, it’s always easy to slick my hair back and let the chapeau speak for itself. I have no idea where this will take me, but as with all that is happening during these times, time will tell and I remain open to possibilities.

What have you been discovering during the time of COVID?

Photos by Daniel


  1. Your hair looks great Judith! And I love the dress!
    I have found during the pandemic I can amuse myself in isolation and have fun in spite of all that is happening. I try to cherish each day and find something to be thankful for. Sending you lots of love.

  2. I agree with Beth; your hair looks fabulous. I love playing around with different hair products, which, help with my hair growth.

    Every evening at happy hour I dress up by wearing all my “fancy” clothing and jewelry. It makes me feel good and my husband loves it.

    As we age, we find out we are so resourceful and can “deal” with what life hands us. There are not enough hours in the day for me to get everything I want completed, but I know there’s always tomorrow. Stay safe and beautiful.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous as usual Judith! I live in Australia so ‘Iso’ has not been as severe for us as in other parts of the world……however as a long term yoga teacher/therapist and ‘fashion obsessive’ i too have been deepening my personal practice, becoming addicted to Zoom Sangha’s with revered teachers and revisiting the ‘wardrobe’ . Love your passion and style…. an inspiration! Warmest Rea

  4. You look FABULOUS! I am remembering as I am isolated to Appreciate Beauty Everyday and I am making sure I get dressed up.. I have been enjoying dancing-especially since I found some ballet slippers in colors! I so enjoy looking good -even alone in the house with my cats and my puppy. You inspire me! Your hair is beautiful. What are you doing creatively with bobby pins????

  5. Absolutely beautiful! And what has become paramount to me the last few months–good books, old movies, and dear family and friends. Glad you are safe and well.

  6. I can fully understand how this dress made you gasp and buy it. It is soooo beautiful. I would never have been able to resist it either. It is rare to see a post of you without a hat, but I really like your longer hair style. IMHO it makes you softer for lack of a better word.

  7. Beautiful dress and love your hair. I wish mine would do silvery/white like yours instead of being a mottled mixture of grey and dark.

  8. You look smashing. and your hair looks great. The color and the waves are looking good in the profile photo.
    Then again – you always look divine!
    be well..xok

  9. I love Mayra and her husband who own House of Findings! They are lovely people and I always hope to run into them at the Manhattan Vintage Show (which won’t happen for a while). The dress is lovely – I can see why you fell in love with it. I have cut back drastically on clothes shopping but I have purchased a few things in the past few months from small businesses owned by people I know. I find it a challenge to buy clothing online without trying it on first, but I’ve had good luck.

    I like your longer hair – it will give you a few more options to play with. I have been shaving mine off all the way through the lockdown but keeping a chunk of longer hair at the front. I don’t know when my hair stylist (who is also a friend) will be taking customers again so I may be styling my own hair for a while.

  10. I think your longer hair is lovely and your dress is breathtaking as are so many of your outfits. My husband and I are largely staying home but I dress up at least a little bit each day and always wear jewelry and at least a little makeup. I read, garden and cook to fill the hours, which is what I love to do anyway. I do worry about loved ones and small businesses which I prefer to support making it through the pandemic unscathed. I usually garden, meditate, walk or do yoga (or some combination thereof) each day. All in all, it has not been a bad experience for me but I worry about those who are not so fortunate.

  11. This is a photo of hope for me – that we can still find pleasure in dressing up, playing, taking photos, being glamorous. Your hair is a glorious frame for your face. There’s something about this series of photos that really takes me aback in the best way, your sense of owning that gown and your sense of place. I’m babbling. My energy flows through my camera these days.

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