I met Igor Dobranic of IGOR Fashion Brand at the Curate Show in NYC several years ago. I was instantaneously a fan! IGOR Fashion Brand is an international premium womenswear brand founded and seated in Croatia. The brand was started in 2005 as a small manufacturer and is now an internationally respected brand with over 200 stores carrying IGOR.

Every single item is hand made, which fits with my focus on sustainability. IGOR defines his fashion as, “classy, timeless, effortless, relaxed, minimal, romantic, with simple lines, and without current influences – somewhat unconventional.” I’m always excited to see Igor’s new creations, and hope to greet him in person again in NYC as soon as it’s safely possible.

IGOR’s belted coat, cowl, and fingerless gloves bring wearable art to another level. I feel like I’m wearing  pieces of abstract art, and though I’m not able to take them with me to a restaurant or an event at this time, I feel great pleasure when photographing IGOR’s timeless creations. The process of getting dressed for photos is just as much fun as it was before the pandemic and provides a creative focus and purpose that is grounding and elevating during this time of uncertainty. For me it’s a celebration of life and resilience!

Photos by Style Crone, Thank you Daniel for the Edits.



  1. You are such an inspiration – visually and verbally. And I love that you smile in your shots rather than going the “fierce” look.

  2. Thank you so much for continuing to invite us into your wardrobe and your reflections. I am energized by your styling and your insights. Thank you!

  3. I can see that you feel good and full of joy, Judith! I love this architectural-with-a-twist look on you. Stunning pops of magenta (those boots!!), and of course, topped by one of your wonderful chapeaux.

    Glad to see you! Stay safe, be kind.

  4. You look absolutely radiant in this gorgeous outfit, Judith. You make my heart happy. Thank you for being such an inspiration to us all.

  5. You look absolutely radiant in this gorgeous outfit, Judith. You make my heart happy. Thank you for being such an inspiration to us all.

  6. THOSE BOOTS ARE PERFECT with your ensemble!
    I miss taking the photos since September my Instagram got HACKED so I am no more there…….
    My photos were the INSPIRATION for me for my BLOG and now since I have no photos I am at a LOSS of what to write about!BUT I WILL BEAT THE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Simply gorgeous. I love the Igor brand. Is the cowl a separate piece? What are the fingerless gloves made of?

  8. I have seen IGOR pieces in a shop in Stratford, ON and they are really cool. This piece looks great on you – the architectural shape and abstract painting print makes it a standout piece, and of course you have the perfect accessories to set it off. I’m glad you are still able to get out and do a weekly photo shoot with Daniel so we can see your outfits.

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