Photos by Diana

Close-up of the hat!

Sheer orange/purple scarf – purchased in Mexico;  vintage orange beaded pillbox, vintage earrings, vintage umbrella – estate sales, black sleeveless dress with asymmetrical hemline – boutique on Colfax now closed, orange peep toe pumps – summer retail sale years ago, all on black background.

The SC wore this outfit dominated by orange to a friend’s 60th birthday party and out into the rain, requiring an umbrella.  I live in a climate that seldom allows me to play with this accessory, so I took full advantage of my vintage umbrella inventory.  Looking for the meaning of the color orange, Emily Gems states HERE that it is a power color.  How convenient, because the renovation of my home is requiring assertiveness, persistence, and constant vigilance.

I am learning that I deserve to live in a structure that is well cared for and that my home, built in 1907, is a beautiful slice of history and the work needs to be consistent with its majesty.  I am its advocate, thus it is required that I advocate for myself.  Somehow it was easier to be a champion for others; for Nelson within the health care system, as a parent, as a friend, for my patients.

This project involves the intensification of chaos with the goal of peace and beauty.  I know nothing of construction, renovation or navigating this unfamiliar world.  Talk about wildly fertile ground for encroaching self doubt.  So I have decided to respectfully verbalize my thoughts and feelings when the work does not appear adequate or doesn’t feel or look right to me.  And to speak up when my tentacles, which have taken years to develop, detect disregard or lack of concern.  I have discovered that there are many resources available when something appears or feels amiss in the abyss. Fortunately I have talented, kind and generous friends that I consult with at important junctures. Directing this upgrade involves vast  amounts of orange energy, and I have plenty of that in my closet.

I recently learned of the weekly outfit posts at ‘the pleated poppy’ HERE , so stopping by with a bit of orange!


  1. The orange and purple combo speak powerfully of resiliance, flexibility, creativity and strength, all elements you will need for house renovation. You look beautiful and the vibrations of the orange, the purple parasol and the detail beading in that hat just sing of good things.

  2. The scarf of veil is truly beautiful. I have often confided to DH my worry about our home if he should go first…as I doubt that I have the skills and assertiveness to manage it properly and it require constant vigilance. Our home is not quite as vintage as yours… It sounds that you are discovering qualities of personality within in dealing with your workers that you hadn’t known were there.

  3. Judith, I wish you really knew how much you inspire me…with your strength, with your dignity, and with your style. Thank you for being there…one of my favorite pictures of yours is #2 in this post….love it!

  4. This outfit is stunning, in color and shape and of course because it is you. I can so empathize with your feelings about renovations and assertiveness. It is easy for me to be assertive when I know my topic, otherwise, not so easy : > As Terri said, it’s an opportunity to uncover unknown strengths!

  5. Bless you! This really speaks to me as we’re about to launch into a home-improvement endeavour (new bathroom) and as I’m home during the day, I have a certain amount of responsibility (as much as I’d love to dump this job on someone else) to keep an eye on things, communicate with the people who are doing the work and keep it all under control. Keep rocking that orange power – you need it! What you are doing is hard! x

  6. Hi Judith! This outfit is absolutely gorgeous!! I’m going to be so inspired by it for a while I’m sure. Isn’t there something so delicious when orange and purple are put together?

  7. What a beautiful combination of colours and accessories.
    Well, the hat, scarf, shoes and umbrella ARE the outfit. Isn’t it interesting that powerful and well-chosen accessories render the base outfit almost invisible? You look wonderfully elegant.
    I hope your house rennovations proceed well, I find it difficult to deal with builders/workmen and always feel at a disadvantage because I don’t know much about that stuff. But your strategy for being respectfully assertive sounds good to me. Like many eneavours in life, the process may be hard going, but the outcome will be worth it, I’m sure!
    Love Curtise x

  8. You look worthy of a Maharajah’s palace in that truly stunning outfit, Judith. The orange and purple are so rich and opulent together and remind me of the colours of India.
    Living in an old house is a constant source of worry. Ours was built in 1760 and although I know it will outlast the pair of us there’s always something cracking or crumbling to attend to. Builders can be so intimidating and I admire you for speaking out when you feel a job hasn’t been done to your satisfaction. xxx

  9. Thanks for your comment to me about healing and renovation, Judith. And to look so gorgeous while in the midst of it too! I definitely need to keep in mind: “This project involves the intensification of chaos with the goal of peace and beauty,” yea. You are so my role model, Ms. Style Crone d’Orange!

  10. Oh, so pretty! You took my breath away. (applauding)

    I know nothing about home renovation, but much about attempting self-renovation in regard to assertiveness. I suspect you will have no problem at all. After all, you are fortified by the power of orange!

  11. I felt so energized by the colors in your beautiful outfit. Then I checked in with the Advanced Style blog and was again enchanted by the wonderful orange outfit there. Maybe I need to add this vibrant color to my wardrobe!

  12. Judith, you blew me away with this one-absolutely spectacular!!! I glimpsed the first picture on my phone, stopped everything I was doing to run to my laptop to view it in all it’s glory. Orange must be in the air somehow. (I know you just saw my first foray into orange). Your shots are not just orange though; the combination of violet and orange??? Breathtaking.

    I know exactly what you mean about the challenges presented in the remodel, and having to speak up. I admire you so much.

    Love, Jean

    P.S. Just looked at the pictures again. The hat and earrings are exquisite.

  13. You look good in orange. And I envy your vintage umbrella collection. I posted a picture of my favorite umbrella a while back. Thanks for the comment today.

  14. Your colors are delicious and the details stunning! I am hoping your are reaping the benefits of orange this week!

    So excited to see you on the Pleated Poppy! My posting weekly outfits there, for almost a year now…has been transformational in my personal transitions. So very happy to see you join Lindsey’s weekly connection!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend my dear!

  15. How nice that you were able to use the purple umbrella – it certainly adds to the overall impression. Why am I not surprised that you have a collection of umbrellas, too 🙂

    Around this time a year ago, I was up to my eyeballs in a home renovation that turned out to be a whole lot more stressful than I predicted. And it was for precisely the reasons your tentacles discovered. Workers don’t always take as much pride in their work as we would. It takes a lot of energy to re-direct them towards your standards. After all, you are paying (in more than dollars!!)
    All the best, xoxo

  16. Wow! Such rich and vibrant colors. You’re beautiful!
    My husband and I have done several home renovations (mostly rentals). I empathize with you. 🙂

  17. What a beautiful scarf and I love your shoes! My aunt was very into colour therapy and raved about the power of orange – you look radiant in it!

  18. Judith! You are radiant in orange, one of my favorite colors to wear! I’m in total agreement with you in your right to live in the space you desire and houses of the age that your’s is must be preserved. Good for you for speaking up when you see something that you know doesn’t feel right!! I’m learning that more and more myself! Big hugs to you beautiful lady! You have such lovely arms….and they are just ethereal beneath the shear blouse! ~Serene

  19. I have never experienced home renovation, but enough of my friends have that I know it takes patience, assertiveness and good communication skills if you are dealing with tradespeople. I’m glad that you are able to speak up if something isn’t done right –an important life skill! You look radiant in all that lovely orange and those shoes are just yummy!!

  20. I am feeling you on the renovations. It took almost an entire year to just update our kitchen. I was feeling torn up inside as the kitchen was being ripped apart. Everything at that time seemed to be falling apart at the seams along with the kitchen. There is something about the house and us and how we all fit together. Love the orange on you and I never knew that orange was a power color before. Lovely post.

  21. Incredible outfit! I love it. The orange is fabulous and inspiring 🙂 I love your ability to the reflect and share that with us.

  22. Another gorgeous combination Judith. Renovations can be tough and you definitely need to be vigilant. It sounds like you know just what you are doing. And I’m sure they are going to listen to you when you look like this!

  23. Nice to meet you Judith! I come by way of the gorgeous Vix who speaks lovingly of you! This color combo is so raging! I am in love with this outfit! Best of luck with your charming old house, I bet it’s a beauty! Keep speaking your mind, your opinion matters.

  24. Excellent outfit. LOVE the hat. I have some sparkly east indian stuff that I will have to experiment with.

  25. Such a beautiful ensemble! And the shoes are divine!
    Nice touch adding a pop of color with the purple umbrella 🙂

  26. There’s something about orange and purple together that makes me feel happy. The scarf you bought in Mexico is just gorgeous. Tres bien! Or, mucho bien. I think WendyB must be the only other person I know beside you that has orange shoes! So pretty.

  27. I do not post often however I do check your blog frequently. This may be my most favorite outfit…ever. Stunning.

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