Photos by Kelly

Three weeks since the memorial service, and images of the tribute continue to float through the days as they march by.  The Cleo  Parker Robinson Dance School and Theatre (click here) was a church before it became the sacred space of dance.  It was Camille’s second home for many years; because of her love of dance, it was our sanctuary as well.

Some of the musicians who performed at Nelson’s service were seen spontaneously playing outside the theatre and these photos have added to my memories of music, the spoken word, dance and devotion. The arts help us to express what words cannot and to process our feelings on a deeper level.  For that I am grateful.


  1. Amen amen AMEN! I love this building and the affirming art & place for learning/connecting/growing Cleo has created there. She & that company are a treasure. In times of grief I have alwasy found the most solace in the arts – escaping in to music and dance and story and picture. It is healing – may it continue to come your way, and bless you when it does!

  2. I’m glad you’ve had a sacred space to nuture you and yours. I have been blessed with much music and art in my life as well and know how deeply essential it is. Wishing you peace today. Love, J.

  3. I’ll bet they are making fabulous music. Just as Nelson’s life was a beautiful song, a beautiful rhythm. May you draw strength from many places: art, music, friends, memories, beauty in all in its many forms. Much love to you from England.

  4. Music and dance flow straight from the heart.
    I am so glad to know that you are finding little comforts, my dear, dear friend.

  5. I feel the connection to the arts also–dance, music and painting….glad they are giving you comfort also. Paula

  6. What a wonderful way to remember. My father was a great lover of Dixieland jazz and at his memorial we played some lively music and held a parasol parade. I think it shocked those who were used to more staid memorials.

  7. We are one……I feel that I KNOW you. I love to play djembe drums, love art, music – especially African based (isn’t it all?)

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