Photo by Camille

Vintage Gano-Downs Denver patterned white/black long spring jacket -yard sale, vintage black velvet pillbox, vintage long black gloves, vintage red/white/black bangles and earrings – estate sales, black knit leggings- gifted, black suede heeled boots from the ’90’s, and a touch of red lipstick.

Tess and Camille

Photo by The SC

On Mother’s Day Eve Camille and The SC dashed off into the chill of the rainy May evening to attend the studio opening of 50 Dresses HERE , the new dress designing home of Camille’s dear friend Tess. Camille and Tess grew up together dancing  at the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance School HERE. Upon graduation from high school they both left for NYC for college on scholarships, Camille at Fordham University Lincoln Center and Tess at Columbia University.  Camille moved back to Denver over a year ago and Tess moved back a few months ago.

Their mothers couldn’t be more happy!  Our accomplished, talented and beautiful daughters are back home, lighting up our lives with their bright smiles.

We spent the evening trying on dresses designed by Tess, laughing with old and new friends, toasting to the event and reunions, and enjoying the time spent together.  It was a Mother’s Day Eve to remember, as we create new traditions!

Hope you had an exceptional Mother’s Day weekend!  The SC is off to join Patti’s growing community of bloggers at Visible Monday HERE and Monday Mingle HERE.   And will this be the week that I say good-bye to my boots for the season?


  1. What beauties! I love your stunning jacket with the pop of red. It sounds like a perfect Mother’s Day. x

  2. Camille and Tess are so lovely! I hope Tess has much success with her store. And your black and white jacket…WOW! It’s divine.

  3. You look gorgeous in the jacket! Always classy and unique at the same time.

    I spent the better part of Mother’s Day stuck in a parking garage waiting on a tow truck. ;(
    But the sweetest part of the day was when my son offered to make me a sandwich!

    Have a wonderful week!

  4. I love the cut of that coat- and the print, and the way it hangs on you- You are a live wire, bringing life to whatever room you walk into. And how marvelously proud you and Tess’s mama must feel to see your daughters return and start up something good in your hometown. I can’t wait to see Tess’s designs. Speaking of see, this is the first time I’ve “seen” your lovely Camille- what a beauty of a woman, she looks so vibrant- and how proud you must be of her.

  5. As always…style perfection…the dynamic graphics balanced perfectly with the strong pop of red…kudos!

    so enjoyed reading about Camille and Tess, and her lovely line..50 dresses. i spent he weekend in downtown LA showing my accessories…so i can so appreciate all the work behind her beautiful dresses. Thank you for sharing more of your inspiring life.

  6. Lovely!!! You are gorgeous in one of my favorite things: graphic black and white with a touch of red. The young women look so beautiful as well. Friendship is so essential.

    Love, Jean

  7. I am totally blown away by your sense of style, how you put a look together, you were made to model fashion!!

  8. It sounds like you had an entertaining and memorable Mother’s Day. Tess and Camille are both beautiful, capable women, and they have an amazing role model in you. I can’t believe how stunning you are in the black and white with bits of red–that coat was made for you! You continue to provide me with so much inspiration with your outfits, and your ability to find the joy in each day.

  9. You look amazing in this ensemble. The coat alone is enough to make someone turn and look twice. I love the photos of the daughters, returned, and would have loved to see photos from Tess’ opening.

  10. I have been reading your blog for quite awhile but have never commented. You always look absolutely beautiful, and this is one of my favorite outfits. Your writing is as elegant as you are!

  11. Judith, I have yet to see you look anything less than stunning and this outfit is no exception. What a wonderful coat! You look so elegant and the style is so timeless.
    Camille is just beautiful as is her talented friend.

  12. Thanks for including me in this lovely post Judith! I love that photo of Camille and me! Your outfit that night was DIVINE. You are always just perfection. Was so great to see you.

  13. What a stunning coat! Belated Happy Mother’s Day. I’m glad to hear it was festive. Your daughter and her friend Tess look lovely and happy and no wonder their mothers are happy to have them living near by.

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