Last week I was honored by a visit from Cynthia Pastor, the creative, kind, generous, stylish, compassionate and beautiful founder of the Instagram gallery sin60style HERE.  She and her photographer Emma were in Denver, and of course we met for a photo shoot.  As evidenced by the photos in this post, we had an outrageously wonderful time!

Daniel was in the driver’s seat, and off we went to the River North area of Denver, where the paint is never dry on the most recent rendition of street art. This area of Denver is growing so fast that it’s barely recognizable from one visit to the next.

Cynthia was stunning in her silver faux fur-trimmed jacket and pajama wear. She was art on art from one street to the next.  She never disappoints with her ability to create silhouettes, mix patterns and astound with her signature sunglasses.  She is wearing a top and bottom by BCBG, jacket by Top Shop, shoes by Kendall and Kylie and the necklaces is handmade from volcanic stones in Iceland.

Cynthia is from Long Beach, California, and is an interior designer and stylist. It shows in her creative self-expression.  We share similar interests and the love of aging with passion.

Laughter and frivolity reigned and Cynthia is even more clever in real life. This quality is prominent in the meaningful and poetic quotes that playfully accompany her Instagram posts. Intellect is a wonderful accessory to style!

In honor of Cynthia’s visit, I wore the vintage Michaele Vollbracht HERE silk “cat” tunic embellished with sequins, a vintage black headpiece also trimmed with sequins and vintage statement earrings.

I discovered the tunic at an estate sale some time ago, and in researching its origin, I came upon a photo of this dress as one of many pieces auctioned by Christie’s from The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor: Fashion and Accessories on December 15th, 2011 HERE. The price realized was $4,750.00.  I paid under $100 for this beauty. Imagine my surprise and my delight, as I had no idea of its value when I found it.  I just thought it was gorgeous and unique, and the awareness of it’s possible price tag doesn’t change that a bit.

Photos By Daniel

Thank you Cynthia and Emma, for a memorable and joyous visit, which would not have happened without the wonderful world of Instagram and the Advanced Style Movement created by Ari Seth Cohen HERE. Denver enjoyed every minute of you!

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  1. You two just seem to leap off the page. What a vibrant couple, what a great fashion women! This will teach the world how fantastic fashion is, no matter what age. I love everything about Cynthia and I adore your dress. What a find, what a story. You lucky so and so.

  2. Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect time to share my gratitude for the wonderful generosity and inspiration that Judith has bestowed upon me and all her faithful followers. Not only is she elegant in dress, but equally eloquent in prose. I’m humbled and any other words would be superfluous! Save to say, Judith and I were first connected through the radiant spirit that is Ari Seth Cohen, but our commitment for expression through clothes and our bumpy but rewarding paths through life’s vicsissitudes created an instant connection from the moment when we first spoke over the phone. Lastly, I was delighted to be able to enjoy her playfulness and mischievous side in person … and I hope to have more opportunities to share in the future!

  3. I so enjoy seeing you having fun with other marvelously dressed women. There’s so much brilliant eye candy in these photos. I have to admit, I “squee’d” to myself upon reading that the cat tunic (or an identical one) was amongst the items in Elizabeth Taylor’s collection. As a child, I was obsessed with her and her films, even wrote her a couple of fan letters in which I enclosed drawings I’d done of her. As an adult, I still admired her very much, and kept up with her life until she died.

  4. Judith, you ladies are so fabulous that I am sitting here with my jaw dropped simply swooning over your amazing style and wit and beauty and of course, intellect. I agree with you completely that what a fine accessory intellect makes! Looking smart and actually being smart…what an appealing combination. Your tunic is magnificent and what a wonderful story behind it! Thank you for sharing your fun Denver outing with us!


  5. Whoa, you guys had a blast! And you looked stoked for action. I’m glad Daniel was on hand with his master shutter finger. And Emma too, right? Cool location. I’m happy when cities choose to brighten their streets with art. Cynthia’s coat, yeaaah, and the pyjama suit, love it, and of course your priceless silk sequin kitty number, Judith – holy cow. Meetups are the BEST! It’s the best part of blogging and IG, by far.

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