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The Style Crone has been drawn to orange over the past few days and the analysis of this attraction escapes me for now.  I have worn the elements of this ensemble in earlier posts, except for the gifted red wool scarf which provides warmth as I am about to dash out into the ‘March chill’ of this day.

This afternoon Nelson and The SC met with his primary nurse and social worker with hospice.  We feel as though we now have everything in place and are comfortable with his caregivers who project empathy and competence, which is the ideal combination.  We have been provided an emergency box of meds to use with direction should a crisis occur.  A time to exhale and enjoy the gifts of the days before us!  And we’re both smiling about that!


  1. I love love love this combination. This is my favorite outfit. Those two shades of red and
    orange are perfect together like you and Nelson. It makes my heart lighter that you’re

  2. Uplifting, stylish and beautiful, I love it!
    When my Mum was ill I wore lots of colour, it seemed to cheer her and the other patients up no end. xxx

  3. I LOVE this color-block combo. I think I’ll “borrow” it in the morning–or as near to these shades as I can find in my own closet. Thanks for the inspiration, SC.

  4. I do not know what your attraction is to orange right now, but it all looks so great you are making me want to go shopping for orange! This shade is featured in many of the spring fashion magazines. I am so excited that you and Nelson can focus on some joyful moments for a time now….soak in every rich moment and ponder them in your heart!

  5. You look fantastic in orange. And we all should live a day at a time; and be grateful for it, rather than taking things for granted.
    Much love.

  6. I am so grateful that I discovered the Style Crone and marvel at the way you put such unique and delightful outfits together. Were you always so creative with your clothing? I was curious to know what the Style Crone was like growing up.

  7. I love how you look in orange and red (and blue and purple and yellow and pretty much any color)!

  8. Great colors! I love orange, red and hot pink together as well. Keep spicing it up! It lifts our spirits too.

  9. Rebecca, I remember having interest in outfits as i was growing up, but my enthusiasm increased in the 70’s. I had a friend who owned a clothing store in the early 70’s and a friend who had a vintage store in the late 70’s, which provided inspiration. My hat shop in the 80’s brought my love for outfits to full bloom and the many estate sales and yard sales over the years provided unlimited playful choices. I would say that my interest has escalated over the years and continues to this day.

  10. Terri, thanks for the question. Nelson does not select items, but he has always enjoyed my outfits. I was ‘dressing up’ when we met, so it’s always been part of our relationship! Nelson wears hats as well, so we have that interest in common.

  11. It is right to write. It is the right thing to dress. It is your right to experience this time with love, and even celebration. Yes, celebration. For the care, the thoughts, the bonds, the love, the wholeness, the acceptance, the preparation. You help others so much by expressing yourself to the outer world what you can, and the inner world of your journals what you yet can not. I have not been down your road nor can profess experience, but I have been down other roads and know that embrace of all these moments is the best medicine on earth. My thoughts and love from so many, including me, are with you. What colors this week?

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