Last weekend The SC was invited by a friend to attend the Mental Health America of Colorado HERE fundraising event, which was held at a downtown hotel.  Cocktail attire was requested, which sent me straight to the closet which holds evening wear.  It’s one of my favorite spots on the face of the earth.


I chose the 1920’s black silk satin slip dress with beaded sheer overlay, which was purchased at an antique market.  The short vintage jacket of layered lace with sheer silk at the neckline was an estate sale find.

As I was composing the outfit, which included an antique market feather hat, my thoughts drifted to the song that was used for a radio ad during the hat shop days, before Valentines Day, 1983  The rose delivery service HERE was in high gear during this holiday dedicated to roses and romance.


So I called our dear friend of 37 years, Phil of Phillip Klum Mastering HERE.  He found within his files what we had long ago named The Rose Ladies Theme Song and sent a digital copy for me to include in my post.  Phil wrote the piece, sang and provided the instrumentation (this was before he became famous).  My talented hat shop partner and friend Mary Lou, who died in November of 2009, sang with Phil in the second verse. So here it is!

Thank you Phil, and your family, for your many years of friendship and marvelous memories!

On the mantel sits a hat by milliner and beautiful blogger Carol Markel of Femme et Fleur HERE,  a gifted piece of drip art by friend Wendi Harford HERE, a round striped box found in Mexico City and a green feather hat wildly exploding around The SC’s head.  To the right of the mantel hang mini paintings by friend and artist Lonnie Hanzon HERE.

Next to my focus on health, the energy of valued relationships is the piece of life that I most celebrate.  In the spirit of friendship, I love to surround myself with the creativity of those who I dearly love.


The vintage black hat responds to the distribution of its feathers as fringe around my face and as an overlay for my hair.


Photos by The Lovely and Talented Diana

The black vintage gloves embellished with black satin ruffles and the black vintage suede peep toe heels were purchased at estate sales. Vintage NYC flea market rhinestone earrings provided a touch of shine to finish off an outfit that took me back to the history that lives on in my heart, in my home and onto the veranda, which displays the last of summer’s blossoms amidst a sea of fallen leaves.


I’m taking my vintage suede open toe pumps over to the fabulous Bella’s monthly Shoe Shine at The Citizen Rosebud HERE.  I wouldn’t miss it.  Check out Bella’s views on the art of shoe collecting!

Hat Attack #4 remains open for participation HERE until midnight on Thursday, November 7th.  Stop by if you have headwear to share!

Can’t wait to get over to Patti’s for Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.  Patti’s back from her NYC adventure, so let’s see what she and the other blogger beauties have to express to the world today.


  1. Such beautiful intricate details here, in your stunning outfit and cherished connections, shared in words and song and arranged on the mantel. Incredible resonance, including in the last image of the ornate arching screen and lafy ground, and I so loved hearing The Rose Ladies Theme Song!

  2. Something tells me you were probably the most elegantly dressed woman at the event….

    I love that you make putting an outfit together into a creative meditation; thinking about each piece’s history, and how it works as part of the whole. I have learned so much from you in the time we’ve known each other!

  3. Loved the musical touch! I know all the words, included in the program for Mary Lou’s memorial.

  4. Judith and music, what a treat! I love you in that beautiful, multi textured black outfit and am thrilled to see some bare arms, it’s unbearably cold here today, you’re warming me up with your radiant beauty! xxx

  5. Judith you look breathtakingly exquisite! From head to toe every detail is perfect. The lace cape gave me heart palpitations and that vintage flapper dress was made for you. What amazing finds! I would so love to go estate sale shopping with you!

  6. Stunning items and truly inspirational on you. The lace cape and hat are so unique and wonderful pieces to add to your collection. You do look like a movie star!

    blue hue wonderland

  7. It is touching how you share so many wonderful memories and great relationships from over the years that have impacted your life. I love how you add special elegance to all you do. The hat attack continues to be fabulous-how beautiful everyone looks in their hats.

  8. You look stunning. I’m not surprised your evening wear closet is your “happy place”. You are beautiful, both inside and out.

  9. The vintage hat ties together your outfit and makes you look like an exotic evening bird with sparkling black plumage. I agree with Veshoevius above- your gorgeous dress looks like it was designed for you.

    I love that you’ve created a place that is your sanctuary and a constant source of delight. Thank you for sharing the soundtrack to set the mood!

  10. I love the fact that you assemble your outfits with such thought and care, Judith – not only for what works aesthetically, but with an eye to personal history, memories and relationships. And of course, you assemble stunningly beautiful pieces into a beautiful ensemble! I love every single item, and you look more elegant and glamorous than ever, I’m in awe.
    Lovely song too, your friend Phil is very talented and Mary Lou had a gorgeous voice. xxx

  11. I’ll bet it is your favorite place … I know it would be mine. Isn’t it wonderful to have a place to wear such glamorous clothing? How well all these pieces work together. That dress is completely astonishing, and a joy to behold. What a treat to wear such vintage … there’s a story behind this dress.
    How fun to have a digital remastering of your ad-song. So 80s … the best part, of course. I’ll bet your great heart enjoyed every rose presented … how nice to be able to participate in so many different love stories! I knew your life so far has been stylish. I had no idea you were such a professional romantic! You never fail to enchant, Judith.

  12. Again you look so nice. This is really such elegance, so 1920 with a twist. Perfect hat. Everything is well styled. We can leave that up to you.
    Great song (I played it).
    And you are right: dear friends and family are what matters most.
    PS love the green wild hat too. I don’t mind seeing that on your head in a next post.

  13. Absolutely gorgeous. Total elegance from head to toe. I love the meaningful music and the thoughts about friends and relationships, as well. Beautiful, inside and out, dear friend.


  14. Judith, I think your evening wear closet might be MY favorite spot on earth! You look simply stunning, every piece amazing on its own, and perfect combined. The photos showcase your beauty and allow us to see so many pretty details.

    I love what you said about celebrating valued friendships. Having left my job of 20 years to care for The Teen, and no longer having my besties right outside my office door, I’ve missed them so much. I find myself learning how to maintain friendships when you don’t see beloved peeps every day. I find myself coming out of what has been a much deeper fog than I ever imagined – and that I am much more appreciative of my friends, old and new.

    Much love to you,

  15. When one looks up in the dictionary the definition of “timeless beauty” and “amazing style” I dare say one will find a picture of you staring back at us. You are such a timeless and eternal beauty. This classic look sets off that assurance. Love the dress, the hat, the demure smile- intoxicating look for a cocktail soiree.

    Thank you for linking up to Shoe Shine- you are a super star!

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