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The Style Crone had the pleasure of a visit by a dear friend (world traveler, entrepreneur, writer and more) who presented her with a gift of a bag full of vintage jewelry.  The above watches were included in this amazing grouping of treasures.  Life can turn on a dime in so many areas, and suddenly I have the beginnings of a ‘watch collection.’  Who knew?  Another focus area to build an outfit around, and the green ring watch is especially fascinating!  And the black/white cube watch has a different quirky design on each of its six faces, one of which is a circle of moving rhinestones.  I was thrilled beyond belief.  And on top of that, watches take up very little space, which pleases Nelson.  A very bright spot in a stressful day and for a moment of delight time stood still.


  1. It was with great joy that I found your website by happenstance today! I have been keeping an eye out for other eccentrics, and I believe I’ve found a new favorite in the Style Crone! Not saying YOU’RE eccentric, of course. I, er—I was referring to someone else.

    Sadly, though, I learned of Nelson’s difficulties right now. I truly can feel your pain, for I’m in much the same boat myself. My pseudo-husband has cancer, and undergoes awful things fairly frequently. Isn’t the feeling of dread just the worst?

    But I was delighted once again when I learned that you have a stylish oncologist, naturally. Alas, our Dr. Needles (like the name?) is not so gifted. His stethoscope is merely stainless steel, no color theme whatsoever, and very cold, I am told. Would that we could be as fortunate as you in this regard! I’ll be back, often. 😀

  2. How wonderful to have a bright spot when you least expect it! Also I love the description that puncturedbicycle gives about vintage being her paraglider, rollercoaster, etc. Ain’t that the truth??? Had a wonderfully enjoyable day today “foraging in the forest” and came home with a new coat, belt, 3 pair of boots and some Christmas presents for next year. Sometimes the stuff just leaps off the rails and begs to come home with me!

    Love from England

  3. The watches are wonderful. They remind me of searching for the perfect
    “granny watch” when I visited Carnaby Street in London in the early 70’s
    (or was it the late 60’s). The bold watches with the huge faces were
    great – I am sorry I didn’t save mine!
    Enjoy your treasure trove.

  4. I found your blog via Advanced Style, and just fell in love with you and your beloved hubby. I’m a cancer survivor too, and after emerging from treatment, it felt so important to celebrate my hair, and to celebrate colorful clothing that pleases me, even if it garners a few stares. I love that you dress up every day to look so fine for yourself and your hub. What a gift.

    About these watches 🙂 they are terrific too!


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