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Multicolored fabric beret – Brigitte, blue scarf with green trim – NYC street vendor years ago, long black sweater – estate sale, leggings and boots (winter staples worn frequently on SC).

It was a cold and snowy winter evening as The SC and friends traveled to a live performance by Toots and the Maytals HERE at Swallow Hill Music HERE, a Denver institution which features roots music.  Toots is widely credited for coining the term reggae and will be turning 70 in December, which makes him about three months older than The SC.  I attended a Toots concert in 1975, and was eager to hear him again, 37 years later.  Why does it seem like yesterday?

His voice continues to soar and he wore red leather pants as he told stories, danced across the stage and put on a dynamic show for an appreciative and adoring audience.  Toots continues to live in Jamaica, but is in the middle of a US tour with his band and back up singers.  Just another example of continuing to do what you love at any age.  After all, today my yoga teacher shared, ‘Every breath has its own story.’  Why not create a story that includes dancing across the stage, dressing up at the drop of a hat, focusing on one’s hopes and dreams, and mirroring one’s deepest values.

Crone hand on fabric beret with hashtag ring created by beautiful blogger and talented jewelry designer Wendy Brandes HERE.  It has become clear that the hashtag ring accompanies The SC to any and all live music performances.  Sometimes you just know when a practice becomes a ritual.

Photo – cd universal

 ‘Toots Then’

‘Toots Now’

Makes me want to dig up a photo of The SC ‘Then.’

Thank you to Heidi of The Closet Coach HERE for featuring The SC on her fabulous and informative blog.  Heidi writes about ‘style, fashion and creating a wardrobe that’s full of clothes you want to wear.’ I feel privileged to have been asked to write about my love for hats. Check out The Closet Coach for expansive ideas!


  1. Yea for roots and Toots music! And you look so warm and cozy in your beret and scarf, et. al. I’ll check out your interview…

  2. I visited Wendy’s on-line jewelry store. She’s got some beautiful things there that she has
    designed. I have never seen Toots and the Maytals in person. It must have been a

  3. I bet that was a great night. I was only dancing in my kitchen to 54-46 Was My Number the other day! And you look fabulous, another glorious hat, and such gorgeous colours.
    My mother always says that if you have a thumb that bends right back as yours does, it means you are very artistic and creative. It’s true in this case, so maybe she is onto something! xxxxx

  4. I would SO love to see a photo of you from 1975!! I’m glad that hashtag ring has become a favourite – it’s so cool and looks great on your hand. You look gorgeous in the sea-colours against the black.

  5. Dear Judith, thank you so much for the tips on hat fit and brim width – so much appreciated!

    I love these wonderful colours and textures of your hat and wrap together, with the accent of the fringe of your hair. Your tall boots are perfection. It is fabulous that Toots wore red leather pants, and how the addition of a particular ring can turn an occasion into an event. “Sharp” ring! 🙂 I adore Wendy’s work.

    Excellent interview over at The Closet Coach!

  6. Fabulous! Love your colors. I love colorful scarves, have several. My hat collection is very small. In fact, I just bought my first fedora recently. I’ll have to look for a special hat to go with my blue and green wrap.

  7. Hope you danced this time around too. Reggae is the MOST dancable music on the planet in my humble estimation. Love the hand on the beret.

  8. Hot Diggity! Toots is still alive and performing!?!

    I daresay it was about 1975 that I first saw him (In Hawaii – they must have been on tour that year) What a delightful mental journey down memory lane 🙂

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