The room where I store my hats is complete.  It’s been painted in a metallic rose with white trim, a shimmery background for the white straw Maeve Carr hat with asymmetry and folds from the hat shop in the 80’s.  The first hat to enter the room called for a solo show without occupation.

The hardwood floors have been redone.  The bedrooms upstairs, representative of  the Denver Square floor plan of 1907, have received much needed paint.  Tomorrow I can start moving the hats from the dining room and the clothing on racks in the living room into their newly painted and refurbished spaces.  My paths on the first floor will be expanded once again to the familiar areas that have been absent since the beginning of May.  I’ve been living in a world of accelerating transition and am riding the wave of the new and unfamiliar.  Have I been reluctant to finish the project because of what it represents?  Maybe, but in a matter of a few hours I found myself planning another outfit as I internally create new homes for my collections.  And the decisions about which pieces should make the trip up the stairs is the next step to a semblance of order, giving me freedom to move outward from my complete and total focus on my dearly loved home.

My dear friend, who was featured on SC HERE, mixed the colors for the wall that will shine brilliantly on my hats.  Check out the Sarah Ashford Studio HERE for more information on her faux finishes, murals, fine art and a display of her talent.  I’m fortunate to have such a kind and generous friend who could guide me through the renewal of my upstairs bedrooms.

Today I gaze in wonder at the beauty of the rooms that have been changed beyond recognition. The rooms that bathe my cells in memories and that provided sanctuary during the blissful good times and those too difficult to describe. The memories remain intact and the changes lead the way to the future. The process has had it’s own continuum of thoughts and feelings that cover the range of all that comes with living.  There is much material for future posts if I can remember the details that escaped documentation.  Then again, the stories could be lost forever or tucked away in one of the files in my brain, as life takes The SC into the mysterious unknown.



  1. I am in awe of this gorgeous paint color in the hat room. Sarah, I dare say, has outdone herself. As of today, it is official; my mother is moving in and the renovations begin. She’ll take up residence in October!

  2. What an amazing and accomplished artist. I love her murals as well as her fine art paintings. How rich it must feel to be surrounded by her vision and color palette for your walls. And I’m sure it was a fulfilling experience for her too.

  3. Beautiful color! I went to Sarah’s site and was amazed by her murals and finishes. Bravo to you, dear Judith, for the courage to change your environment, and face the “mysterious unknown”.

  4. That is a beautiful colour, it will lend a twinkly soft glow to your wonderful hats, and hopefully lead the way forward. xxx

  5. Congratulations on the completion of this renovation. The room looks beautiful and will be a worthy palace for your beloved collection of hats. Please share some photos of the room once it is decorated with the hats.

  6. What a lovely, welcoming color! It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do. I hope that it wraps you in its warm glow, and helps choosing your hat to be a warm, happy experience each day.

  7. I, too, often find that I find it difficult to finish a project for fear of what that means. Once it is over… what then? I am so glad that the transformation of the bedrooms has given you a symbolic peace to mark the beginning of a new phase in your life. I imagine that whatever direction you take, it will be something in keeping with the wonderful and warm person that you are. You will attract just the right thing… I’m sure of it.

    Much love from England,

  8. Oh, that color is so beautiful, so perfect for your collection of hats.

    I sense a change in energy with this post Judith. You seem excited about new possibilities unfolding.

  9. In recent days I’ve been reading about gold and silver leafing and thinking of trying my hand at it in order to transform some favorite old chairs and a chest and give them new life as I commit more fully to my own life transition. What a delight to see the expert results that Sarah has on display! I am inspired to take the next step and look in to where I can purchase supplies and try gilding for myself. — The new rosy tone of your hat room seems warm and will certainly supply a unique background for the stars of the room, your hats. I do hope you will give us a peek at more of the room as you stock it anew with your collection.

  10. Such a lovely, lovely wall color, and lucky first hat to be featured in the new-to-you space. I love that you’re cherishing your past memories but making joyous new ones as well for these rooms.

  11. Yes, my dear, a resounding Yes. It doesn’t matter if the stories are re-told or remain a mystery; they exist in their own time and will always be a precious part of you.

    The room is beautiful and I can’t wait to see more of it, complete with hats. You are moving forward with courage. You’re inspiring in your willingness, not only to accept change, but to actually create something new. The Phoenix comes to mind.

    Sometimes we can’t see our own legacy. Fortunately we have folks who can attest to our imprint. Let me add my voice to those who attest to yours!! I’m definitely a different, better person for having met you. Thank you.

  12. SO happy your renovation is complete, and the end result is just lovely – what a gorgeous paint colour! I can’t wait to see what it looks like when filled with your fabulous hats.

  13. Hi Judith,
    The rose color is so beautifully wrought–soothing and chic all at once! I hope your renovations give you all that you desire; beauty, order, peace, and a “fresh canvas” as it were.
    I read about the fires every day from here, and worry as you do for my friends and family in the area. With 3 sisters and their families in Denver I am updated regularly, but the Waldo Canyon fire has made it even to the front pages in Abu Dhabi.
    love from the desert,

  14. I can see why the Maeve Carr warranted her own show in your freshly coloured rose room. She is a beauty. I hope you enjoy implanting all kinds of wonderful, fresh memories into those walls. The old ones are now protected safely underneath. It’s exciting to hear about your progression.

  15. A most beautiful color, with such gorgeous writing. I can only imagine how you must feel now, with all the newness enveloping your precious memories. SC, I cannot wait to see what you come up with next. Have a lovely week. xo

  16. Just like a woman changing her hair colour, loosing weight or buying new clothes, the appearance of your beautiful home may change but the heart, soul & glorious memories will always remain.
    Well done on making these changes, Judith. The walls are such an elegant choice of colour and the flooring looks magnificent. x

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