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Nelson has been referred to hospice and today everything that I love about our home has become more special, brilliant, intense.  Our home was built in 1907 and this stained glass window is located on the landing of the stairs which lead to the upper level of our sanctuary.  Every morning and evening, and many times during the day, as we walk up or down the stairs, it greets us with its beauty and colorful splendor. It’s as though the space that we have lived in together for so many years is showing itself to me in a new way.  That our surroundings are supporting us and the peaceful and nuturing structure that we call home is providing comfort and safety during this time.

Hospice was recommended, not because Nelson’s condition is different than it was last week, but because his health is precarious and we need to be able to call for assistance if a crisis occurs at night or on the weekend.  Palliative care does not have this availability and Nelson doesn’t want another trip to the ER;  he is very clear about that.  So we have made this decision to make sure that Nelson’s wishes are respected and that The SC can call for help at anytime if need be.  This option assures more resources, and at the same time brings sadness as another transition becomes our reality.


  1. I have no beautiful words, like yours. I can only let you know that you remain in my heart. All love to you, Nelson, and Camille.

  2. Judith – There are no adequate words. I am amazed and so proud of you as you find beauty in your home, outfits, and in your creative writing. I haven’t been able to keep up with your website as we are on a very slow wi-fi here in AZ. I managed to pull it up tonight and am so sorry to hear that Nelson’s cancer appears to be getting the upper hand. Please know that you are in my thoughts. love, Janet

  3. I thank you for sharing during this difficult time. I feel as if I know you and Nelson and I wish there were something I could do to help. I feel great love and admiration for you both. Hello to Nelson.

  4. Judith,
    I look at you in the picture below and you do look like a beautiful butterfly. Life is similar to a the metamorphsis from caterpillar to butterfly. It is beautiful, it is delicate, it is too short, and it has great purpose. By concentrating on the beauty around you; I know that has to help. I pray for joy, peace and comfort for you and Nelson both. May this be a time when you can experience moments of soaring and great beauty.

  5. I can only echo the gracious words of your readers. You and Nelson are in my heart and I wish for our Elohim’s continued comfort in your lives.

  6. I know this seems like a serious, serious step for you…but I am sure you till be glad to have them to call.

  7. Judith,
    I read your blog each day in my own sanctuary in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. You inspire me to find grace and gratitude in the here and now as you and your wonderful husband share these difficult and yet blessed times.
    As do so many of your readers, I keep you in my prayers.

  8. I was given your site by a friend and i have enjoyed your commentary and pictures sooo much! My best wishes to you and Nelson and much LOVE.
    Elisa in Ashland.OR

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