Photo by Ari Seth Cohen

This morning I was surprised and thrilled to discover the above photo of The SC on The Huffington Post. Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style is also a Huffington Post blogger and his article today was titled, ‘A Return to Hats.’   Click HERE to check out the post!  I was honored to be included with such amazing women as #9 of the slide show.  Yesterday hospice and today The Huffington Post.  Another in the series of  ‘the agony and the ecstasy.’  I will have to say that Nelson had the biggest smile I’ve seen in a long time when I revealed to him this early morning source of great pleasure.  That in and of itself was cause for celebration!


  1. I am So Happy for you! I read the original article about you on Advanced Style.
    It was great. They were great shots of the ladies in hats. Besides your photo, I liked
    the lady in all black and white.

  2. You well deserve to be among these hat ladies …. And what a great man is your husband, admirable! Love from Munich!

  3. Well, hats off to you! Literally and metaphorically, of course.

    Much love from England

  4. This is so cool Judith! Congratulations! They could not have picked a more stylish or beautiful woman to inspire others to wear hats again! You certainly inspire me…and I love how the above picture makes your blue eyes pop off the page!

  5. Congratulations! That photo of you is the reason I started following Advanced Style, and is also the reason I found my way to your blog. You’re wearing the greatest coat of all time!! and in combination with the hat, gloves, hair–everything–it’s just fantastic. Something to aspire to regardless of age.

  6. Congratulations on that stunning photo in the Huffington Post. I think we all owe a big thank you to Ari of Advanced Style for showing the world how wonderful we can look and feel at ALL ages!

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