My scarf installation gives me much pleasure, and was completed just in time for the party.  I had a vision of how I wanted my scarves displayed and it took many months of talking with friends, artists and builders for this project to come to fruition.  After the structure was built and painted, Rachel and Brittni, the students from the Art Institute of Colorado who have been creating magic in my home, arranged the scarves with perfection.  My vision has become reality!

I have been collecting scarves since the 70’s (almost 40 years), mostly from estate sales, flea markets, thrift shops, consignment stores and the occasional gift; the price for each piece ranged from a quarter to five dollars.  This display makes it easy to choose a scarf for an outfit and provides a piece of art to enjoy every day.  It covers a wall in the guest room and provides a soft and colorful surface with texture and detail to explore endlessly with the senses of sight and touch.  Sometimes I can almost hear them speak!

One of my yoga teachers stated this week, “Rigidity and strength are not the same thing.  Soften into the pose.”  Also true off the mat for blogging and life in general, as I learn to become more flexible, I found this quote helpful as I once again began to move forward into the light, and in this case, leaning into my beloved scarves with their new life and beauty on display.


Just as I was deciding to soften into the practice of austerity, I found this vintage blue 70’s St. John knit dress at an estate sale.  It fit perfectly and the price was next to nothing, so I put my cash on the table and quickly walked out the door before another tempting item drew me astray from my resolution. With this in mind, what was I doing at an estate sale anyway?

Accessorizing the dress are the St. John booties I found many years ago at a yard sale, along with the vintage purple hat with feathers that I purchased from a friend who was downsizing her vintage collection, and estate sale vintage purple gloves and vintage jewels.


Photos by Camille.

Close-up of booties with gloved hand.


The SC wore the vintage St. John outfit to the book signing by the dynamic and stunning Juana Bordas HERE, reading from her new book The Power of Latino Leadership, held at the Tattered Cover Bookstore HERE, one of the largest independent bookstores in the nation.  I’ve known Juana since the 70’s and it’s been exciting to follow her incredible accomplishments across the decades.


Juana, known for her spontaneity and passion, twirled her floral embroidered fringed scarf for the camera.

For some time now I’ve been wanting to launch a street style page, and photograph people wherever I go that inspire me with their outfits and their sense of style.  I met Veronica at the book signing, and I was fascinated by her beautiful wedge heels and her dynamic spirit.  Thus began Street Style Denver And Beyond HERE on Style Crone’s sidebar.  It gives me the opportunity to document and share the creativity around me and recognize those who bring visual delight to my life.

Thank you all for your supportive, kind and empathetic comments of last week, and thank you BuzzFeed Fashion HERE for the inclusion.  And my shoes are linking up with the marvelous Bella’s ‘Shoe Shine’ at The Citizen Rosebud HERE.

Patti is a woman who continually shares creativity and visual pleasure, and I’m linking up to her Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.  Thank you Patti, for creating this weekly gathering which brings connection and community to countless like- minded bloggers.


  1. I loved waking up to the scarf wall during my visit – such a beautiful installation! Congrats on the street style blog. I think this will be a very positive venture for you. I know how much I enjoy my conversations with people I shoot, and I like being able to share their style expression with the rest of the world.

  2. Glad to help, Judith!! This scarf wall is so cool…I have to show it to my friends who are interior designers. This dress was meant for you…the color is fabulous! Have a wonderful week!

  3. Now seriously this is a fest for the eyes! What a incredible collection and the display is smashing!
    I’ve been dreaming of displays of some of my collections and feel inspired to do so after seeing what you have accomplished. And by the way, you just pop of the screen in your vibrant blue dress.

    blue hue wonderland

  4. Judith, how absolutely stunning to see the result of years of loving collection so brilliantly displayed. I think the universe has a sense of humour about challenging our intentions, such as with your divine blue dress. Divine!

    I so love the generous, open-hearted spirit with which you celebrate and bring light to others, such as your fabulously accomplished and stylish friend Juana and your new Street Style Denver page. I look forward to seeing more.

  5. Your scarf wall is an inspired way to display your collection, Judith, and wonderfully practical at the same time. And it makes the perfect backdrop against which to model that gorgeous blue dress, such a stunning colour on you, especially with the purple hat and gloves.
    Rigidity and strength – hmm, I fear I get the two confused sometimes, and don’t always know when it is time to compromise. Flexibility is a strength too.
    Good luck with your street style project. How exciting! Be prepared for more flirty encounters (referencing your phlebotomy experience!) xxxxxx

  6. You make St. John look good!! So often it’s staid and conservative, but with your fabulous flair it becomes a work of art. The scarf wall is a work of art as well. How wonderful to have a wearable collection at your fingertips that also functions as decor!! I can’t wait to see your street style picks. It’s such a great way to spread the love and creativity. I’ve often wished I had a camera to capture some of the fabulous people I encounter, especially the older ones.

    If I had to describe your hat in one word, I think I’d choose “saucy”. Utterly delicious. XXXOOO

  7. Oh my! Am I the only one in awe of your scarf collection? The way you’ve displayed them is inspiring! Wow!
    You are beautiful in your St John dress! How could you have walked away from that gorgeous piece?!

  8. I’m awed by the scarf display. The colors and soft texture are very pleasing. And of course this must make entering the guest room a real delight. — I find that yoga practice has many benefits on and off the mat, and like you, I find meaning that helps me in unanticipated times as I struggle to maintain balance in life.

  9. You are a flower in the U.S. flora. It’s beautiful that you are sharing your thoughts with us. Your sorrows and joys. Your artist scarf wall is absolutely fantastic. Art is definitely healing. I am totally impressed and can see my favorite colors. The little hat, shoes and the cute dress is so lovely. And your idea of photographing is exciting – looking forward to the next. Always look forward to your blog posts. Wish you a good day.

  10. I’m absolutely enthralled with your scarf wall! I’m already scanning my walls for a place to use the same idea. You’re wearing one of my favorite color combinations, blue and purple, with your typical flawless flair. I look forward to watching your street style page evolve!

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  11. Your scarf wall is such a stunning display, and such a clever way to see all your beauties! Do you have something similar for your gloves, hats, shoes?

    The purple hat and gloves (almost mulberry) look amazing with the blue of the dress, and I love the shoes!

    Good words about being flexible to be strong – bend like the willow is how I think of it. It doesn’t always work, but I like the sound of the words anyway!

  12. Oh that scarf wall is just spectacular!!! I would install that in my living room I love it so much. Sheesh, now I might have to start my own collection. Thank you for the lovely inspiration!


  13. Scarf-o-rama has made its debut. And she is awesome! Such a fun piece de resistance to come in and relish, touch, or take one away with you. A friend of mine has done something similar (but on a much smaller scale) with her collection of scarves. She has row upon row of windows where she has hung all her scarfs as the window treatment. That way she can see them all displayed and choose which one to wear as she goes out the door. They do make the most sumptuous backdrop for your latest blue dress.

    And I do look forward to you street style photos, what a marvelous idea to spread the beauty forward.

  14. Brilliant installation! How wonderful to have your vision fulfilled. And you look divine in your St. John outfit.

  15. Are those the purple gloves you lost last winter? Did they find their way home, or did you get another set? Regardless … lovely. Your scarf wall is thrilling. How you must enjoy them.
    You look like you are seated among friends, and you must feel that way. Each one so lovely on it’s own, more lovely together with others. That’s so you, Judith.
    You and Ms. Bordas make an impressive pair at any gathering. Congratulations.
    Have a wonderful week.

  16. Hi Jan, You have such a good memory. These are not the gloves that I lost, but I did find the blue gloves in the navy section in the glove department and I was so happy. It was a case of bad placement. Thanks for asking.

  17. Hi Val, I have something ‘different’ for my hats, shoes and gloves. Thanks for asking. Think I’ll roll them out over the next few months.

  18. Aha… so this is the blue dress you fell for in spite of your resolution. I think it was worth the “sin”. It looks ever so good on you. Well matched with those gorgeous shoes.
    You are the best at estate sales and there is a wide gap between you and the runner up.
    As for the scarfs.. it took my breath away. So pretty, so handy.
    The only question that immediately crept into my mind is: how do you prevent them from becoming dusty / dirty? (This is my mother speaking.)

  19. Your scarf installation is a work of art my dear, such an unique idea, beautifully executed. And you have turned yourself into a living work of art sitting before your scarf canvas, in that wonderfully coloured outfit. So graceful and creative! I adore that hat and the dress is so lovely on you.

  20. Beautiful installation, and a beautiful look as well. The purple hat and gloves are the perfect splashes of intrigue and give the artist touch to your dress.

  21. Your colorful collection here is fabulous! I love that you can almost hear them…..
    The St. John is gorgeous on you. My sister, Dorie, worked as a lead designer with St. John for 21 years so I’m especially intrigued. On a side note I have a link on Dorie on my blog today.
    St. John has been such an iconic brand here in California.
    Lovely post!
    Cheers, Heather

  22. What a beautiful, yet practical way to display your scarf collection. I’d love to see your ideas on jewelry organization and display.
    P.S. You look stunning!

  23. It’s so incredible the way you are displaying the scrafs!
    Covering a wall?wow this a lot of scarfs, could it be a world record?
    Congrats for your street style page looking forward to see more
    Izzy and Ilove to go about the city and photograph folks
    People are usually flattered and willing

    Take care Judith

    Ariane xxxx

  24. Oh you simply had to have that glorious dress and you have boots from the same brand that match – that’s simply amazing! I love your scarf installation, so tactile, one simply must run their hands over those glorious textures:). xoxo

  25. Style Crone, OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! I cannot get over this!!!! I can’t believe your collection, how amazing! You could be in the Guinness Book of World Records for sure. This is too incredible! I am at a loss for words, really. So much SC collective energy totally organized harmoniously in one spot it is just pure heaven! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  26. You scarf wall is stunning, absolutely STUNNING! I bet you just want to wrap yourself up in them all at once, they are so gorgeous. You and the art school students have created an entire environment out of your scarf treasures. Your blue dress and those shoes are perfect, worn just right.
    Congratulations as well on your new street style posting! The positive vibes from that never seem to quit.

  27. An art installation created with scarves. Genius! Really, what a brilliant concept. I would be so delighted to discover that was to be a room in which I was to rest my head.

    I’m off to check out your street style now…

    Sue xo

  28. Ah…Judith. How beautiful you are in that blue- and standing/sitting/breathing before that wall of scarves! Amazing- I love the idea of seeing my scarves all at once- I think I would wear them more often.

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