Photo by Nelson

Vintage white felt hat with veil and rhinestones and jewels from the holiday tree-estate sales.

The Style Crone threw on pearls and rhinestones from the bejeweled holiday tree in preparation for a Winter Solstice party given by dear friends.  A phone call before the celebration brought negative news about Nelson’s most recent blood work test results, indicating that it wasn’t safe for him to receive chemo yet again.  So another series of tests and consults over the next few days presented a clouded fog to move through. My first inclination was to toss all accessories back on the tree and stay home with my sadness, circling Nelson in my arms with rhinestones and pearls as though they were armor and could somehow change the trajectory of this journey.  Nelson protested and urged that I move through my feelings and out the door, and redecorate the tree with my “jewels” on another day. So The SC brought forth a smile for his eyes to view from the camera that he lovingly focused in my direction under the plant hanging in the back porch with its red blossom gift requesting inclusion in the moment.  The camera became a tool for communication, with energy flowing between us through the lens. Following the path of Nelson’s wisdom seemed far superior than living in fear.

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  1. You look classic in your black-and-white and pearls.

    I’m sorry to hear that Nelson’s results weren’t what you’d hoped, but it’s good to treasure and enjoy the moments as they come.

  2. You look so beautiful! I’m sad to hear about Nelson and you’re right he is wise… It is a good day when we live in the present without fear…

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