The SC would not miss the appearance of the legendary Jimmy Cliff, who is making a much appreciated comeback, at the historic Ogden Theatre just a few blocks from my home.  According to the review in The Denver Post, I wasn’t the only one who thought this was an event not to be missed HERE.  At the age of 64 he owned the stage with his mastery of reggae, dance and stage presence.  Talk about aging with style and creativity!

Knowing that Nelson would have been there with me if he were here and feeling good, I wore his knit cadet cap and tank with rasta colors.  Pieces of my renovation outfit were readily available to assist with the outfit choice of the day.

The Ogden Theatre was built in 1919 and is an official Denver landmark and a national historic landmark. The last concert I  saw at The Ogden was Etta James, with Nelson.  Lovers of live music, we frequently attended concerts at small and large venues across the city.  Music was a major part of our lives, always in the background or foreground, in our home, our car, at parties, and providing an ever evolving sound track to the events of our life.  I’m determined to keep this tradition alive.

Jimmy Cliff frequently yelled out to the crowd, ‘How you feeling?’ and the crowd responded with animated cheers.  There was no room for anything other than exuberance.  He ended the night with his new song, ‘One More,’ performed recently on David Letterman HERE.  By this time the audience was dancing and smiling, not ready for his performance to be over.  Check out Cliff’s website for more about his history and his music HERE.  And one of my personal favorites on YouTube, ‘Rivers of Babylon’ HERE. Who doesn’t want to be inspired by a a declaration of peace, love and justice!

I couldn’t resist!  The colors were just too good to pass up as we rounded the corner off of Colfax.  Very seldom do you find a truck that mirrors an outfit. Taking advantage of the moment and promoting recycling, as I did with this outfit. seemed the perfect and festive thing to do.  After all, one of Jimmy Cliff’s messages was to focus on saving the planet for future generations.

Meter Art!  Across the street from the truck off of Colfax.  Inspiration appeared everywhere and Colfax Avenue never disappoints.  This photo features my Charles David platform/wedge sandals, which serve as elevated flip flops.  They’ve been summer favorites for many years and allow dancing for hours with comfort.  The energy in the theatre was magnetic and there were very few in the audience who didn’t respond to the wave of movement in the crowd.

Photos by Diana

This was the perfect time to debut my hashtag ring created by the beautifully vibrant blogger and talented fine jewelry designer Wendy B HERE.  After all, Wendy B loves live music and concerts, so it seemed fitting to flaunt crone hands on a parking meter off of Colfax to highlight her creativity, silver on silver. I didn’t notice the bit of graffiti as accessory on the meter until reviewing the photo when I returned home!  Surprises abound with increasing regularity when I’m open to the details which surround my life.




  1. I love the locations you’ve scouted! And although it has been years since I’ve heard live reggae music, I could not have resisted dancing and dancing. Reggae always brings out the trance in me. I love the look you’ve put together for the occasion.

  2. What a great show that must have been!! He’s an icon. Your outfit is so fun and you look amazing in it. Wendy’s ring is utterly perfect and I love the way you chose to debut it as well. I can feel the energy jump out of this post, a much appreciated infusion!

  3. What a lively, energized post! I can so feel your enthusiam!
    You look perfect for the occasion in Nelson’s hat and top – you are one cool chick!
    At my kids’ school, they give out certificates when the kids achieve various stages in literacy/spellings, and use Jimmy Cliff’s “You can get it if you really want” as the accompanying music. I love the message – “But you must try, try and try…you succeed at last”.
    Wonderful pics, your locations are just inspired. It’s true, there are interesting details to be found all around once you start noticing. xxx

  4. Ah, Judith, thank you for this post – the link to “Rivers of Babylon” has me swaying and a little damp in the eyes. Love, love that song and performance. You look glorious in Nelson’s garb and a WendyB ring.

  5. How cool. I love older musicians who are still in it or making a comeback. Jimmy’s remake of the Clash’s “Guns of Brixton” is a masterpiece. The rasta colors are perfect!

  6. Wow. Okay, so many things! Firstly, it is so nice to get to know you through music. Music is so deeply from the soul. It has been written that Adam (from the garden) was allowed to take only one thing with him when he left that place of perfection, and he chose “music”. I just listened Jimmy Cliff, I can only imagine the amazing energy that was in that theatre! I am a reggae lover so it was my pleasure to see him in that video and did you see his outfit!??? Was that a snakeskin suit? 🙂 And all those colors just popping up for you in your shoot, how fantastic is that?! Lastly, you have very beautiful hands. I have been thinking about your comment, about liking your hands and I can see why you say that now. So I have been looking at my hands all week, sending them loving feelings instead of wanting to hide them every year that passes by. I still want to wear gloves, but I am appreciating them more each day. They do so much for me and everything I do daily depends on them. I have had issues with their aging though… I need to get over it already! Anyway, I love that shot of your hands, it is really gorgeous. That nail color is fabulous! Keep showing your hands. We need to see all types of hands, not just adolescent ones. Road maps can be very attractive. 🙂 Thank you for this AMAZING post Style Crone. It made my morning! xo!

  7. Very vibrant and lively post Judith!
    Love that you wore Nelson’s hat and tank top- you are moving on the right path –

    And Congrats for you being published in the Advanced style book, so cool!

    Have a good weekend

    Ariane xxx

  8. Looking at you rocking rasta colors and the WendyB hashtag ring! We love Jimmy Cliff. In fact I think I’ll put him on pandora right now. I’m glad you enjoyed the concert. You look happy today.

  9. this is such a fun post and a very cute outfit, you look very happy! I also liked that the outfit doesn’t look like your usual ones but still looks amazing on you 🙂

  10. Amazing outfit. I like the way you match the surroundings or the surrounding match you- a beautiful painting with music – the colors of music. The jewelry is very beautiful and you look relaxed and seem also to enjoy the.

  11. It’s great to see you out and about in the urban environment in a manner that complements both your outfit and the surroundings! Hope you had a marvelous time at the concert and shooting these pics.

  12. Wow! I come back to life on the Internet, and I find this wonderful post full of color, joy and life …. you made me feel good! Thank you, Judith!

  13. Judith – I love seeing you look so happy and vibrant in Nelson’s tank and hat! I’d like to think that his spirit was dancing in the concert with you. It really was the perfect outfit for a reggae concert, and you found excellent backdrops for shooting outside. That is one kickass ring you have acquired.

  14. Oh wow, I would LOVE to see Jimmy Cliff; he’s definitely one of the greats of reggae. You look perfectly attired for the event, including the hashtag ring!

  15. This could be my most favourite outfit on you, ever! I love that rasta tank and the groovy cap and adore Jimmy Cliff. You are the coolest rocker, ever! xxx

  16. I used to live on Capitol Hill. Its good to see the Ogden Theatre is still there… and still rocking. Thank-you for inspiring memories of those days. As usual… you look great… and write wonderfully.

  17. nice location & fine jewelry designer Wendy B HERE. After all, Wendy B loves live music and concerts, so it seemed fitting to flaunt crone hands on a parking meter off of Colfax to highlight her creativity, silver on silver.


  18. hi, what a great outfit I was able to enjoy Jimmy Cliff a few weeks ago here in Switzerland, it was amazing how he made people jump up and down,
    have a great day and all the best to you

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