Photos by Nelson

Vintage ’60’s jacket with large leopard print collar, green vintage gloves and black fabric beret-estate sales, Donna Karan boots, black ruched jeans-Gabriela Designs Denver.

The Style Crone has to say that I really don’t know how we pulled this off.  Nelson was not feeling well today with symptoms that were very uncomfortable and I will have to say a bit scary..  But we have to eat and he wanted to take me out to one of our favorite vegetarian restaurants, City O’ City.  The people watching is fab!  We love intergenerational energy, and there is a lot of that to be had at this ‘hot spot’ close to home.  So The SC got her outfit together, Nelson shot a few photos and off we went. The evening was magical and one to be remembered.  Isn’t that what life is about? Creating memories that live forever!  And we both have hats for that.


  1. What a wonderful coat! The green gloves look great with it. So glad you and Nelson had a good evening out.

  2. Beautiful. People ask me what is my secret to staying youthful. I tell them that my husband and I are in love. Clearly you are a shining example as well. Love trumps. (And so do animal prints!)

  3. SC, you look radiant as always (I don’t know how you do it every single day!). And your leopard print against branches and snow–nothing more beautiful than nature. I hope Nelson is feeling better than he was on that day.

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