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Photo by The Style Crone

The SC continues to find comfort in Nelson’s closet. He had the ability to make any outfit shine!  We shared a vintage tie collection; each piece was discovered within the unending cornucopia of estate sales.  I stumbled upon this tie which played off the colors of his fringed vintage scarf; the tie has touches of  ‘glitter’ which called for repetition in the form of vintage rhinestone earrings from my costume jewelry collection.  Nelson’s black fedora was waiting to see the light of day again, and the consignment store pumps finished off the ensemble with their ‘pointy toes.’  The background of this ensemble consisted of skinny jeans, a black turtle neck and a black consignment shop blazer.  In the past The SC wore vintage ties with turtle necks, tees or shirts to work and Nelson sported the ties at parties or special events.  This outfit sprang to life in the early evening and its accessories provided support as I attended the preview of an art show which included the work of a friend.


  1. Love the chique dandy look! I wore a similar hat (twice!) this past weekend. Same shape, but not as chic. All thanks to you I want to wear more hats!

  2. I love the idea of glitter calling out for repetition. You positively shine in this ensemble featuring elements of your and Nelson’s wardrobe. The fedora is luscious. I might wear a fedora myself, at least for home dress up :).

  3. This is fun! As you know, I love fedoras. The accessories are great additions and make the whole look unique. Trust you had a good evening! Love, J.

  4. Incredible! How fabulous that the two of you shared so much! Many will envy you that. You look a million dollars.

    Much love from England,

  5. I always love an outfit that plays with gendered assumptions through fun use of accessories. This is a dashing look!

  6. Judith, I cannot tell you how much you inspire me…in so many ways. You look like a movie star here and you just exude beauty and confidence. I know you have been through a gut wrenching experience…but yet you show all of us how to get through it with strength and dignity…you look amazing!

  7. What a beautiful and comforting way to make Nelson’s choices in clothing “live on.” I have a widowed friend who wore her late husband’s polo shirts with her jeans and she said she felt like he was hugging her all the while! Great balm for the heart and recycling for the environment!!! As always, you look so beautiful!

  8. Wonderful accessories – they really shine when playing off the neutral black background. I love that you are giving Nelson’s things new looks, and carrying him with you in a way. 🙂

  9. SO BEAUTIFUL! I have collected tons of neckties over the years but have not worn them much in the past decade. Gorgeous subtle hues and shine. I love the way you pulled this together, you look smashing! And the hat just makes it perfect.

    I love the connected feeling you can get from wearing something that belonged to a loved one. How comforting that must feel! You two were clearly a really dashing couple. Nelson’s eye for beauty lives on through you.

    Glad to hear you are getting out and seeing art. How healing. Hope beauty continues to find you everywhere you look. Blessings to you!

  10. I have been cherishing vintage ties lately- so its wonderful to see this little sparkle number on you! The added signifigance of it coming from Nelson’s wardrobe makes it shine all the brighter.

  11. What a precious tie! Did you check how many stripes in the lining??? You probably know abut that…
    Love the fedora too! That could be a wardrobe staple~

  12. Judith,
    I adore menswear, and you have the perfect figure and attitude to wear the real thing. What a wonderful way keep Nelson with you, through cherished pieces you can put to such chic use.
    You’ve inspired me to go find my dad’s best fedora next time I’m home in the States. Still in it’s original box from Saks in perfect condition.
    Im just sure Nelson is so proud watching you LIVE!
    Love from Arabia,

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