The SC stands in front of the new fence in the garden.

Flaunting crone hands with cuff in floral ground cover.

Photos by Diana

Cuff by Debra Rapoport HERE, multi-colored patterned silk wraparound skirt with turquoise lining – NYC street vendor, silk hat – flea market, vintage silk turquoise jacket – estate sale, black/turquoise shoes – Buffalo Exchange, and black obi from deep within my closet.

The first phase of the partial renovation of my home and garden involved the replacement of my backyard fence.  As I  watched the destruction and the disappearance of the old fence as it left the garden, I felt exposed to the openness of the evening and sleepless through the darkness of the night. This structure had been my protection since 1989 when Nelson, Camille and The SC moved into the home that remains my sanctuary.  It had witnessed many years of backyard parties, dinners on the patio, gardening extravaganzas and Camille growing up within its boundaries. The fence was slanting in places with large gaps that interrupted privacy. It was broken and battered, yet comforting in its own way.

The following day I witnessed the building of a new enclosure which beautifully wraps around the garden. The loss of the familiar is a mirror of my own process of reinvention.  I view it as an exercise in healing, but it touches the hole in my heart.  That tender place that still feels raw and broken, like the old fence.  Will building something new as my protection also construct confidence?  Did I make the right choice?  All of the decisions regarding my living space that I’m now making by myself without my partner’s reassurance feel uncertain, unsettling, hesitant.

In celebration of the new fence that now surrounds my garden, I chose to wear the cuff created by Debra, which was the focal point for the pieces that I selected for my outfit. In this case, every color in the cuff can all be found in the patterned silk skirt.

As I explored the meaning of the color turquoise HERE, open communication and clarity of thought seemed relevant as I admired my new fence, surprised by a new feeling of empowerment.  The first in a series of changes has been completed.


  1. What a beautiful color on you. I immediately recognized Debra’s cuff! So wish I could take one of her classes. Also, as I read the details of the outfit, I realized that I have two of this same type of scarf. I’ll need to style them up soon at Rags.

    The new fence looks fine!

  2. How lovely to see you in summer clothes and hat! And that cuff is just amazing. You selected the perfect outfit for it. You look absolutely amazing in these colours. I am sooooo looking forward to see how you dress for summer in the months to come…..

  3. Your new fence and cuff are wonderful! Even though your old fence was a bit battered, it was difficult to see it go? I feel the same about so many things in our home and in our lives. New is wonderful too : >

  4. The new fence does look nice. I understand the feelings about replacing those familiar surroundings. Love the cuff and your turquoise pieces! You look so vibrant.

  5. The turquoise is gorgeous on you – a very strong colour with good vibes! The fence is a lovely gold in the sunlight; I think after living with it for a while, you will realize that your choice was the right one. Change is scary, but we need it to keep moving forward, and your resilience and loving heart will see you through. I have ordered one of Debra’s cuffs and am looking forward to showing it off on my blog when I get it!

  6. I am drooling over that cuff…it is gorgeous!! This whole look is fabulous…the cuff and the skirt are the super stars. I am forced into a world of change right now…that I did not ask for (like you), but am attempting to grow and learn from… and hopefully we will find the treasure hidden beneath the change for both of us!!

  7. You’re wearing my favourite colour and you look absolutely heavenly in it! That cuff is beautiful.
    The removal of your beloved old boundary must have been a hard thing to face but the new fence is great and will age wonderfully. x

  8. I remember you were wearing turquoise when I met you last summer. It’s hard to imagine another color more “you” although you look amazing in just about any color. Soon your new fence will begin to weather and gain a beautiful patina, no longer broken but rather broken-in, as in just right.

    I hope you’ll make many more meaningful memories there.

    Love, Jean

  9. Like Jean, I am inspired to think of the weathering that occurs almost imperceptively to fences and other pieces left to the elements such that they take on a lovely patina. Fences in particular provide a backdrop to so much that occurs in our lives so I am sure that this new structure will stand as witness to all that is ahead for you in your year of reinvention and beyond. This new fence also serves as evidence that you are already making your way.

  10. Dear SC,
    I love that you chose to expose the beautiful silk undergarment. So typical of you to show ALL your layers as you teach us Transparency. D.

  11. what I can see is a beautiful turquoise flower in the garden bloom. And I can see small blue flowers that we call “forglem-mig-ej.” (myosotis) which also bloom in my garden now, though it’s col. Exciting with the color analysis. Have a good weekend.

  12. That openness feeling with the fence not there reminded me of a time when we couldn’t afford to get a fence and our backyard was wide open. I used to dream of getting a wood fence and when we finally got it, I finally felt tucked in. That was so long ago but it feels like yesterday when I look at your fence now. Your colors are so beautiful and you are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your loveliness with us. 🙂

  13. What a lovely and vibrant outfit!
    As for the new fence, as with everything else, you’ll get used to it… Such is life.
    Hugs from across the sea

  14. That blue is the perfect hue for reinvention and new directions. I love that cuff and the whole ensemble that you put together for it.

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