Photo by Camille

Photos by The Style Crone

Camille and The SC attended an afternoon performance of ‘Dream Songs’ by the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble click here.  On the way to the theatre we stopped in City Park for a quick photo shoot; the gardens are at their peak and the vintage silk Pucci blouse bounced off the floral display in the background.  Even the orange patent leather open toed pumps had another outing before the weather turns as autumn unfolds.  The outfit was topped off by a vintage black velvet pill box. I am fortunate to live a short block from this majestic, colorful park with its fountains, statues and jazz concerts, and five minutes from the theatre where our afternoon was filled with electrifying dance, music and visual splendor. Consciously surrounding oneself with beauty has the ability to affect the trajectory of even the most difficult day.


  1. How wonderful for you to be transported for a few hours into a magical world of dance and music!! Will keep your sage words of advice in my ear as I chug along.

    Much love from England,

  2. The blouse is so beautiful.

    “Consciously surrounding oneself with beauty has the ability to affect the trajectory of even the most difficult day.”

    I’m going to remember these words.

  3. You look divine and that blouse is beautiful. I quite agree, surrounding yourself with beauty, no matter how hard things are, never fails to lift one’s spirits. x

  4. Love, Love the Pucci!!! I am so glad I found this blog (the teal and leopard print the other day was spectacular). And I soooo love hats and you wear them so well!

  5. Loving this outfit! Beautiful color and you really rock those skinny pants.

    Indeed surrounding yourself with beauty is a magical thing. Luckily you also know how to do that yourself with your own clothes.

  6. Pucci prints are inspirational for the use of color, and I like how you have countered the predominant pink of the shirt with your orange shoes. Orange always has appeal this time of year as the seasons change, and yet you demonstrate how lovely it is with many other vibrant shades.

    I had already decided to build an outfit for dinner out this evening around my orange patent leather pumps, and after admiring your look, I have decided to use my brown velvet pillbox hat as the next element chosen. Now over the course of the day, I’ll have to decide on what will dress the region between my head and feet…

  7. Love love love the orange pumps! (not to ignore a really gorgeous Pucci piece, but this color is my favorite) It’s my favorite among all my “color therapy” hues – and I possess my own orange pumps that I found at Saver’s and still have not worn after a year – your post reminds me to make that happen…

    Color, like art, like music & dance, are such a balm to a suffering heart. Of course you know this in your bones, but let me be among the rest to encourage you to keep doing this! I know this weekend is supposed to be cloudy and rainy, so I hope color & light & beauty find you in other ways, and continue to lift your spirit.

    Love to you & Camille –

  8. My God! You look wonderful! Perhaps the beauty that surrounds you, perhaps the love of Camille, it may be your eternal smile ….

  9. You’re looking great! And the last line of your post is something we all can benefit from. Right now it is my eight-day old granddaughter who’s filling my time with love, beauty, and angelic peace. And I send you this love across the ocean!

  10. Love the pucci print and the gardens! And I love the fact you have so much culture around you–I have to travel! Kudos to you for being able to wear what looks like high heels!

  11. What a wonderful jacket! The print is amazing and you are so right – beauty and appreciation of it can affect our mood and outlook in positive ways.

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