Photo by Nelson (as seen in mirror)

Vintage 60’s pink faux fur trimmed jacket-NYC flea market; 60’s pink earrings, pink/green vintage silk scarf and pink vintage gloves-estate sales; brown ankle boots-gifted; brown crocheted hat-Xeino; and outfit foundation of jeans and brown turtleneck.

After over two months without chemo because of his elevated liver lab values, Nelson is back in the ‘chair’ with the usual sounds in the ‘not so back’ background.  The most obvious is the rhythmic and persistent sound of the pump which is a component of the delivery system that transports the chemicals into Nelson’s port directly into his circulatory system. And the intermittent beepers unique only to this experience, which indicate that a transparent plastic chemo bag has been depleted, complete this notable symphony.

The decision was made today to resume chemo because Nelson’s cancer markers continue to zoom upward.  Although his liver is “severely inflamed” according to the lab value numbers,  a new chemo cocktail was recommended. We hope that after a few days as Nelson recovers from this chemical infusion/intrusion, he will feel better as the cancer recedes in response to this regime.  I had forgotten the impact of the chemo infusion center and its surroundings.  Our fellow travelers on this journey display varying states of disease progression, age categories, backgrounds and unique visual responses to a similar frightening experience.  It’s easy to feel compassion here!  The magnificent view of the Rocky Mountains from the windows offer visual comfort and contrast to the intensity which surrounds us.  Beauty can be seen from any viewpoint as I allow this panorama to infuse me.  No side effects! No copay!


  1. Loved your interview on Advanced Style today. Very glad to hear of your meditation practise (I knew there had to be more than hats)!

  2. I was so pleased to see your interview on Advanced Style today. You are the
    epitome of a stylish icon of ANY age! Hope that Nelson is comfortable after
    today’s treatment.

  3. I loved the segment with you on Advanced Style today…you really are my personal style icon. I hope someday to be slender like you and then i will begin shopping vintage with you in my head. For now, I will pray for you and Nelson. I hope the majesty of the mountains bring him some encouragment and hope!

  4. SC, this is my last stop before bedtime tonight, which has become my frequent habit. If my mettle is ever tested with a similar situation to yours and Nelson’s, I hope to have a fraction of your courage, wisdom, mindfulness (of the spectacular view, even from an infusion room), and style (equally spectacular–oh, that jacket!). You are inspirational on such a profound level, I know it has changed me forever. What fool ever said the internet was a bad thing? You’re in my thoughts. Goodnight.

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