Photos by Kathleen and The Style Crone

Pink sweater with cowl and vintage navy fabric gloves – estate sales,  navy turtleneck – Nordstrom Rack,  jeans and navy boots – purchased somewhere in Boston several years ago.

Another day, another acupuncture appointment as The SC demonstrates how a change of hats has the power to transform the trajectory of the day.  A gifted navy wool felt cloche with velvet bow is the chosen chapeau for errands, out for tea or an estate sale if there’s an interesting one to be found.  The very same outfit (which is as casual as The SC gets) topped off with a pink crocheted Xeino hat with feathers is the selected companion for a casual dinner with friends or another evening activity that doesn’t call for a gown.

Change the mood, change the hat.  Change the activity, change the hat. Change the time of day, change the hat. What more could one ask of an accessory?




  1. Hi Judith!

    Beautiful hats!
    I love the first one, cute bow
    It is true that a change of hat will change the trajectory of the day
    I think i wiil wear my black cloche hat tonight to go at a surprise party

    Have a good weekend Judith!


  2. That pink sweater looks fantastic on you, and coordinates perfectly with both hats. I’m a big fan of cloche styles, and love the little cutouts on the navy one. Are you getting a lot of snow??

  3. Like you, I don’t “dress down” often. I own two pair of jeans, one is black denim and one is dark blue. Even when I don the jeans, I try to dress for the ocassions of every day life in such a manner that I bring a bit of glamour and style to bear. I do have a variety of what I think of as foundational pieces that I wear frequently, and I add life to the outfits by the choices I make in accessories. Those may get switched up over the course of the day just as you suggest when I move from one activity or mood to another. It’s all good fun! — I especially like the whimsy of the pink hat in today’s post. It’s lovely, and it is a great choice to complement your red hair!

  4. Oh I love the pink hat with the sweater. At the moment I own exactly one hat. It’s pretty hard to explore the possibilities when I don’t have enough to experiment with how they might change my mood.

  5. Yes, I never dress down either. That’s because it just wouldn’t suit me. That pink hat goes so well with your sweater, but when I see it on its own, I’d think, nobody but Judith could wear such a hat and look good in it! Everything seems to suit you!

    Much love from England,

  6. Judith! It’s so rare to see you in jeans and yet, you wear them with panache! I also LOVE how you wear hats! They look gorgeous on you….and you’re so right, change your mood? Change your hat! BRILLIANT! Hugs! ~Serene

  7. Hello Beautiful! Somehow I hadn’t seen posts and six arrived this morning, so I’ve had a chance to catch up. What excellent work you’ve been doing! So glad that this process continues and you continue to be conscious. love, C

  8. Oh you’re so right … nobody could ask any more of an accessory. Your choices are glorious and so right for the occasions in your day and thank you for giving us close ups:)) xoxo

  9. Parallel universe!! Today I pulled out a rarely worn pair of wide bell-bottomed jeans (mine are in a dark wash) and put together an outfit. It was a fun change of pace. You look great, as well!! I also wore a hat, a trilby which I love, and thought of you as I sauntered out the door.

    Stay warm this weekend!

    Love, Jean

  10. So true that a hat can reflect a mood, or, change a mood. I adore the felt cloche, such great details in the cutouts! You seem to be able to wear any hat, regardless of shape, fabric or colour, with such panache–you’re my hat heroine!!

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