Almost every day I drive by the murals across the street from the middle school that Camille attended years ago and they always draw my attention.  The SC became carried away with each powerful and colorful expression of art and decided to show them all.  I wanted to display the two street vendor totes from my trips to Mexico City and NYC, and threw in the orange fabric hat from my journey to Minnesota.  I’m wearing my trips as accessories, which goes to show that accessories have the ability to speak for themselves.

Photos by Diana who risked her life on 13th Avenue to snap these photos.

The ‘Stop the Bullying’ mural first caught my eye some time ago.  I thought it was a great reminder in its position across the street from a middle school and actually, in any location on the planet.  One of the definitions of bullying is to use strength and power to harm or intimidate, which is really just another name for abuse. Bullying and the dynamics related to power and control contribute to pain and suffering, and in my work I witnessed the negative effects of this behavior on the health of countless patients.  It seems as though my entire career in health care revolved around confronting some form of this problem. To provide care to one patient with competence and empathy is important work, but changing a health care system can affect the lives and safety of entire populations. The areas that I felt passionate about were domestic violence; creating an abuse free medical workplace; and diversity, culturally competent care and eliminating health care disparities. There are so many forms of self expression in addition to hats and outfits!  To be involved in creating programs to address these issues, which matched my values and made my work fulfilling, made every day worthwhile.  So the anti-bullying mural spoke to my heart each time I drove by and I felt compelled to give it life.

On a lighter note, thanks to Ari Seth Cohen from Advanced Style HERE.  To my total and complete surprise The SC made an appearance on The Huffington Post Stylitst, Stylelist News and Advice from the Worlds of Fashion and Beauty , and was included in the CNN website article, ‘Aging Stylishly Online and in the Streets HERE .’  Sometimes life turns on a dime in a good way!

It’s Monday, so The SC is taking her hats and her totes to join the fun at Visible Monday and Monday Mingle.




  1. Wow, when I saw your pix today on Not Yet Dead Style, I thought you looked out of this world. And here I see it’s true – especially love your power-look with wings!

  2. What fabulous murals and totes! I’m so in awe of the work you do and your dedication. And congratulations on HuffPo and CNN mentions!!

  3. This post is a perfect example of why you will forever be my first style icon! Your heart matches your incredible style.

  4. Our paths seem to run parallel in several ways. My first professional position was in a battered women’s shelter, and when I turned to work in university adminstration, my early positions were in sexual assault services and womens’ health. My work then turned to diversity and inclusion, and I ended up teaching in our college of medicine (courses on cultural competence, physician responses to violence in society, and introducing the dr.-patient relationship to young med students). Now a focus is on eliminating health care and disparities and promoting social and economic justice.

    I have always used my outfits, and especially accessories, as ice-breakers to spark opening conversations that lead in to conversations that focus on my values and allow me to advocate for those things that are important to me and to my community. I’ve found that there is a place for fashion in nearly every interacation, and I use fashion with purpose to advance my agenda. My carefully cultivated looks have provided me with entre that I may not have otherwise easily obtained…

  5. What wonderful murals! I love seeing them all – and you look amazing in front of them, Judith!

    Congratulations on the HuffPo and Advanced Style mentions! You surely deserve them. 🙂

  6. Congratulations on your appearances! You are a style icon for sure, but so much more. Keep carrying the banner for kindness, dear Judith, and the beauty follows right behind.

  7. What a post dear Judith! First off, your images…so perfectly styled … beautifully chic… and … artistically vibrant!

    Secondly your well deserved attention in both the Huffington Post and the CNN article…you my dear are carving a new path of positivity and image for those of us in ‘our years’! I remember being in high school, and thinking not to honor age in this culture, was only a losing proposition… for all of us….you my dear, dear Judith are among the front…leading the charge to change this faulty concept. Not only your stunning style, but the heart and wisdom you bring, you are truly an icon of elegance for this new age of reason…and I thank you!!!

  8. Oh, you’re becoming a celebrity!

    Admiring that bullying mural and perhaps a campaign should begin to have one like it across from every middle school in the country. I know that my spiritual practice emphasizes that nearly everything comes down to a choice between fear and love. Methinks, bullying is a distorted form of fear.

  9. Much deserved praise for bringing attention to a serious issue in our lives today.
    And congrats for all your new celebrity and more, I’m sure, to come. I love the
    idea of wearing our travels. Little reminders of the joys we’ve had in life.

  10. This is a great look on you! I just love that tote, and I love graffiti too. Even had it painted on the backside of our brick fireplace!
    Wonderful that you found meaningful work in your life.

  11. love love LOVE these photos! You look marvelous with these murals, and while I love the great bags & your ensembles, the msg you pen & post is even better! Thank you for your eloquence and grace of spirit and for showing us the fierceness behind your beauty and unique style. I think you walk with courage and quiet bodaciousness every day, and it really shows in these pics

  12. Beautiful photos, hats and murals. And indeed a very important topic that I feel very strongly about as well. My son is 10 now and I certainly want to protect him from the amount of bullying that I received as a child. Luckily he is at a very supportive school at the moment which helps. Anything we can do to draw attention to this topic and how harmful it can be is useful so thank you for that.

    Congratulations on your features as well. You definitely deserve it. I will be a very happy women if I still look as good as you at your age!

  13. I love the pictures in front of the murals and your New York Bag – we have the same style here with South Africa or Johannesburg on. I love that you’re using it, it so suits you.

    Congrats on being featured as well, you’re most deserving.

    Thanks for sharing all that you do, I don’t comment often, but I love reading your blog.

  14. First of all, I LOVE THIS POST!! I love the topic and the pictures…great idea! Also, CONGRATULATIONS on the additional coverage…you are well deserving of attention!! Have a wonderful week!!

  15. I am full of admired for what you write and for your blog. I think you look absolutely gorgeous no matter what you wear. it’s so beautiful. You inspire me and I just bought a hat on my trip 🙂 It’s because I’ve met you and your blog. I’m also pretty crazy about the female arts.
    Thanks – and a sunshine hugs

  16. Hi Judith,
    There is a young girl (age 9) in a hospital here, the victim of bullying at her school. She is on a ventilator and not expected to live. This kind of attack would have been unthinkable even a short while ago here, and has caused a furor among all ethnicities and income groups from rulers down.
    As sad as this situation is, it seems even sadder that bullying seems to have become a global sickness. Many here blame social media, and at younger ages texting, where the “ganging up” seems to start. But whatever the case, global illness demands global response.
    Thanks for posting this and hope you’ll allow me to share on my FB page. You look gorgeous by the way. Great photo essay! Love the on of you with the bird!
    Love from Arabia,

  17. PS: forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS! It took me ages to read all your additional media attention!
    You are my favorite!

  18. Judith, I’m so happy to see you featured in the various media; the attention is well deserved and it is features like those (and Ari’s blog) that provide a positive counterpoint to the negative depictions of ageing in our culture. I love the NYC bag, but more importantly, I love your choice of background for these shots and what they mean to you. I was bullied as a child, and there was no discussion or support for that kind of thing when I was growing up, so I am very glad to see the topic being discussed and strategies to reduce the instances of bullying.

  19. This is a wonderful way to showcase anti-bullying murals. The sad thing about bullying is – everyone will agree that it should stop, but no one can agree on what it is. There are too many excuses for behavior: “I was just kidding” and “you’re too sensitive.” Congratulations on the media attention!

  20. You are a superstar and it’s about time you were recognised! Well done!
    Love these images, that graffiti is an inspired way of putting a serious message and you and your fabulous bag are the perfect accessory. x

  21. I am so glad we have the Crone to grace the places in Denver. All the other Divas are in NY!
    We need a lot more stylish women playing in this sandbox. I am glad the SC and others are teaching them a little bit about style (you can only learn a little bit – most has to come with the spirit from the beginning)

  22. Oh those murals are great and you look even better. I wish we had some things like that in our little town. The attention you focused on bullying was a superb idea, the more said about it, the better.

  23. I want the NYC tote! The Teen wants a trip to NYC for her 16th birthday; I think we’ll need to go tote-shopping while we’re there 🙂

    The murals are so lovely; you remind me that there is a great school mural a couple of blocks away that would make a great photo shoot.

    As mom to girls in high school, I still see outrageous bullying all the time, and wonder why some people feel like they have to be mean to succeed – and why it starts so young. I love that I work for a civil rights law firm, and have a chance to make a little bit of a difference when people become victims in the workplace.

  24. BAM! And there she is!! Stunning as usual, vamping it up, laughing, enjoying life, coming out the other side with colour, zest, and, oh, those amazing hats!!!! Your backdrops – I can only say they mirror with my own love of colour as a supporting actor. I love how your accessories are a tapestry of your adventures. These photos vibrate with positivity.

    I think it’s interesting how teasing can be regarded as fun and light, but in the end it’s still bullying but with a smile; its negative effects can last a lifetime. Thanks for addressing this very serious issue here in such a colourful way.

  25. Ooooh, you are SO GLAMOUROUS! I love the bags– especially the New York one, as that one orange New York just pops out at you. As usual, you’re looking great, fabulous, and at the same time, bringing up important issues, and going deeper. I checked out the Huffington Post and was struck by the last line, where you talk about the magic of having Nelson in your life. What a beautiful sentiment, and how fortunate you were to have had such a brilliant life with him. No one envys your pain of bereavement, but many will never begin to experience what you had, with such a deep and romantic attachment.

    Much love from England,

  26. Congrats Judith!
    You are destine to greatnest!
    Bulluing is a universal problem , we have our share here as well
    This year a young girl commited suicide because of constant bullying, very sad


  27. Margaret, I am so sorry to hear about the attack that you described. How brutal and disturbing. I agree that there needs to be a global response and labeling it as an illness is right on. Yes, I would be happy if you shared my post on Facebook.

  28. Love the shot of you in front of the wings. Love the tote. I want to make a dress with script like that..hmmmm!

  29. Congratulations on the well-deserved Huffington Post and CNN mentions! You look great wearing your trips as accessories and that Stand Up … Stop the Bullying Mural is moving and disturbing at the same. Here’s to anti-bullying messages!

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