Diana and The SC headed out to the River North Art District HERE to take in a few of the many art galleries and creative businesses that are flourishing in this north of downtown Denver area.  We visited the Ice Cube Gallery HERE, an artist run cooperative, and came upon an exhibition, Electromagnetic Transformations, by Linda Graham HERE.

I felt the sensation of floating with the planes of colorful translucent plexiglass in my yard sale floral silk chiffon Diane Von Furstenberg dress.  The recycling goddess has been with me all summer, and the priceless and unique pieces that I’ve found in my travels have been easy on my budget and the thrill of the hunt has provided hours of entertainment.


We enjoyed the creatively named businesses and the color combinations selected for outdoor surfaces!


Restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, wineries and distilleries populate the neighborhood, tempting us to stop along the way for refreshments and initiating a desire to return to explore the numerous options on another day.


After roaming through a charming historic residential neighborhood, we came upon Ironton Studios HERE, with an outdoor space of sculptures and gardens, creating a moment to pause for reflection.


This sculpture, with garden as background, was just one of many pieces that provided photo opportunities!


Ironton’s interior is filled with paintings, installations and sculptures.  I chose these comfortable consignment store black heeled sandals to transport me from block to block, barely touching the surface of the limitless visual pleasures that were available to appreciate on a Saturday afternoon.


The blue straw cloth hat with rhinestone and feather by Joan Carney from the hat shop in the 80’s created a 20’s vibe with the dress that was accessorized with the gifted pearl and blue beaded necklace (my latest accessory obsession), estate sale vintage earrings and estate sale/thrift shop bracelets and bangles.  The black leggings discovered at the same yard sale as the dress came along for the ride.  This ensemble took The SC from the RiNo Art District to an evening birthday party for a dear friend, where it was found on the dance floor savoring another flourish of self expression.

I’m off to join Patti and the gang at Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.  What would Monday be without Patti’s creativity, her sense of style and her belief in community.

I’m also joining Spy Girl’s 52 Pick-me-up Closet Remix for long, loose and drapey HERE. I’m feeling like going with the flow!

Hat Attack HERE makes its debut on Wednesday, August 1st.  Hope to see you there in your  hat, headwrap, headpiece, fascinator, hair flower or other beloved adornment for the head!  I’ve already chosen my hat for the opening of this monthly series!


  1. Judith, I cannot stop staring at that amazing dress. That must’ve been the best yard sale ever! Everything is perfect. You look like living art beside the nonliving art 😀

    Love ya,

  2. Blue is an excellent color for you! The DVF dress is divine – almost literally with those angel wings. I bet it is really fun to wear. I’m curious about the necklace, if you fastened it to the neckline, or if it hangs down the back. That would be a fun style – long bead string hanging down your back. But whatever you’ve done with them, the outfit is stunning on you!

  3. That is a beautiful piece of art that you are wearing and you accessorized it beautifully with the necklace and bangles. I’ve missed getting some of your posts on my blog roll. This is an exquisite post with your lovely outfit and the wonderful art.

  4. I’m thinking the SC is the artist here, what a fun and enjoyable post. Wish I could find an item of clothing that could put me on the ‘planes of a colorful translucent plexiglass” because it is absolutely just that. Love how you’re wearing the beaded necklace and what a perfect hat for the occasion.

  5. Judith, I am so enjoying your photos. So much color and beauty and that shot with your reflection is an absolute stunner. Can’t wait for Hat Attack! xxoxoxo

  6. That dress is just gorgeous and the delicate blue jewellery and hat are marvellous companions for it.
    The art district looks an amazing place. x

  7. Such a vision, panache and elegance, my dearest Judith.
    I must hug you soon. That is the only thing I can think of when I see you.
    Love, love, love.

  8. I love garments that move and look different depending upon the angle of view, and this dress certainly does that. But in this outfit, it is the hat that attracts me. The look is captivating, elegant, and perfect for summer.

  9. That must have been some incredible yard sale for you to find that magnificent dress! You look like a lovely butterfly, and the hat and beads are the perfect accessories. I like the step ladder with the silver ruffle skirt 😉 It is so nice seeing you happy and inspired.

  10. Wow!! A Diane Von Furstenberg at a yard sale. That is the best luck ever. You look amazing and it looks like a very interetsing trip to the District. Thanks for sharing!

  11. You are a vision in blue!! The dress is fantastic–so flowy and what a stunning print!!
    I so enjoy the pictures you share of Denver!!
    Can’t wait for Hat Attack!! My vintage hats will come out to play!

  12. What marvellous images, that dress is incredible, so beautiful and again you look like a living work of art yourself, you bring it to life with such joy. I’m reminded, by your playful air and those DVF incredible long sleeves, of Bakst’s wonderful designs for the Ballets Russes. You capture their spirit in your poses dear Judith.
    p.s. I’m so excited about Hat Attack! I will be there, suitably be-hatted or adorned!

  13. Your dress is so beautiful. It is a metamorphosis dress. The change of each art. And the hat is the crowning glory that brings it all together. I love when you talk about art when you move around in the city. absolutely beautiful your dress and jewelry.

  14. That is easily the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen! I’m just over the moon about it and the hat is absolutely perfect. You are the best work of art to be found in the art district. You’ve really raised the bar for the rest of us!


  15. Going with the flow, indeed. You ARE the flow! Lovely garment, that beautiful dress-top. Shapes within shapes, and there’s lots to look at with your styling. I’m sorry we can’t see it in motion.
    Again, I ‘m so happy to see all the art in Denver!
    That blue hat is just the thing … I haven’t worn hats much at all since my cowgirl days, and no pictures left. Sad. But I will enjoy seeing all the toppers at your link up! Looking forward to it.
    Have a lovely week, Judith.

  16. This dress is a knock out and so are you! The blue is lovely, plus this joyous hat tops off this fluid outfit beautifully. I enjoy seeing the creative community of Denver. The photo with the mirror is particularly charming.

    blue hue wonerland

  17. As always, your style makes me smile. But I am particularly enjoying this series of Denver locals. My home is in New England, so I enjoy these little virtual vacations in a new (to me) city.

  18. Wow Judith. What a gorgeous outfit and what gorgeous pictures. Definitely one of my favorites. Such a pity I can’t explore this district myself. I’m hopeful that I will be visiting in the future. Love the new look of your blog and your pictures have never looked better. Big compliment to Diana!

  19. Denver seems like a really interesting place to live. So amazing that you found that gorgeous dress at a yard sale. Yes indeed, the recycling goddess is your guardian and friend. And it sounds like you enjoy the thrill of the hunt. That last shot of you is so beautiful. Diane obviously enjoys taking photographs of you.

  20. Oh Judith… How I love this outfit !! OK the photos, background and art are great but I had to look through your post twice to see all that. I was so focussed on the dress, necklace and hat. Perfect. This is my kind of dress: super. Love the first photo but also the one with the mirror object behind you. What a great photo opportunity. You think I would fit into the dress being size Large hahaha. Just kidding.

  21. How did I miss this post? I’m sorry to be so late, Judith!
    The dress is absolutely beautiful, you look stunning. And all the art as your backdrop is just wonderful. xxxx

  22. Yes, the thrifting gods must be with you. What an incredibly beautiful dress that looks amazing on you. And you’ve styled it so beautifully as usual. To die for!

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