Photos by Kathleen

The Style Crone’s acupuncture appointments now begin with a photo shoot, which involves a few moments of laughter prior to needle placement.  I have posted about this healing modality before HERE, and continue to enjoy the benefits provided by this ancient form of complementary medicine. Kathleen, my acupuncturist, has now generously added intermittent photography to her extensive list of talents.

I found this Betsey Johnson sweater at a consignment shop sale providing thrift store prices, and discovered that I love wearing ‘hope’ on my sleeves, with ‘charity’ going forward and ‘faith’ following from behind.  Hope that The SC will pass through this transition intact with an enhanced sense of gratitude for the love and wonder that I was fortunate to experience over the years, charity for the expression of love for humankind, and faith and trust that life will continue to provide meaningful and majestic adventures even in the midst of sorrow and beyond.


  1. SC: You look awesome! One day, I hope you write about how you keep so fit and slim. This rockin’ jacket accentuates your waist. When I look at myself and many other women over 50, I start thinking a thicker waistline is something that one must accept as a part of aging. But, you prove that isn’t true. So what’s your secret to vibrant, shapely good looks, SC?

  2. FUN FUN FUN! This looks so good on you, Judith! I agree with Linda on your small waistline–lucky you! How fun is Betsy Johnson–a great inspiration to us over 50 too.

  3. You look great! I love all of the colors, even the accents like your nails and the bracelet.

    What a beautiful idea, wearing words of virtue that move with you.

  4. Love the Betsey Johnson on you! I have also had great results from acupuncture. It sounds like you are taking good care of yourself. You are getting through this. And you look lovely.

  5. That sweater is wonderful- I love the vitality of the print and colors of it, and it so suits your own vital spirit. Your sentiments of gratitude and love and faith move me to my core- reminding me to keep my heart open, and willing to partake in all parts of the human experience, and trust that the sweetness of life will keep me buoyed thoughout the darker times. xo to you, dear Judith! -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  6. How fabulous, with a capital FAB!! I love Betsy Johnson too. I have a belt she designed, although my waist is a little reluctant to let it sit where it should! May hope and faith and love and charity follow you throughout your life, in the days ahead, just as before.

    Much love from England,

  7. Amazingly stylish again. You really can pull off even the most challenging of pieces. And what a great habit to take pictures before your appointment!

  8. You continue to be an inspiration to us all, SC. You are beautiful inside and out. You appear younger looking all the time. If you aren’t turning the clock back you sure are managing to stop it in midstream!

  9. isn’t it wonderful you’ve found such a beautiful sweater than can bring so much joy and real meaning to you? I’m astounded at this outfit and I love the hat with the studs at the back! I’m a acupuncture fan too – it’s pulled me and several others close to me, through some very painful and challenging times. xoxo

  10. Thank you so much for your bigger photos. I can see you so much better, and what to say about your Betsey Johnson sweater, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    I always thought you live in N. York.
    Much love, my dearest friend.

  11. I love wearing Betsy Johnson. Her label brings fun and light-heartedness to any outfit. You look great, and I appreciate how you have integrated the message of hope, faith, and charity in to your thinking thanks to this lovely garment. Well done!

  12. Thank you for keeping up your blog and sharing your good additude and transitions. Even in your grief you manage graditude, which is so important.

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