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Photos by The Style Crone

Celebrating a dear friend’s 65th birthday brings out a veiled teal/navy evening hat which The SC was gifted by a friend from England who wore this beauty to her daughter’s wedding in the 70’s.  Vintage charm bracelets provide bling for the teal and navy background and leopard print shoes that have been hanging around for over 20 years joined the party.  The vintage straw bag with gold hardware makes a return appearance in celebration of the divine color navy.

Some of my friends are extremely disappointed if I wear the same hat more than once, which becomes complex over time. A heavy responsibility, but one that I’m willing to bear in the spirit of fun and entertainment.  After all, it doesn’t involve life or death decisions!  I have been known to sneak in a repeat just to keep them on their toes!  I refuse to include ‘casual appearances’ in this playful ritual, but it doesn’t take much to encourage The SC to dress up. Most evening events and dinner parties are ‘veil worthy,’ and feathers make themselves available at any time of the day.  Casual Friday was never a reward in my world! Why have a hat room if not for variety?  Keeping track of such a detail is another one of those dementia prevention strategies and always provides challenging amusement and pleasure.


  1. It is a true pleasure to look at you in that fabulous dress and hat. You are the essence of elegance and panache.
    I am so glad Camille is your new photographer.
    I have no idea why Spanish women never wear hats…
    Much love always, my dear friend.

  2. I just love it that you wear hats to occassions! And that your friends look forward to it! Wonderful! And you are just so damn chic……

  3. You make me want to run out and buy some beautiful hats NOW!!! Seriously, you look so
    beautiful in your hats. What I love best though is your spirit in celebrating each day no matter what it brings. Nelson (and Camille!) must be so proud of you.

  4. I love that line..’dementia prevention strategies!’ How true that so many ordinary things or events in our lives can be turned into ‘sanity savers!’ WendyB, that’s ‘healthy’ stress! LOL

  5. I have always remembered events by what I wore, recalling an amazing amount of detail, sometimes 50+ years ago. However I’ve always assumed that no one paid that much attention, and so I could repeat certain well-loved pieces in any given season etc.

    You must have a great circle of friends (and quite a reputation therein!!) if they can keep track of your hats! Keeping up your “rep” then becomes a labor of love, and they support your healing. What a blessing.

  6. Oh how wonderful you look again! Funnily enough I wore a similar outfit not so long ago to the party (it was dark, so unfortunately no pictures) but I was never that happy with the outfit. I now see what it lacked: a great Hat! You have already inspired me to buy a couple of hats (albeit cheap and not as classy as yours) perhaps one day I can pull of a look like this.

  7. Ok, when can we buy some of these things…if you can only wear once, why not let the rest of us own them, or rent them. I see a very big opportunity. Will miss you at wine tasting, may have to wear a hat in your honor…C

  8. Divine as always! Sorry I have not been on the computer much lately, as things seem to be galloping away with me at the moment. But its all for the good.

    Much love from England,

  9. J–
    I’m struck by how much these colors appear in this outfit as well as your bereavement project chapeau. It can’t be an accident! You look gorgeous as always.
    Love from Arabia!

  10. Judith, this is truly your color! What strikes me as I go back through some of your past outfits is how elegantly you assemble them! Vintage can sometimes get kitschy, but you make it very elegant and current. If I didn’t already love vintage, your blog would inspire me to jump into the vintage treasure hunt! You look beautiful and make me want to wear hats! Much love and hugs to you! ~Serene

  11. Critics who comlain when they see the same item appear in several outfits are missing a true understanding of style. Real style is evidenced in the construction of a look, and using the same elements over time to create a variety of looks communicates a true creativity. A person who makes good use of vintage items, such as the SC, and mixes colors and textures well can use the same hat, shoe, or jacket to evidence a variety of strong sartorial impressions.

    It is not the size of one’s wardrobe that indicates a stylish woman. Rather it is how one demonstrates the ability to pull together a look that communicates comfort, elegance, and appropriateness for the ocassion.

  12. ‎”Some of my friends are extremely disappointed if I wear the same hat more than once, which becomes complex over time.”

    Ha! I wonder who those friends may be? *laughing to self* You look smashing dahling!

  13. That colour combination is so flattering on you! So nice to see the return of that awesome little bag, and I love that hat–I wish I could wear hats with the same effortless chic that you do. I know it’s about finding the right shape and colour that suits you, but there doesn’t seem to be a style or colour that you can’t carry off. Most hats look better if you have some hair showing and when you have hair as short as mine, I end up looking like I’m bald when I wear a hat!

  14. you look amazing! those colors – water, sky both day & night – are gorgeous on you! And I love the splashy contrast of the leopard shoes and the charm bracelets…

    I am one to argue in favor OF repeats – it’s great fun to see a hat, shoes, dress, scarf etc appear w/in a diffferent ensemble. Is it enough to hear “Mood Indigo” or “All Blues” just once? Music bears repeating, as does dance — even when performed by the same person, it is never the same twice. Why not with the SC’s glorious and extensive wardrobe and her oceans of creativity? This hat in particular, with that cunning bow and insouciant veil, also demands second viewings!

    XOXOXO to the Goddess of Style!

  15. Hear, hear to all above who do not equate style with a bottomless closet. Willa’s comment above goes to the heart of impeccable style, French, Italian, etc. The new Dushess of Cambridge is getting high marks from the fashion press for blending high street and couture, pairing old with new, and, like the rest of us, ” shopping her closet.”
    And may I add, Kate Middleton is sweet, fresh, ladylike, and lovely, but hasn’t half the élan of our SC!

  16. You are stunning in this outfit. Camille took a beautiful photo too. I know of no other person with the range of hats that you own.

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