Photo by Nelson

The Style Crone adorned herself with a vintage navy wool cape with off white trim embellished with gold sequins and white beads accessorized with a vintage navy velvet hat with round navy sequins for the bittersweet celebration of her 68th birthday.  As we left for dinner at our favorite restaurant, I took Nelson’s arm and walked down the steps of our front porch with the cloak which reflected his regal nature and his elegant stance even in the worst of times.  In his weakened state he sat across from me with his leather Kangol newsboy cap, grey v-neck sweather and leather jacket along with his vibrant smile and the well known sparkle in his eyes despite his fatigue.  I viewed him front and center, seated in the classically elegant green vinyl tufted back booth with gold buttons. I am fully aware of the strength it took for him to be present for this event.  So many memories of birthdays past and his uncanny sense of gift choices, generous and thoughtful, as has been his history throughout the years. Gifts that involved considerable planning and innovation, gifts that played symphonies as they honored my interests and my passions. The mighty love that he has expressed over decades that has surrounded me with protection and an overwhelming sense of acceptance. On this day of my birth I felt the power of this transitional time and basked in the love that has encircled me from the time of our mutual commitment.  The significance of this day and its memories will provide comfort over the unpredictable and mysterious road ahead.


  1. A belated Happy Birthday, dear Judith. Thank you for your beautiful imagery in description of your birthday dinner with Nelson. I am deeply moved by the story of your lives together, and I know this effect will reach through the rest of my own life. As always, love, peace, and comfort to you both, dear hearts.

  2. I wish i lived in Colorado and could watch this fabulous couple when they go out…this love story is one that must be shared with others…I hope someday you will consider writing a book as a tribute to your relationship and to Nelson.

  3. I was moved to tears by your posting today. Your words and photo are so very moving. Happy Birthday, SC!

  4. Happy Birthday to the beautiful, courageous and inspiring Style Crone. You look like you could take on the world in this outfit with the incredible Nelson by your side to celebrate this momentous occasion.

  5. Happy birthday my dear friend. The best is still to come , my dear, dear friend.
    Fantastic cape, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  6. You must make a very handsome couple, Nelson sounds as stylish as you are. Wishing you a very happy belated birthday, I’m glad you were both able to enjoy it together. xxx

  7. Dear Nelson…and his history of giving wonderful gifts, including the effort to help you celebrate this year. You look like royalty…I pray that the birthday was as happy for you as it could be.

  8. There is NO WAY you are 68! Wow! Happy happy birthday! I am glad to see you both taking the joy where it lives.

  9. Love you Mom, I can only imagine you guys out last night. Can’t wait to see you both in just under a couple weeks. Lot’s of love, Tanya

  10. All best wishes for the year to come. It sounds as though you and Nelson celebrated your birthday in style. Your cape is magnificent.

  11. powerful words, great beauty, so much love. Nelson, you are the king with this gorgeous lady!
    I hope each moment is savored. Carolyn

  12. Happy Birthday! So touching to read about Nelson and his recognition of your desires and wishes in selecting just the perfect gift. It’s so easy to just get a gift card or hand over cash. He’s a peach!

  13. You look so beautiful and strong. Perfect outfit for both the occasion and life. Love you!

  14. A very happy belated birthday–If that is what 68 looks like, bring it on, because you are beautiful (inside and out). I feel privileged to have had a small window into the love story of you and Nelson these past months, so thank you for sharing your bittersweet tale. My best wishes to both of you as you continue on your journey.

  15. So beautiful love is. You are both so rare to love and be loved in such a deep and meaningful way.

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