The SC sends virtual rose deliveries to the fabulous bloggers Shelley of Forest City Fashionista HERE and Rosemary of Forever on the Catwalk of Life HERE for honoring myself and others with the Blogger Appreciation Award.  Thank you from the bottom of my SC heart.

The responsibilities of the recipient of this award are:

     1)  Thank the person who nominated you by linking to her/his blog.

     2)  Answer the four questions below.

     3)  Award the Blogger Appreciation Award to fellow bloggers.

     4)  Let the blogger know that you have nominated them.


1)  How long have you been blogging?  Since July 13, 2010.

2)  Why did you start blogging? I started blogging as a way to cope with my husband’s diagnosis of a rare and deadly cancer and to creatively express myself.  Nelson was very involved in Style Crone and encouraged me to begin and continue.  He was my photographer and my most enthusiastic advocate. Following his death in April of 2011, I continued to blog as a way to deal with loss and grief, and to provide a positive focus and structure to my life.

3)  What type of blogs do you like to follow/read?  I was initially inspired by Advanced Style HERE  and I now follow an ever increasing number of blogs which are written by interesting, clever, creative, compassionate, passionate people of any age who are in love with life and style, and are many times over 40. Bella of The Citizen Rosebud HERE has created a great list of over 40 bloggers HERE.    I have been influenced in some way by every blogger on this list!  I have also felt supported, enriched and encouraged by this talented community.

4)  What is the one thing you’d like to improve on as a blogger?  I would like to improve in the areas of photography and technology.  Many times they seem related and The SC believes this to be a dementia prevention strategy.

Blue straw hat – Patricia Underwood from my hat shop in the 80’s, vintage multicolored bolero jacket with scarf and vintage  earrings/bracelet – estate sales, lime green maxi dress – street market in Mexico, lime green sandals – summer retail sale a decade ago.

Photos by Diana in City Park

The SC dances daily with the remarkable bloggers on my Blogs We Love Page HERE; I appreciate each and every one, and it seems as if I discover a new and wonderful blog every day, so additions are frequent. Recently I have been on a quest to find bloggers over 60, which doesn’t mean that age has anything to do with fabulosity, as evidenced by Kathleen Lisson of That’s a Pretty Hat HERE and Marian Kihogo HERE who wears brilliant head wraps along with her creative ensembles.  However, it’s fun to give my sisters in age a voice, so on that note, I’m giving a shout out of appreciation to:

     1)  Anne-Marie Bruun of Stil med fru Bruun HERE who is styling from Denmark.

     2)  Anita of Embracing Frivolity HERE who is now celebrating her 70th birthday, so is on hiatus.


     3)  Mimi Thi Nguyen and Minh-Ha T. Pham of Threadbared HERE who never fail to make me think and raise my awareness with each and every post.

     4)  Louise Cady-Fernandes of Lines of Beauty HERE who blogs about aging gracefully one beautiful wrinkle at a time.

Blogs are like roses, to be enjoyed and appreciated as a gift every day!

Speaking of blogs and roses, I’m off to join Patti for Visible Monday HERE and Monday Mingle HERE.


  1. The bolero is quite a stunner! …and thanks for all the links. I will enjoy following them.

  2. Ah Judith, what a beautiful blossom YOU are. These pictures wow me, stun me, nourish me, as well as your sharing of yourself and other inspirational bloggers of every age. What gorgeous virtual bouquets you have just sent out- I now have a new list of blogs to explore and discover. xo. -Bella Q

  3. I can’t wait to check out your nominations. The rose garden is such a gorgeous setting for your beautiful outfit! The bolero is extraordinary!!

  4. woo-hoo, I’m almost of age for your quest of finding bloggers over 60. I’m 59 11/12! Between your blog list and Bella’s there’s a never ending line up of fabulousness to inspire and enjoy. Thanks to both of you for all the hard work of gathering them together for us. And congrats on being awarded, recognized and appreciated. Viva la rose!

  5. Wow, these photos must be my favourites of yours ever. I love the outfit, the colour combination, the setting… Just so inspiring!
    Congratulations on the blogger awards, you deserve it!

  6. Thank you for the lovely flowers, sent by your gorgeous self – you, and your roses, are in full bloom in these photos! I will check out the bloggers you nominated; there are so many great blogs out there, one can easily spend hours keeping up with them so I try to keep the ones I follow at a realistically manageable number. Yours will always be on the top of my list of must reads.

  7. I am still smelling the roses, what gorgeousness! Including you! Thank you for creating Style Crone and linking us to this world…love love love C

  8. First congratulations to you on the beautiful price. Such a beautiful bouquet of roses – all of them – It’s so sweet and nice little boleo and the hat fits perfectly. And then I say many thanks for the Blogger appreciation award. I am both proud and honored. And I will write about it on my blog. Thank you so much said Style With Mrs. Brown from Danmark

  9. These pictures are unbelievable! You outshine the roses! Your jacket is so beautiful and perfect with the green dress underneath and the blue hat on top. The last picture is my favorite, it belongs in a gardening book or a fashion magazine!

  10. Your third photo should really be rendered in oils…artistic perfection my dear! Thank you so for visiting my blog…I have been thinking of you and wondering how goes the remodeling….

    Wishing you a most lovely weekend!

  11. Such gorgeous photos. I love your dress, and putting it together with the straw pill box hat and that glorious bolero jacket was a stroke of style genius! xxx

  12. Your photos are just glorious, Judith! Your lime green dress is a wonderful souvenir of Mexico. I love your reasons for starting and continuing with a blog and your analogy to roses. You are a fabulous & inspiring woman. x

  13. What beautiful roses! Congratulations on the award and as always, thank you for introducing me to new bloggers. Perhaps you should develop a list of bloggers over 60…I’m not too far away.

  14. I love this bold combination of colours with the citrusy dress and the bright blue hat – and that floral bolero is so pretty!

  15. You have outdone yourself, my dear! Congratulations on your well deserved and obviously very expensive trophy. (Guess you’ll have to add a beefed up security system to your renovation plans, to prevent other jealous blogger break-ins to steal your colorful loving cup.) Valerie and I love your hat. It is the icing on the cake. The flowered bolero is a killer, as are the green dress and shoes. Fab-u-lous!
    Jean & Valerie

  16. I love this entire outfit. I would not have thought to match it with a brilliant blue hat, but the colors are equally strong and go so well together. Thank you so much for mentioning me in your post.

  17. Judith, this is yet another amazingly beautiful outfit. You look just radiant in it. That last photo of you is an absolute work of art! Very beautiful!

  18. It’s unanimous – the last photo – wow! The larger versions of your photos give me every detail I crave. I can imagine you dancing in that garden flinging your scarf around merrily like an old Isadora Duncan clip. The blue hat is another gorgeous crown!

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