The SC has returned home to Denver after an unforgettable adventure in NYC.  I was thrilled and honored to be on Ari Seth Cohen’s revolutionary blog Advanced Style HERE and to give the ‘Crone Cone Crown’ an outing in Manhattan.   I am in the process of integrating many new experiences and savoring the memories that will be with me always.

Photos by Ari Seth Cohen

I will be sharing the high points which occurred on a daily basis in the city of wonders as I immerse myself in my sanctuary here in Denver.  I look forward to catching up and reconnecting with the blogs that I love and embracing the daily rituals that sustain me.  My life as a gypsy has temporarily come to an end, but I found that living in the moment and greeting new adventures was exhilarating and life changing.  Nelson would highly approve!


  1. What an adventure you have had! I loved seeing the photos from your trip, both the fashion show and the super-stylish blogger meet up.
    Welcome home, enjoy your sanctuary, and I look forward to your presence on the blogs again.
    I believe Nelson would be applauding and encouraging you every step of the way, Judith!
    PS. I do adore that hat – the Crone Cone is brilliant! xxxxx

  2. O,your hat is divoon! You look just lovely and classy,actually!
    How splendid to hang out with the delectable Ari!! EEEK!

  3. We as readers of your blog benefit enormously from your travels.
    You look too young to be on Advanced Style. You look like a beautiful
    famous celeb (maybe from the forties but actually anytime)
    in the photo of you in the blue suit.

  4. Welcome Home! You do shine on Ari’s photos – it’s clear that you had a great time! It’s so strange how a holiday with a full schedule can be much more invigorating than relaxing at the seaside. It was great to see photos of you and your lovely daughter, and the other Advanced Style ladies!

  5. Yes, it seems like I saw you everywhere while you were out and about – on other people’s blogs! How cool is that?! I even got to hear your voice on Ari’s video snippet. Otherwise it would’ve been a long dry spell without you, dear Judith. Welcome home.

  6. You are fabulous and deserve all of the recognition coming your way!! What I loved about this is I got to hear your voice!! You should do more videos…also, being the lover of ice cream that I am, I have to agree the hat does look a bit like a soft serve cone!! I look forward to seeing more from NYC!!

  7. I’ve followed your travels on several web-sites while you’ve been away. It was delightful to hear your voice for the first time…and I loved what you had to say about this hat.

  8. Welcome home!! I too glimpsed you while you were gone, but I’m delighted that you’re back and can’t wait to hear about your excellent adventures. The gray suit and hat is utterly divine.

  9. Welcome home, Judith! Thank you for sharing your adventures with us – like others, I so enjoyed your interview video and seeing you just radiant among the other awesome Advanced Style women. I love this blue suit (it planted the seed for my Vintage Vogs and Velveteen outfit) and “the Crone Cone Crown” is my new favourite tongue-twister.

    So glad for those sustaining daily rituals, yes.

  10. Travel can provide a wonderful opportunity to refresh, and this trip no doubt provided escape from routine, ample cultural stimulation, and exposure to friends and fanciful fun. It’s clear that you had a wonderful adventure, but returning home is a relief after time away.

  11. You are delight to view in any venue- I wish to someday view you with my own eyes, dear Judith. Ari’s pictures capture your graceful style so wonderfully- and I absolutely savored seeing you with those other marvelous crones (and goddesses) of style! The best thing ? Hearing your lilt of a voice, what a marvel of style you are.

  12. Judith you are a diva in a good way!
    Wow so so impress, i know someone who has been on Advanced style more than once and she leaves me comments on my blog!
    So honored !
    You look divine in that suit Judith
    I am happy that you are living your life to the fullest and yes Nelson would have approved 100 %

    Ariane xxxx

  13. Nelson would more than approve, he’ll be basking in your glory, you gorgeous lady! You look incredible. What an adventure. If I ever achieve a teeny bit of your fabulousness in my lifetime I’ll be a happy woman. xxx

  14. That ‘costume’ (the name for a woman’s two piece suit back in the 40s and 50s) is just lovely! And in the words of the immortal Rod – you wear it well!

  15. I was excited to see you on video over at Ari’s blog! You look so 50’s Christian Dior in this ensemble- totally elegant! And I love the hat!

  16. So glad to hear that you are home safely and now you can look back on your experiences and really savour them! You look absolutely gorgeous. The blue outfit is SO you, my dear!

    Thank you too for your comments on my blog. I’ve been in France for a few days, so will fire up the computer soon and add some new posts.

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary from

  17. Lovely to hear you speak Judith. I will remember that: wear a hat and feel happy! I just still need to find more amazing hats like the one you are wearing today. You are looking gorgeous as always. It sounds like you had an amazing time in New York!

  18. Absolutely amazing beautiful photos gallery of you and the other lovely ladies. It must be an amazing experience. Great to see you enjoy it and fantastic and exciting clothes. I sitting enjoying long after I’ve seen the photos and feel the atmosphere. Both of chatwalken and cafés.

  19. What a ride!! I suspect the sparkle of this trip won’t fade for a long, long time – at least I hope not. You and all your friends are gorgeous. Too bad we don’t have sound clips of you all laughing together. That would definitely be fun to hear.

  20. Oh what beautiful memories you can treasure of your triumphant slaying of Manhattan!! May the experiences of your exciting trip have an everlastingly positive affect on you and your loved ones. I have no doubt your beautiful spirit is bound to have had an incredible effect on all those you met. xoxo

  21. Oh, my god, it’s a good thing I was sitting down when I looked at this post. Which is more AB FAB, the hat or the suit? The hat. No, the suit. No, the hat. No, the suit! No, no, no. The hat AND the suit! For non-hat wearers out there, putting THAT hat together with THAT suit is a lollapalooza (just about never happens among people you know). Rename this post Judith Shows You How It’s Done. Oh, and don’t forget to look at the gloves. Holy cow!!!! (Insert standing ovation here.)

    Idiosyncratic Fashionistas

  22. This one is great, you look amazing. Reminds me of Dior late 40s. The New Look! And the hat is beautiful- unique but still flattering. You have achieved that vintage look without appearing too scary kooky.

  23. Oh I have heard you speak now!!! Your voice is how I imagined it. You never know how a voice will be so I was quite surprised it was so close to my imagination.
    Did you hear me speak too in the video Sylvia made of me at 40plusstyle? I have a strange very high pitched voice. Cannot help that.
    And the suit you are wearing: divine !!! Really shows of your gorgeous figure. Spot on with the hat to match. Gosh you are good women.

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