Two weeks ago I accompanied Mr. J to Toronto.  He was presenting at a conference on aging, and I went along to enjoy his keynote address and to visit a city that I hadn’t experienced before. I also had the pleasure of meeting up with two incredible bloggers that are not only gorgeous and stylish, but fun, creative, bright, witty, warm and interesting.  I had met Shelley of Forest City Fashionista HERE several times in the past, but it was my first time meeting the stunning Suzanne of Suzanne Carillo HERE. Gathering with like-minded people is the best part of blogging, and the Toronto adventure was no exception. Check out Shelley’s beautifully written post about our meetup HERE.

This post will unfold with photos, as the visual speaks a thousand words. However, I also want to tell the story of the ensemble in the photo above. The day after our memorable blogger meet up, a beautifully wrapped gift was waiting for me at our hotel. With great excitement I opened the mysterious package and was greeted with the above multicolored tunic by Italian designer Massimo and a leopard print hat.  It was from Suzanne, and the dress fit me perfectly. The ability to nail someone’s size after the first meeting is a special skill and talent.  Thank you so much Suzanne! Rush right over to her vintage site Vintage by Suzanne on Etsy HERE for an incredible collection of delights from eras past.

We met at the Distillery Historic District HERE and of course we discovered The Saucy Milliner HERE, a hat shop featured on my post of last week. Shelley chose our site of meeting, but was unaware that a hat shop was included in the wide variety of boutiques within the district. Some things are just meant to be!

We chose the Fluevog store in the Distillery District as our meeting place. The store is an art gallery for footwear and the displays are always colorful and bold.

As soon as we walked into the hat shop, Shelley and Suzanne were trying on hats. This pink and black top hat adorned with a black silk flower was an immediate favorite! The staff appreciated our love for millinery and added to the fun.

Suzanne in a leopard print chapeau was a sight to behold. It paired perfectly with her vintage maxi dress and long denim jacket.

We discovered a collection of artist studios in one of the Distillery buildings. Lilith’s Garden HERE easily held our attention, with its large selection of handmade clothing and accessories.

We eagerly walked into the SOMA Chocolate Shop HERE, where Shelley enjoyed a shot of Maya drinking chocolate, which perfectly accessorized her silver neckpiece and the bracelet that she discovered at Lilith’s Garden. After visiting a few more boutiques, our glorious day of blogger adventure came to an end.

The next day Mr. J and I spent a day in Toronto HERE, walking Queen Street West HERE and taking in the feel of the fourth largest city in North America.  The skyline was breathtaking, the population was vibrantly diverse and we found the people to be warm and friendly.  I would go back in a heartbeat, as there was so much more to do and see. This Canadian city felt like an oasis in the midst of turbulent times.

It was recommended that we check out the colorful historic Kensington Market HERE, and we were not disappointed.

With a message like this in front of a consignment shop, how could I not walk in the door?

Mr J’s conference was a huge success and we both had an extraordinary time. And now until the next time!

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  1. It always adds to my day when I see one of your delightful blogs. Thank you.

  2. So excited that you had a great visit in Toronto. I feel like it is still my city even though I haven’t lived there in coming up on 3 years. The Distillery District is a favourite place to visit, especially around Christmas. They have a wonderful Christmas market.

  3. What a great time we had!

    I’m so delighted I had a chance to meet you and that you enjoyed the city I call home.

    How great is it that the outfit turned out to be perfect? I tell ya…I was meant to be a stylist to the stars…well I guess I am in a way : P

    Huge hugs to you my friend!

    PS…thanks for the shout-out on the store.


  4. You look gorgeous. I lived in Toronto and found it to be a vibrant city with wonderful little hidden shops to find such great deals on vintage clothing. I now live in Calgary, Alberta in Canada which you would love as they have wonderful thrift stores with so many treasures you would love. Take care dear lady 🙂

  5. I love every BLOG but this was exceptional! The people, the city, the energy! You never cease to inspire me to be me, I am listening!

  6. The tunic suits you perfectly and fits you like a glove , Suzanne has a very good eye. The blogger meet up sounds so much fun , sharing the day with like minded souls, what could be better. So pleased you enjoyed your time in Toronto , thank you for sharing it with us.

  7. Just loved this blog!! Lots of places to keep in mind when visiting Toronto….and you sure did it as usual in elegant style. What’s not to love!

  8. Loved this post! And Toronto is on my bucket list of places to visit now. Thank you for sharing! You look lovely in all the photos.

  9. My husband and I are planning a trip to Toronto and Quebec City for the fall and I found this post so interesting. The photo of you and Mr. J. Is a magazine cover for healthy aging!
    Loved the tunic.

  10. Oh my goodness!! What a whack-ton of fun you guys had. I can feel the easygoing and laughter-filled time you had together through these photos. Blogger meetups are the best because it’s like picking up with friends we’ve known forever. You and Mr. J look absolutely RIGHT together in that photo.

    I’m grateful that I’ve also had the opportunity to meet Shelley and Suzanne. I can confirm everything you wrote about them. Heh. What a treat it would be to meet you one day as well.

    Finally, I can’t help but gasp at the outfit Suzanne sent you. She absolutely has the style eye. Her Etsy store is amazing.

  11. What a delightful trip – the company was fabulous, I can see that! And the shops are wonderful too (Suzanne took Ally and me to Kensington Market to shop). You look elegant as always and thank you for linking up. Hello to the delightful Mr. J. xox


  12. I’m so glad you enjoyed Toronto, and that we were able to spend some time together. I love the photo of the three of us outside the hat shop.

    Suzanne did a brilliant job of selecting gifts for you – the tunic is lovely and the hat has found a good home with you.

  13. Blogger meet-ups… the best. Especially combined with shopping haha. I would have loved to join you and if I could pick a place it would be in the hat shop. Although my hat adventure has died a silent death, I am still in awe. Especially by the pink number Shelley is showing and the leopard one of Suzanne. I have been looking for a black, brown or tan hat like that leopard one and cannot find it. Not one that fits me AND suits me.
    Your gifts from Suzanne are spot on. She is very good at that. Very generous. I have received quite a few thoughtful gifts from her myself.

  14. So fabulous to see the three of you together, i’d have loved to have been there with you!
    Vivienne Westwood’s quote couldn’t have been a more appropriate welcome to your trip, she must have seen you! xxx

  15. Judith, there simply are no bad angles … you look like a million bucks and oh so glamorous … so excited that you got to meet with fellow bloggers and enjoy a trip to Toronto with Mr J! I’m actually heading that way myself in July, after a 40 year absence … thanks for sharing all this yummy eye candy. XOX -Cynthia

  16. As always, Judith, a delightful post, but the bonus this time is additional photos and snippets of your meet up with Suzanne and Shelley (I have been following your meet up on Instagram too!). Thank you for sharing, the market looks very inviting and maybe one day… Elizabeth xx

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