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Details of The Style Crone’s ‘What to Wear to Chemo’ outfit become perfectly clear in close up.  In comparison, my feelings are blurred, out of focus, a soft fog. Confusion reigns as Nelson struggles with extreme fatigue.  He has been unable to get out of bed throughout most of the day.  Camille was here with us during his effort to eat as his appetite is absent.  He was able to communicate his wishes at this point and it is has been painful but I understand his every word and support whatever he decides is best for him.  Many lessons are to be learned from Nelson’s deep awareness and the expression of his experience.  And as I write this post I am aware of how ‘Style Crone’ has become my lifeline and I am grateful for all who read and comment as I explore the mystery, uncertainty, complexity and precarious nature of life.


  1. thank you for sharing your honest feelings with us. each post of yours is so strong and serene. it gives me such inspiration. i hope to grow into a woman as aware and strong as you. sending you and nelson healing thoughts!

  2. You honor us with these bits of bright color in our day. I pray that our words honor you as well as you honor Nelson’s wishes.

  3. You don’t even know us, yet you honor us, as Terri said, with your open-heartedness and your wise reflection. My own heart is so full for your family. I am sending love to you, to Nelson, to Camille. Now, through the night, through tomorrow, and on forward. A love of beautiful style led me here for the purpose of fun, but now you’re a part of my very soul.

  4. It is truly humbling to be “let into your life” at this time of extreme emotions and difficulty. You enrich all of us who read your blog so much. No one could read it and not be touched.

    I pray for you and yours in the journey ahead.

    Love from England,

  5. Good Morning Judith,
    I was just admiring the beauty of the pictures you have posted here…and I was reminded of the beauty of your surroundings in Colorado! As you look at the beauty of the Rockies and beauty of Nelson’s eyes, you might meditate on this verse from Psalms: “I will lift up my eyes to the hills, from whence cometh my help…” You are in my daily prayers……

  6. Dear Judith,
    I am reading your blog every day and it is support and hope to me as I am going through a difficult phase myself. I think very often of you and your husband and I truly admire your way of facing things. I wish you courage and strength. Love from Munich!

  7. You are so eloquent in expressing your feelings and so gracious about sharing with your readers. I cannot imagine what you and Nelson are going through. Please know that this reader prays that you will continue to feel our Elohim’s grace and presence.

  8. Judith, thank you so much for taking the time and energy to supply your faithful readers with their dose of the fabulous style crone. In a recent post, you mentioned one of your favorite hat designers, Patricia Underwood. FYI, I saw in the March issue of Town & Country, a beautiful picture of a Patricia Underwood hat on a model and a paragraph about Ms. Underwood and her hats. It is on pages 66 and 67. If not for my very thin hair, I would be an avid hat wearer thanks to you!!

  9. I read your blog and am always left speechless by your strength and style. You are in my prayers every day.

  10. I’m glad you can feel the love and prayers coming your way. It’s amazing how deeply you have touched the heart and souls of many of us. I, too, think of you often during the day, sending prayers and working to emulate your striking lack of self-pity at the twists and turns of life.

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