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Returning to the splendor of Mexico!

The SC traveled from Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta – from city to beach for a radical change of pace with my ‘Soul Brothers’ since the 70’s.  I was surrounded by beauty of a different nature with the ocean, palm trees and the ever present and colorful street markets.  Leisurely walks replaced the goal oriented days that were spent moving about in an urban area.  I loved the contrast and welcomed the sound of the ocean as I drifted off to sleep after a day that flowed without a plan.

I challenged myself to put an ensemble together from thrift shop priced street market finds.  I was able to accomplish this task except for the heeled strappy sandals and the black wide brimmed packable hat. A fan of head wraps, the colorful scarves were a constant attraction.  The ‘Frida’ tote became my focus and continual companion, finding it easy to discover choices at the markets that blended well with its blues, yellows, and greens.  The lime green maxi halter dress made itself irresistible on the way to breakfast one morning.  As I view the photos of my ‘days on the beach’ I realize the photos are as hazy as the sky over the ocean and mountains and the pleasant pace of my experience.

My yoga teacher’s quote of the day, ‘Breathe into the great expanse that is your full potential,’ reminds The SC of how Patti at Not Dead Yet Style HERE generously expands the blogging community with her Visible Monday series!


  1. You’ve captured just what I adore about a beach vacation. It is the days that can flow without a plan that I seek when planning for a beach get-away. Nature presents a strong contrast from my day-to-day vistas, and the pace quite naturally slows, which is a real treat. When I feel the need for a real attitude adjustment, it is time to head to the ocean for a week or so. It never fails to soothe…

  2. Your head wrap and tote are the most delicious accessories, SC! I am happy to hear of how your days at the ocean were soothing (and colorful). Thanks so much for sharing with Visible Monday.

  3. What an amazing outfit–it is dramatic and comfy and the evidence that your trip encouraged “flow.” You make me want to head South.

  4. You look so amazing. I love all the colours, and that hat is really smashing. I need to work up the nerve to wear a big-brimmed hat outside my garden.

  5. I love these colors and they look so lovely on you. I can just imagine the warm winds and the sounds of the sea…

  6. Oo-la-la! That is one sizzling affair you’re wearing!, actually, several with the change of head wear. I love how you switch the vibe between head wrap and brimmed hat. The scarf looks great draped as well. The lime green in its natural habitat by the ocean is so calm – I never thought I’d say that about neon green, beautiful, proof perhaps of the positive deep breathing.

  7. You look ravishing! That lime green dress is beautiful on you and the Frida bag is gorgeous! You’ve inspired me to go and pack for Goa. xxx

  8. How gorgeous you look! (As always) I’ll bet the Mexican men were falling all over to get a glimpse of you. They are so attentive!!

    I’ve been to Puerto Vallarta and my memories are of the pelicans swooping along the beach front. Also the wonderful Mexican food.

    Love the Freida Kahlo bag and how you’ve harmonized the whole look.

    Much love from England,
    Rose www. forever on the catwalk of life. com

  9. That shade of lime green is stunning on you! What an elegant dress and I love the way you’ve accessorised with the print scarf. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday.

  10. Oh my!!! The SC in Mexico + Frida tote = spectacular results!!! What amazing finds – the scarf as turban, the hat – the colours!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you’re having a happy time at the beach my dear:))) xoxoxo

  11. You look so lovely in the colours of the land and the sea! Very cool Frida tote–that will be a summer staple for sure.

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