Photos by Nelson

Photo by The Style Crone

Vintage lavender fur felt Sally/Providence hat with pink feathers and olive drab/lavender trim-Frock NYC, lavender wool Marc Jacobs jacket with large buttons-Buffalo Exchange, vintage striped lavender/pink silk scarf and pink suede gloves-estate sales, with jeans and boots.

Nelson and The Style Crone are branching out into the neighborhood for photos.  There are many beautiful flowering trees on our block, so in just a few steps we can find beauty without going out on a limb.  I find myself looking at our neighborhood with a new and discerning eye as I scan for magnificence, searching for an extension for The SC’s outfit. That act in and of itself feels meditative in nature (pun intended).  This is an unfamiliar state of mind, just as hospice is a unique perspective.  For many years we focused on cancer treatments, attempting to find the answer to the puzzle of Nelson’s disease.  Now our center of interest is staying with the process of whatever unfolds.  It has been a complex transition, as my first impulse is to try to ‘fix’ whatever is amiss.  I find that sweeping our surroundings for photo background is a great exercise in acceptance; tomorrow the scene could be completely different with a glorious tree newly blooming or a brilliant tulip showing itself to all who decide to notice. Just notice!


  1. We should live a day at a time, and never ever take life for granted, then everything and every moment would feels like a true present.
    Since I have the blog, I also find myself looking for locations in places I used to ignore.
    Loving you in lavander. Prefect setting for a perfect couple.

  2. I am out and about in our neighborhood several times every day walking our dog, no matter the weather. I have come to use that time as a meditation of sorts, and I find beauty and inspiration at every turn. In fact, I often find these times to be the most peaceful of my day. The pathways vary from one time to the next — to the park, by the river, through a formal garden, around a casting pond, through various nearby neighborhoods, or past a school. We proceed through snow, rain, fog,sunshine, or whatever the day brings. This morning the dew on the grass sparkled in the fresh light of day, and no doubt our next walk later today will bring something completely different. The lesson for me is to appreciate the moment fully and to find beauty anew each and every time.

  3. The lavender is lovely on you and what a pretty setting you chose. Most of all, I love seeing the words “Photos by Nelson” on your blog.

  4. You are SO beautiful on so many levels, I find it hard to stay focused on the exquisite details of your outfits. The backdrops are a wonderful part of outfit posts, and my personal habit of “walking my ‘hood” helps me to connect to my present, my environment and give me a free charge of beauty on all corners. xo. -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  5. Gorgeous color on you, at last I am starting to see more and more of your extensive coat collection. I would have grabbed this one in a minute! You are wise to keep me at arm’s length.

    Love to both of you.

  6. I just started following your blog and I have to comment that you have tremendous style. I’m not referring so much to the beautiful items you adorn yourself with (although you do assemble them in extraordinary fashion), I refer more to the inner beauty and courage you display. I too have my challenges and strive to embrace the beauty and pain of life. Thank you for giving such a stance an honorable place in the blogosphere. Many blessings to you and your husband, and the community you are creating.

  7. So many beautiful blossoms every where these days! This lilac jacket is just gorgeous. I find that when I focus on color in the passing scenery that it helps me overlook a lot of the ugliness in the world.

  8. Is there any color that doesn’t look exquisite on you?? For many years after having my “colors done” and finding I was a “winter”, I avoided certain colors. Now, my coloring has definitely softened and other colors definitely look better on me. Are there any colors you avoid? You have such a wonderful collection of jackets.

  9. ah, gently, tenderly observing. It must be Zen to have this precious time consciously. Love it too when it says ‘Photo by Nelson’…what an inspiration you two are!

  10. Hi Rebecca, Thank you for your question and for your comments. I really don’t avoid any colors and tend to jump in if I like a item or if it inspires me.

  11. Hello Judith, I’ve been reading through your spring posts and I’m stunned at your beautiful pieces, your eye for colour and your style. You’re like a beautiful flower against the the early spring outdoor backdrops. And *gasp* your glorious hats – a woman after my sartorial heart!!! xo

  12. Another wonderful hat! You look so elegant!
    Seeing the colour of your outfit reminded me of a flowering tree called a Jacaranda which grew in abundance in my home town in Australia. Your jacket is the exact colour of those beautiful flowers. When they are flowering and drop their flowers the ground is carpeted in lavender.

  13. Just LOVE that lavender jacket! (Marc Jacobs, of course~) and the hat? goes without saying love that too. Feathers are everywhere this year.
    Isnt it amazing how you can find little bits of beauty in the evreyday right in your backyard? I’m finding great backdrops in my backyard too–its just still soooo cold! Best~Paula

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