The Lowenstein CulturePlex, HERE, and HERE, is located within walking distance from my home, and is a beloved location in The SC’s Denver Discoveries Series, captured in photos by Diana.  One of its main tenants is The Tattered Cover Bookstore HERE, which opened in 1971 in the Cherry Creek area.  It’s one of the largest independent bookstores in the country, and now has three locations in the Denver area.  The Colfax Avenue store currently lives in what was formerly the Lowenstein Theatre, and is a treasured gem which I frequent when browsing for books and cards, catching a latte in their cafe or attending one of their famous book signings.


I am excited to debut one of the headwraps that has been created for HeadPeace, my line of headwear for people who have hair loss secondary to medical problems, or for those who just love headwraps.  I’m definitely in the research and development phase, and have been having fun playing with fabrics and experimenting with ‘wrap styles,’  of which there are an infinite amount of possibilities that are never precisely the same twice, like snowflakes or people.


The SIE FilmCenter HERE is home to the Denver Film Society, is the most recent addition to the CulturePlex, and will be featuring a film festival HERE in November. Looks like I need to get ready to ‘Paint The Town Red!’  Henderson’s Lounge is located within the theatre, which offers an opportunity for a glass of wine or other libation, before or during a movie.


This sculpture with water feature is located between the movie theatre and Tattered Cover.


The SC in repurposed bathtub, which provides seating as part of the patio featured by Udi’s Restaurant, our next stop on the CulturePlex tour.


My headwrap fell apart at a crucial moment, requiring a few tucks and folds in the middle of a photo.  I did mention above that I’m in the research and development phase!  Udi’s Pizza Cafe Bar HERE, located next to the Tattered Cover, provides the background for a quick fix!


Twist & Shout HERE is another Denver institution located in the CulturePlex, selling CDs/DVDs/records/stuff.  Even in the digital age they have a loyal clientele that would follow them to the end of the earth.


Photos By Diana

Browsing for music in my HeadPeace headwrap; black, white and with a touch of green patterned Didier Parakiam dress purchased at Fashion Avenue Consignment in Minneapolis; black leggings and top, both discovered at a summer yard sale; estate sale bangles and hoop earrings; and YSL moss-green heeled slides from Buffalo Exchange, which pick up the green details in the pattern of the dress.


Did I mention that I love my funky, artsy neighborhood?  Books, food, music and art films!  With a little wine on the side!  Now that’s something to ‘twist and shout’ about.

I’m heading over to Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style, which is always a festive way to begin any week.

The YSL slides are stepping over to Bella’s September Shoe Shine HERE at The Citizen Rosebud!


  1. Judith, you are such a vision of loveliness. I am at a loss for words. You just look so beautiful here. Your head covering, regardless of which development phase it is in, is fantastic! I am so excited about this and can’t wait to sport an original SC when they are available. xo

  2. You just get more and more gorgeous! I love that picture of you scaling the ladder and that head wrap (despite it’s malfunction) is a triumph! x

  3. Why don’t you show how to wrap that beautiful thing around your head. Maybe we could give it a go. 🙂

  4. Another fabulous trip to Denver–I am totally loving your photo shoots about town!!
    You look as amazing as the artwork and scenery!!
    The headwrap is GORGEOUS!!

  5. Lovely outfit and a great headwrap. I think it is marvellous to develop them for women who have lost their hair. I have often thought it would be so much nicer for them if there was just a little fringe of hair sewn onto the headwrap. That way people notice far less that you are bold. Would that be an option?
    Or optional with velcro tape? (Soft side of the tape inside the headwrap of course.)

  6. As a woman with no hair I am thrilled that you, you stylin’ lady are creating head covers. My go-to right now are piqué cotton berets with elastic, your head wrap is lovely.

  7. So when you start selling them, you’ll let me know? I love the fabric of the one you’re wearing, and the name of your line is perfect. I also love the whole look, head to toe. The shot where you were “tucking” is extra special, with that laugh lighting up the shot. You really do live in a wonderful place. As much as I love my house, I wish I could pick it up and move it to a cool neighborhood like yours. Plus, we could hang out!! XXOO

  8. Another great wrap, there, lady.

    More seriously- please keep me posted on your R&D process, and when you’re getting ready to go online with your line of wraps- I’d love to point attention your way.

  9. Judith, did you find the fountain of youth? You look gorgeous all the time, but you look especially radiant, and about 20 years younger, in these photos, especially the one where you are adjusting the headwrap. I love the idea behind these head wraps, and they will look amazing whether the wearer has hair or not.

    I remember stopping by The Tattered Cover when I was in Denver – what a cool bookstore!

  10. Oh, Judith, how beautiful you are! And those of us old enough to know, know that a lot of your beauty comes from within. I am so intrigued with your head wrap project..I hope you write more about it!

  11. Oh, how exciting, the debut of your headwraps! Spectacular. Some people get paid big money to have unexpected wardrobe malfunctions, they are right on trend.
    You are gorgeous. Your neighbourhood is so inviting. Everything is thriving it seems.

  12. I think I say this every post….this is my favorite outfit of yours! I love this dress and the head wrap is just perfect. You look like you fit beautifully in the wonderful Cherry Creek area. It reminds me of Grand Avenue in St. Paul. Your shoes look fun and comfortable, I’d wear those beauties often.

    blue hue wonderland

  13. I love your neighbourhood too!
    And I adore you in monochrome, so very elegant and stylish, with that amazing headwrap. I think the pic where you are holding on to it is my favourite! The water feature masks are incredible, I love the look of that bookshop, and as always, you find great spots for photos.
    Good luck with your project, Judith – if anyone knows headwear, it’s you! xxx

  14. The Denver Chamber of Commerce should hire you – thanks to your jaunts around town, I can’t wait to visit there! As always you look radiant, beautiful and so graceful.

  15. I love your funky, artsy neighbourhood too. The art installations alone are drool worthy; add in a bookstore and a decaf soy latte, and my heart is stolen. Where’s the organic bakery?

    You look ah-mazing Judith. I know you’re featuring your HeadPeace which is fabulous, both the concept and the actual head piece, but I also really love your dress. The leggings and open toed slides are a lovely transition towards autumn, of which I’m sure is ever so beautiful in your part of the world.

  16. I am of the opinion that you cannot take a bad photo. Plus you are just elegant and ageless and have a beautiful line when you pose – were you a dancer? Because you stand and move like one. This is one of the very best of your many gorgeous blog posts. BRAVA!

  17. You look spectacular, so beautiful in that artistic black and white my dear, and the sculpted turban is a work of total precision engineering and panache, a dream outfit. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you are such an inspiration to me Judith!

  18. Your turban project is very interesting and the right headwear provides little pleasure in the situation without hair. With or without it will be popular with your turban. You look gorgeous. love your YSL sandals

  19. I knew we’d see you in the bathtub someday! And you look lovely, of course, in any surrounding you choose. Another great tour of a fantastic looking area. You look very much your chic self, all in black and white with that little touch of gray-green … nifty platforms for roaming around … perfect for picking up the accent in the print, and defines your outfit all in a different way, don’t they? Love the print dress and head-wrap, of course.
    Brilliant idea for your HeadPeace project! So important for so many women. My mother had a terrible time reconciling her hair loss from chemotherapy. She so wanted a wig, but they were just too painful. She was so unhappy with hats and scarves … I’m so sad we never thought of wraps.
    I’ve had hair loss problems just from age the last couple of years … but lucky that minoxidil works so well for me. Not always the case, and I know I’m lucky.
    I’ve seldom felt lower or less hopeful when I wasn’t sure if I’d keep my hair or not!
    What is especially interesting and innovative about the idea of your wraps is the ability to make shapes flattering to a lot of head-shapes. I’m guessing that you can construct wraps to flatter face shapes just like we choose hair styles.
    Brilliant idea, Judith. And a deeply kind motivation … so you!
    So happy I know you!

  20. Dear Judith, thank you for this tour of the CulturePlex – you’ve been taking us to the most interesting places, and here is one where I could stay a while and return and return! I utterly love your headwrap design, and count me in among the eager to try one. You have created such a gorgeous silhouette with wonderful patterns, and my favourite is how you pulled the green through your excellent shoes!

  21. Your outfit is gorgeous. I love the idea of a line of head wraps for people suffering medical hair loss. I think if I needed to cover my head I would rather do it with a beautiful wrap rather than a wig.
    The Tattered Cover was one of my “must” stops when in Denver. I live in an area of NJ seriously devoid of independent bookstores, and the Tattered Cover was like paradise to me. My family usually left me there browsing when we went- they were always ready to move on long before I was!

  22. I love your dress’ graphic detail and I’m absolutely taken with your head wrap! HeadPeace sounds like a wonderful concept, not only for people who suffer from hair loss, but also ladies like me who have petite noggins and always look like they’re wearing somebody else’s hats. You are such a Roll Model, Judith! When HeadPeace is ready for the general public I would love to help you promote it in any way I can; brava!


  23. I SO love your style! And the photos of you “out and about” in your home locale are so engaging! I had no idea Denver was so interesting. To be honest, I had no preconceptions about it at all!

    I love the locations for your photoshoots, as it gives life to your outfits and shows them “out in the real world”, being worn as you go about your daily routines. I’m looking for interesting locations to shoot photos as well, as I have some new outfits that I want to post. Also look out soon for the story of my black boots on their way to Prague. Potential title: what is it with me and shoes?

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary of

  24. You look divine in these clever layers of black and white! How exciting about your HeadPeace headwraps. I’ve always thought headwraps on women were very glamorous, and they must provide a much needed boost for women who’ve lost their hair.

  25. Love the head wrap! I wear them all the time and I’m always looking for new ways to wrap. Please do a tutorial.

  26. I love it when you take us out and about in your lovely city of Denver. What’s not to love following a beautiful lady around town doing interesting things?

    Your business model concept is intriguing and I’m sure very much needed.

    Good to see you are a fellow “roll model.”

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