Photo by Daniel N

Inspired by the sunset over the ocean, The SC draped herself in color.  I discovered this textured orange scarf at a street market and paired it with a fuchsia head wrap as a tribute to my varied and life changing Mexican adventure.  I will never forget the soothing sound of the ocean’s waves and the beautiful, vibrant display that magically appeared over the water every night before dark.  No wonder why the markets were filled with brilliant color!

Thank you to my ‘Soul Brothers’ from the ’70’s, Douglas, Dan and Tom, for generously making the arrangements for the trip!  The SC’s responsibilities were to show up, pay my share, have fun, laugh and dress up.  An offer from dear friends of 40 years that I chose not to refuse!

This weekend I will be in New York City with Camille for the purpose of scattering some of N’s  ashes in the areas of his favorite haunts.  With friends.  With ritual.  To honor his love of the city and the memories of the times we spent together exploring its diverse treasures.  I will be taking a short break as my journey through this year of loss nears an end.


  1. You look glorious! Those colours make you look even more beautiful than the gorgeous sunset behind you. I love that photo with you and your friends, you look so relaxed in their company.
    My thoughts are with you and Camille whilst you visit NYC, my dear Judith. xxx

  2. I will be thinking of you as you venture through NYC this weekend – lots of memories and feelings will arise, I’m sure. You look gorgeous in your bright colors with the sunset behind you!

  3. Oh, Judith, this will be a memorable week for you and Camille. But how lucky you are to have three good friends to help you plan this trip…and to take such lovely photos of you.

  4. The men at the table are the ocean in blues and grey and you are the sunset. In the first photo I love how your scarf and head wrap blend into the sunset and the complementary ocean and upper sky tones light you up like a beacon! Stunning. May these bright colours help you on your journey through New York.

  5. Breathtaking photo of YOU and the sunset; you are so fortunate to have your male buddies taking care of your, Nelson is smiling at you.

  6. How wonderful that one of your chief duties for the Mexico trip was to dress up! These friends clearly appreciate the time and care that goes into planning a travel wardrobe. Friends of duration who know you well and can envelope you with support and a marvelous experience are worth their weight in gold.

    Have a meaningful and memorable trip to NYC. I’ll look forward to the next posts after your break. Many regards!

  7. Love to you and Camille as you make this journey. It is such a blessing you can do this together.

    Much love, Jean

  8. You look fabulous wrapped in colour. How lovely to spend time with your soul brothers, and to have dear long-term friends that you can turn to. I call mine my ‘urban family.’ I’m not from London but have lived here half my life & so my friends have become my family. Thinking of you. Best wishes, Alyson

  9. Dearest SC,
    Many happy returns on so many wonderful, happy/sad anniversaries and crossed thresholds. So glad to see and hear you revel in memories, accepting the joy and pain they bring. After all, that’s what the memories of a long, rich, well-lived life are supposed to do!
    I am in Chicago assisting with hospice for my brother-in-law, as we discussed via email last summer. We have “turned on the dime” (see your post last April 17, which I remember because it was on my birthday).
    Arabia seems far away, but this important work must be done with love, kindness, and a modicum of style.

  10. You look fabulous in fuchsia and orange! I love the idea of spreading some of Nelson’s ashes near his favorite NYC places. But it will probably not be an easy week. You will be in my thoughts.

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