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This vintage large brimmed three dimensional sauceresqe hat was gifted by a friend, who also has a vintage collection, on my most recent birthday.  Its label is Adolfo HERE for Montaldo’s HERE, a women’s specialty shop in Denver that closed years ago.  It’s navy and off-white straw and structured shape signal the end of summer days and the twice yearly seasonal transition that takes place in the hat room.

Enough about my hat.  I want to see yours!

Please display your hat, headwrap, headpiece, fascinator, hair flower, headband or other adornment for your head that you adore and give The SC a September hat attack.  I can’t wait to see the beautiful creations that you so generously share.  Participation will be open through September 7th.

Ariane at Style Sud-Est is hosting Show Me Your Style – Blog Hop #3 HERE, so I’m taking my hat over to join her fabulous gathering.

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  1. Oh that fabulous flying saucer of a hat is a beauty, Judith! Dramatic, gorgeous and chic, just your style! xxxx

  2. Very adorable hat. It looks fabulous and beautiful. I’ve always liked hats with small tassels. I do not think that’s the right word but I think you know what I mean.

  3. Judith I just ADORE your hat – it’s absolutely amazing!!!! I’m soooo going to be Tweeting about it. And I have taken over your link up somewhat – sorry – but as it’s just once a month I had to get all my August hats (and headscarf) in there pronto!! ;))

    I still think this is a brilliant idea, a few bloggers are doing more themed link ups and I love that. Thanks for hosting my lovely!

    Catherine x

  4. Oh, Judith, your collection of hats is astonishing. Every one has such a uniqueness to it. But the best quality to each of your little lovelies are the stories that go along with each and every one. I would love to inherit an end of summer hat for my collection.

  5. What an unusual yet striking hat, Judith! Here in Nashville the temps are still in the 90’s so summer is far from over for us. But it is time for me to take inventory of my closet to make room for other things 😉


  6. Love all these hats! The first of September came around so quickly! Hopefully, next time I will participate, cuz I love hats! xoxo

  7. That hat is a beauty! So sculptural.
    Thanks for hosting this hat/head ornament party. I can’t wait until the cooler weather when I dig out my vintage hats.

  8. So many awesome hats on gorgeous women! Your saucer hat is saucy and clean and makes my eyes spin. Love that, Judith. I’m not really WEARING my hat but I almost never go out without a hat to hand. Thanks for the party.

  9. This is great that there’s a Hat Attack when there’s no Visible Monday.

    Your hat is just amazing! It’s so unique, and I even love the name of the maker and the shop – Adolfo for Montaldo’s. Fabulous!

  10. Oh dear, I love your hat! It is spectacular, such a fine sculptural beauty. This is such a good idea. I’m going to join in with my flower pin in the hair post.

    blue hue wonderland

  11. Your hat is a joy, and I love the little bit of background on it. You look radiant as always and I’m so glad I was able to participate this time around. Now to go back to check out the other fabulous people in their hats!! XXXOOO

  12. Dearest SC, You’ve chosen a most magical hat for adornment and it shows off your brilliant smile so beautifully. Regrettably, I will be a hat lurker for HA#2, unless tomorrow’s doc visit produces miracles. I’m so happy HA has taken off and bloggers are embracing the concept! xoxoox

  13. Judith, honestly I think you can put on ANYTHING and look gorgeous. That hat looks fabulous on you. I enjoyed reading about the history of it.


  14. This post was made just so I could join in your Hat party! You look amazing, and I’m so glad I’m here with all these wonderful ladies.

  15. Judith, I must say again how much I love your Hat Attack! I have been coming back daily to see all the latest entries… of such individual and stylish participants!

    Going to the book store today… I must get my copy of your coloring book!!

  16. The Hat Attack series is fun. I love your 3-D sauceresqe hat. Talk about cutting a profile!

    Btw, re: your comment on my blog, I’m happy to help with biz analysis questions if you like.

  17. I’ve gotta find me a hat!!! I’m saving the few I have for your wintry meetings coming up … but I just don’t wear stuff on my head during the warm weather. Even my real cowboy hats are trash. Sigh.
    But you all look beautiful. I’m so impressed by everyone.
    Judith, you are straight out of the Dior New Look show. Beautiful, and still so modern looking. Perfect.

  18. What a unique and extraordinary hat, so beautiful on you. Congratulations to you and all these other wonderfully stylish ladies on your fabulous millinery!

  19. We used to have Montaldo’s here in Raleigh. They moved out under cover of darkness and left the mall high and dry. I used to go in once in a while. They had sales clerks who looked down their noses are nearly everyone (me included) and I decided I wasn’t going to give them any more of my money. I guess too many people felt that way….maybe that’s why they had to close.

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