Diana and The SC took a mid Saturday morning tour of the Denver Performing Arts Complex HERE to avoid the crowds and enjoy the beauty and majesty of its architecture and its downtown Denver grandeur.


“The Denver Performing Arts Complex is the largest performing arts center under one roof in the country. Connected by an 80-foot-tall glass roof, DPAC houses ten performance spaces on its four-block, 12-acre site, including the historic Ellie Caulkins Opera House, the Buell Theatre, and Boettcher Concert Hall, each with their own charm and character.  DPAC is home to a Tony Award-winning repertory theatre company, Broadway touring productions, and regularly hosts the Colorado Ballet, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, Opera Colorado and The Denver Center for the Performing Arts’ theatrical divisions – Denver Center Attractions and the Denver Center Theatre Company.”HERE


The Buell Theatre is the largest performance space in the complex and I have memories of shows seen in this theatre that will always be part of my personal history.


A tip of the hat to the Ricketson Theatre, one of the 10 performance spaces located within the complex.


Concrete, steel and glass!


The Limelight Supper Club and Lounge HERE, located in the center of the complex, is a popular restaurant and bar amongst theatre goers and others out for a night on the town.


Enjoying the early morning sun in the presence of The Dancers by Jonathon Borofsky, the two 70 foot sculptures made of steel and fiberglass located in the Sculpture Park at the southwest corner of the complex.


I’m not much of a ‘bow person,’ but this vintage silk navy dress with cowl neck, white polka dots and two grosgrain ribbon bows put a spell on me at an estate sale years ago. The vintage fabric bag with rosette. the vintage sheer gloves with bows, vintage raspberry earrings and the vintage straw hat with taffeta ribbon and bow were also discovered at estate sales.  The vintage raspberry patent leather/suede heels were gifted.


Photos By Diana

I wore this very outfit, minus the shoes and earrings, to a wedding in the 90’s with Nelson by my side.  It hasn’t been out of its closet since; it takes time to re-engage with an ensemble that has beloved stories woven into its polka dots, bows and straw.  I wore it again to the wedding of a dear friend last Sunday.  It’s about time that it sees the light of day and once again witnesses the beauty and richness of love’s ritual.

Thank you for your kind comments and interest in HeadPeace.  I will be thrilled to announce when my headwraps are past the research and development phase!

This morning I am acutely aware that 1200 people are missing in the floods which have ravaged the state of Colorado.  My thoughts are with those who have been affected, who are fighting for their lives and who have lost their homes.  Though inner city Denver where I live has been spared, sadness permeates my community, as heavy and dark clouds linger, threatening more chaos to an already devastated terrain.


  1. It was wonderful to see you in that beautiful dress last week and sweeter still that I know a little of its history now. You are such an inspiration Judith!

    Stay dry,


  2. I’m glad you took this beautiful dress out; it looks so gorgeous on you! And love the hat and shoes too–perfect as always! xoxo

  3. Judith, you look so amazing, what a dress, it has put a spell on me too. That is beautiful that you took it out to feel the love again. Whenever you mention Nelson my heart melts because I know how you two were. You were absolutely one. xo

  4. First off, I’m so sorry to hear of Mother Nature’s wrath. I believe you had a hot and dry summer, and to have had the blessing of rain turn to flooding and struggle is very sad news.

    I routinely gape at your photos…and today is no exception. But, for me it is ALL about the dress. I will look again at the fabulous art and exhibits you showcase weekly…but I can not stop drooling over your polka dotted masterpiece. The silhouette is heavenly! And you have accessorized it brilliantly. I feel that Nelson was delighted that you wore it.

  5. This dress is so special, what a find. It looks like it’s made for you. So nice that you can wear it again. The fit is perfection and so are these pictures. You inspire me!

    blue hue wonderland

  6. You look like you’ve just stepped out of a Vogue magazine shoot in this stunning dress, hat, shoes. I’m glad you’ve decided to re-engage with this ensemble to bring visual joy to everyone around you. I would be curious to see people’s admiring glances as you pass by.

    I saw the floods on the news. It’s hard to believe how we can be so defenseless in the face of nature. I’m glad to see communities pull together and hope for the best in this devastating situation.

  7. Wow you upped the elegance one notch again with this outfit. Stunningly beautiful And that hat Wow!
    My thoughts are with you and all the others from Colorado who have been affected by the flood…Let’s just hope that many (all) people get found again..

  8. Well, shiver me timbers, if you don’t look GORGEOUS!! Is there anything you can’t wear? I realize if I were to choose that outfit, I would have teamed it with navy shoes, but looking at your red ones, I realize that you have it BANG on, just right! I take my (metaphorical) hat off to you!

    Hope to be posting soon, assuming Ms. Computer is not going to go into one of her “hissy fits”.

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary from

  9. Wow, your ensemble posts are always stunning. Your outfit and accessorizing is gorgeous from head to toe, and you are bursting with a love of life and vivacity in your photos.

    I especially like the silhouette of you captured in the glass of the Ricketson. You are such a fashion plate.

  10. The polka dot dress is absolutely stunning!! i love it with the vointage hat and accessories!! The pictures at the performing arts complex are just amazing!1

    KWow wow wow–Love both of your outfits!! I can see that denim dress with boots and a leather jacket come winter!!
    And did the thrifting gods smile on you!! so much awesomeness–especailly the leathe4r jacket and those awesome shoes!!

    ing hte folks in Colorado in my prasyers–we have friends in colorado springs…..

  11. The waist of a model and the soul of an angel, ahhhhhhhhhhh
    What a wonderful sight you are.
    I love the dress, the shoes, the way you hat enhance the whole attire, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    love, love, love.

  12. These are some of loveliest photos of you and I think it’s because I love the the hat so much and the purse and the shoes. I’m sorry I’ve missed so many of your posts. My blog roll messes up every once in awhile. I just read about Headpeace and wish you well with that. A wonderful needed idea. I so sad to hear about the tragedy in Colorado. I hope all are found. I’m praying for your home.

  13. This sommr did I love the blue and I am very in love with your dress. The bows are very fine in the way it is arranged. Dots, I always like. It’s exciting places you take us.
    I so sad what happened in Colorade and feel with the people.

  14. This is one of my favourites outfits – the shapes and details are so pretty! It certainly seems to have a positive effect on you as well, as you look radiant, and very saucy in your poses. I’m glad you decided it was time this outfit acquired new memories.

    First Forest Fires, now floods…we are all at the mercy of Mother Nature, but Colorado has been hit hard this year.

  15. Dearest SC …
    So happy you are well and dry, and all yours as well. Dan’s sister is safe there in Westminster, so we watch but worry only a bit less. (We may yet get to buy you cocktails!) Our thoughts are with everyone devastated by this series of weather events.
    I love your dots! The minute I saw your venue, I thought that the hat would be perfect to wear in the theatre … one behind you could still see over it. So many things to consider when dressing to go to see a play! Pretty bows and dots and perfectly accessorized. Red shoes are your daily genius at work. Thank you again for your inspiration.

  16. That is a magnificent polka dot dress and hat combination, made all the more special by its poignant historical significance for you. You look like a 1950s Vogue icon, I’m so glad you brought the dress out to play.

  17. My heart goes out to the flood victims in Colorado as well. As one who lived through the ravages of the Nashville 2010 flood I can relate all too acutely to what they are experiencing. The news of their ordeal will have faded long before the repercussions of the event can be fully dealt with. Please let me know if there is a reputable, local charity that is helping survivors rebuild their lives.

    This look is hands down my absolute favorite from you so far. That dress is polka dotted perfection and I adore the hat! It’s the first hat I’ve ever seen that I’m crazy about and would actually go out of my way to acquire! Spectacular outfit, lovely Judith 😉


  18. I think the Denver Chamber of Commerce needs to hire you to be their spokesmodel. I am sold and would move tomorrow. You look spectacular in your ensemble and every element is perfect. I liked the bit of history associated with this dress, and am reminded that love trumps every time. I pray that the people who have suffered at the hands of Mother Nature will regain their balance soon.

  19. You look simply gorgeous! The dress, the shoes, the hat! This dress was made for you!
    I didn’t realise so many people were missing in Colorado – what a tragic loss of life.

  20. How did I miss this post? Dear Judith, you look spectacular! Love the polka dot dress, what a wonderful fit, and the hat and bag are perfect accompaniments. Clothes carry such memories and associations with them – I’m glad you feel ready to wear this lovely outfit again.
    Beautiful dancing statue. Beauty and art co-exist with chaos, disaster and loss, don’t they? Albeit uneasily at times…. xxxx

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