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Welcome to the first edition of Hat Attack, a monthly series taking place on the first day of every month.  Please display your hat, headwrap, headpiece, fascinator, hair flower, headband or other adornment for your head that you love and give The SC a hat attack.  I can’t wait to see the beautiful creations that you have to share.

In celebration of the first edition, The SC is wearing a red straw wide-brimmed chapeau trimmed with poppies by Frank Olive HERE from his Private Collection.  We loved to go to his show room in New York twice a year to choose the hats to sell for the season and we had the honor of a visit by him in our shop in the mid 80’s. He was a true millinery celebrity!

This hat began its journey in Les Chapeaux, the hat shop which I owned with my friend and business partner Mary Lou. Its first owner was Mary Lou’s mother who was named Doris, but we affectionately referred to her as Dorie-Doo.  All three of these hat lovers are no longer with us, so I dedicate this post to them in honor of the influence that they had on my life and my affinity for my favorite accessory, the hat.

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  1. My dearest Judith… I read your post and the name Frank Olive stayed with me… one of those… I know I just heard that name… but where? I just went and checked the label of my extra large straw hat that appears in my thumbnail… and it is none other than Frank Olive. Before doing todays hat post I had never even checked the label… and certainly had no idea of it’s rich heritage.

    I bought this hat in the late 90’s after searching for it for a year after I had seen it in Vogue magazine, and absolutely fell in love with it. WhenI finally found it at Neiman Marcus… this hat was a splurge of luxury I just had to have. It has held a place of honor all of these years as one of my very favorite hats and prized accessories.

    What are the chances of us both picking one of Frank Olive’s hats to celebrate your inaugural Hat Attack…. it gives me chills it does.

    Thank you sharing this history of one of my favorite hats… I can only imagine the magic that must have been involved in visiting his shop… on buying trips for yours.

    Thank you for your continual inspiration and sharing your affinity for the beloved accessory that is … the Hat.

  2. Judith what a brilliant idea – Bella Q is doing shoes and now you’ve cornered the market in hats link parties! There’s no one better than you to do it!!

    I wear hats nearly every day in the summer, though when I think about it I wear them a lot in winter too. They keep my head warm in winter, and my head cool (from the sun) in summer. Plus I love your red masterpiece… what a statement. Love it.

    Catherine x

  3. Judith, this is so fun! Since it was an “attack”, I treated it as such on my blog. That was last night though. Now I am thinking, “OVERKILL”, but I was so excited when I posted! 🙂 Thank you for hosting this fabulous linkup. xoxoxo!

    P.S. I love how Tamera picked the same designer. There are no coincidences in life. We are all connected in a mysterious way in this style blogging world. Still trying to figure it out because these type of things happen to me all the time. 🙂

  4. Congratulations on your first Hat Attack link up, dear Judith, and what a magnificent hat you’re wearing to start it off! The design, the colour, everything is just magical on you. It makes perfect sense that you used to run a hat boutique, what with your eye and passion for brilliant millinery.

    Here’s to the first of many hat attack link ups!

  5. This is the perfect party for you to host! Love reading the story about your hat. I’m sure your collection has many tales to tell, and I look forward to the first of every month to read (and see) a new one.
    My hat is very humble, it’s a $2.99 number from a local “98 cents and under” shop. I bought it because it was so odd — it’s made up from multicolored ribbons printed with a cryptic “lost in translation” message: “get wrapped in the fabric of MIMCO……….. for frolicking” I just did a Google search and it came up that MIMCO is an Aussie accessories brand. Was the ribbon extra stock from a trade show? Who knows?

  6. Judith, that is a beauty of a hat. Perfect for Hat Attack #1…congratulations on your first hat link-up! I have been eagerly anticipating this link-up since you first spoke of it. As things will go, I have been quite busy this past month, and, though I have been wearing hats, have not been taking photos. Fortunately, my one outfit post of July has me wearing my favourite summer accessory…a breezy, bone coloured straw hat with a handmade hatband. I know you’ve already visited, but I wanted to join in.

  7. Judith–that has to be the most gorgeous hat ever!!!!! What a gem–you have the perfect head for a hat!

    I was foiled a few times with my most recent hat photos so I had to go to my archives for this one–I hope I have better luck for the next one! xoxo

  8. This is the perfect blog event for you to host, as you are certainly the reigning High Priestess of the Hat! I will try to get a photo linked up with me and a hat in the next couple of days. Your hat is spectacular, and it’s so cool that you and Tamera are both wearing hats by Frank Olive.

  9. What a beautiful collection! Thank you so much for doing this. I would love, love to see more women wearing hats. This love page is bound to inspire. Best wishes!

  10. What a fabulous idea! I love hats and wear them often.

    Your red hat is stunning. Just stunning.

    My hat is one borrowed from my husband’s stash. He is quite the hat collector although he rarely wears them. In the meantime I make good use of them. Fedora’s are one of my favourites. They add that hip artistic look I love.


  11. I’ll be adding a link at the end of my latest Blog Post (Had Any Good Belts Lately?), even though hats and belts are not close geographically; still…..they’re both fabulous accessories, if you know how to do it.

    I love wearing “Olivia” and need only the slightest excuse to remove her from her hat box for an outing. I had such fun creating her from a plain, black hat for Derby Day.

    Naturally, Judith, your hat is fabulous, but there’s something so utterly sweet and innocent about Mascha’s picture that really appeals to me. She’s just lovely.

  12. Judith, as alway you look amazing and I love the connections you share between you and your outfits and hats. Thank you for creating this exciting event- and I am so glad to take part in it. Hats off to you! (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  13. Oh wow! What a beautiful hat. I do adore hats, hopefully I will be able to join in sometime. I found you via Patti.

  14. Yes, WOW, is the perfect word to describe your hat. What an honor and privilege to have been visited by this icon. Putting on a hat with a story is just the best. This is such an incredible idea and a fun way for women to express some creativity. Thank you, dear lady, for your inspiration of dressing from the hat down and inspiring me to take my hats off my shelves and onto my head.

  15. Hello! I was sent over to you by the lovely Tamera Beardsley. She suggested I link up a recent post I wrote about my Panama Hat for Skimbaco Lifestyle…so here I am and I am loving this idea! It’s making me want to expand my very small hat collection.
    You are wearing such a stunning hat! I can’t wait to see what you and everyone else will be wearing next month.
    Thank you for hosting!

  16. So many beautiful hats! You have kicked off this event perfectly with that divine red straw chapeau. Daniel’s photo is perfect. Thanks for the inspiration, Judith.

  17. Dear Judith,

    You are beautiful as ever, and I loved reading about your hat. The dedication is so sweet. I do love hats, and I love wearing them! Thanks for doing this! Sharing in Hat Attack was the perfect ending to a long, busy day for me!


  18. Your red hat is stunning – you do have the BEST hat collection, ever! And I love your story of your three friends and colleagues, honouring them seems a perfect way to start your Hat Attack series. As always, you are as thoughtful as you are beautiful, Judith.
    I am so pleased to see so many bloggers linking up, hope my little flower will do for this month – I don’t have any summer hats at all, which is a gap in my wardrobe I need to address! xxxx

  19. I love this Judith! I will try to come up with a hat for the future posts…how often and when will you be posting? Somehow I missed knowing about this in my busyness!
    Everyone looks so fabulous in their headwear!!

  20. Hi Pam. Hat Attack is a series that appears the 1st day of every month and runs for seven days. So you can still submit a hat photo! Thanks for the comment.

  21. Nearly forgot about the Hat Attack. I will find a post with a hat and submit it. But no hat of mine will ever be able to even stand in the shadow of yours.
    Love this red number.

  22. Your red hat is marvelous, and a perfect way to inaugurate Hat Attack! It’s so fun seeing all the chapeaux, and you’ve had a really good turn-out. Everyone wants to go to a party with you!

    I don’t wear hats much because, like Une Femme, I have a small head and not many hats fit well. But I’ve got one or two that may be worthy of a picture one of these days.

  23. Beautiful, just beautiful! I think any milliner would be lucky to have their hats atop your lovely head – and that red hat is perfection for Hat Attack #1.
    I do not look good in hats, but for you, my dear, I would wear a gunnysack if you asked me to 😉


  24. Dear Judith, thank you so much for hosting this amazing, celebratory gathering, which is such a loving challenge and heartfelt act of encouragement! I have adored reading and sharing in the collective outpouring of warmth we have for you. Congratulations on the highly successful first instalment of Hat Attack!

  25. Oh, how wonderful. I believe the lovely BellaQ was telling me about this series. I’d love to be apart of it. I adore, wear, collect, and create hats. Cannot wait to check out some of the other ladies. I will link one of my hat posts. 🙂 /Madison

  26. The Hat Attack is such a fantastic idea and I wish you much luck with it. Your red hat is a marvel and deserves to be #1 in the series. I love seeing the beautiful hats of your many followers coming out to play!

  27. Sorry for being so late! I’ll add my thanks for this wonderful hat party! What a fun idea. I hope you’ll do more of them – I have more hats!

  28. You will find me in all kinds of boutiques, thrifts, and shops in the next few weeks looking for fall and winter hats, fascinators, perhaps even a fur earmuff!
    I am so inspired by you and these exceptional women!

    2013 Designer Series

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